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We've all encountered those dancers that pick up hip-hop choreography

ridiculously fast. You know the ones that make you feel like you have the mental

capacity of a soft-boiled egg? Yeah, those ones and then the choreographer asks if

they can move on and you're like no please no just one more. One more, 10

times, 20 times, please, thank you, arigato. I've been there, you've been, there we've

all been there. Don't give up Clay, with smarter training

you can push yourself to pick a choreo faster. Here are five tips to help speed

up that process.

Hi I'm Jessie Ma and I'm Clay Doh Boon and today we're going to rant about how to

pick up choreo faster...cuz I suck at it. Tip number one: watch different things at

different times during the class. Some people tend to keep their eyes glued on

the choreographer other, people are just zoned in on themselves in the mirror,

some just look at the floor. First watch the choreographer. When some is teaching,

obviously you want to watch them and mirrorr their movements as closely as

possible. Second, watch yourself. Once you understand what the choreographer is

trying to do, you can start cleaning and checking yourself in the mirror and then,

try not to watch anything at all. Instead of focusing so much on how the piece

looks, you want to focus on how it feels. Tip number two: start practicing the

combo from the previous section. Let's say a section goes from first count to

the fourth count instead of practicing from here, try practicing from here.

That's a pretty good size. Jessie, that's a good size? That will kill you.

Number three: do the move wrong and move along

In class, the choreographer is in control of the pace but sometimes it's just

really hard to keep up. Maybe, there's that one move in the

choreography that you just keep messing up on. Maybe you need to just go over it

a couple times. Maybe it's Maybelline. This is going to drive you perfectionists

crazy, but sometimes it's more efficient to settle for close enough and move on.

You can always come back to a move or a section and polish it later, but if

you're fixated on a move for too long you might miss the next set of

instruction and then the next one and then the next one and then the next one!!!

Tip number four: take multiple classes in a day. Picking up choreography

like any action is a habit and habits grow stronger the more that you practice

them. If only there was some way I can take as many classes as I want, anytime I

want, in the comfort of my own home... man that'd be great, it almost seems like

this is a perfect time for a subtle plugin for STEEZY Studio...Number five!

that's ten. Expose yourself to more styles of dance. It sucks when you get

stuck only because you don't know how to do a certain move so the best way to

supplement this, is to learn various styles and expand your vocabulary. It'll

help your choreography pick up just because you already know how to do the

move so it's almost just plugging it in there. It'd be best for you just learn

these so that when a choreographer brings it up, you ready. You got this. Don't.

You. Girllll. Or boy. Or tree. So those were our five tips to help you improve your

choreography pick up, make sure to like, share, and subscribe this video and also

check out the links below for additional dance resources and if you guys wanted

to put these tips to use, you can take classes online from dope choreographers

anytime anywhere right on steezy studio once again i'm Jessie Ma

and i'm Clay Doh Boon, and thanks for watching our dancer rants, see you guys

next time.