BEST Way To Learn Programming Language (quickly and easily!) | Placement Series

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if you are thinking i am going to tell

you any shortcut to learn a programming

language then this video is definitely

for you i am not going to tell you any

shortcut because there is no shortcut to

learn a programming language

what i am going to tell you in this

video is the right path to learn a

programming language

best way to learn a programming language

what students do

how they learn a programming language

maybe it's because of your

you know college environment and that's

the way they teach you

like in first semester you have c so you

started learning

c language like first you learn some

syntaxes then

uh that hello world program then some

addition program subtraction program

program to check whether a number is

prime or not whether number is even or


to find out factorial to find out

february series and some advanced level


right that is how we exactly learn

programming language

and then just your semester comes and

and most of the students do some

ratification also i think

they want to memorize those syntax they

want to memorize those programs

just to pass the semester so just to

pass your lab practicals and that's over

in next next semester you have c plus


see if you have written sometimes many

students think if you have written a

program hello world program you have

just printed hello world and what you


i am a programmer no you are not dear

right now you don't even know p of

programming and if you follow this path

like this i have discussed that is going

to be followed in your

college to learn a programming language

at last what you will say i'm not good

in implementing logic i'm not able to

think logic

i'm not in i'm not good in any

programming language

and ultimately what you will think it's

very tough i cannot learn any

programming language

but the mistake is what the path you

follow to learn a programming language

it's not your mistake

you are right person it's not like that

your brain is

of not of that type or you are a weak

student you are dumb no the path you are

following to learn a programming


that is wrong so that's exactly i'm

going to discuss in this video the right

path to learn a programming language


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so now let us discuss what is the right

path what is the best way to learn a

programming language

see first point is very clear you have

to be good at fundamentals so just pick

one language

in which you are interested to see c

plus plus java python any language

pick one clear your fundamentals your

fundamentals your basic should be very

strong because if your basics are

strong then it is you know very easy for

you to grab the advanced

concepts and if your basics are not so


and if you directly jump to the advanced

topics advanced concepts and definitely

you will stuck

somewhere so first of all work on your


right that is very true what you have to

do next thing after

clearing your fundamentals now what you

have to do and see if you are learning a

language by yourself which are

not depending on whatever they teach in

colleges so hardly it will take 5

or 10 days maximum 10 days to learn

fundamentals to be good

in fundamentals after that it's not like

that you have to complete the proper

course of that c language or any

language you are

choosing right now what you have to do


second thing what you have to do it's

project based

learning you have to do now it's time to

pick a project now it's time to work a

project to work on a project

right maybe it's if you are interested

in any website development or

any windows application or any app

development mobile app development ios

development take that project simple


starting in starting take simple project

and start working on that project right

because see whenever you are writing a

program like in

in first semester you have c language or

in uh second semester you have c


you are writing that programs everything

like to print hello world edition

and uh to find out for beniki series and

everything you are writing

it's okay but now you know do you know


you know true meaning of writing those

programs or you are just writing

programs you are just learning that

language to pass semester exams to pass


lab practicals that's it i'm damn sure

this question would have arised in mind

of many students when they are learning

any programming language when they were

writing code

like why i am writing this code what is


that true meaning of learning this

programming language what is the meaning

of writing this for loop

where i will use this for loop or while

loop or all the you know syntax or

everything i am learning here

so see i am going to tell you if you are

playing a video game behind

that screen is also how you are able to

play that video game behind that this is

a software behind that there is a

lengthy code and someone

has written that code so i think why

this programming language had been


to to make something to build something

so that

people can use that thing to make some

applications some softwares

games or any apps so that people can use

those apps those softwares and

it is going to make real life the life

of people easy they can use it

so i think that should be your reason to

learn a programming language so that

you can build something so that you can

build any app or any software any

application people can use it will going

to make

the life of others people easy it is not

like that you are just learning a

language because it's in your curriculum


you have to pass semester exam you have

to pass your practicals

right if you think like this then you


never be so good in a pre in any

programming language

your aim should be to build something so

that's exactly

start working on a project after your

fundamentals after clearing your

fundamentals right

like suppose if you are working on a

project maybe

here there you want to implement like

user id and

password and then maybe forgot

some kind of website you are making so

now you will you know search how you can

make this text box

and if in password how you can uh you


apply that validation like if someone

enter wrong user id wrong password then

it is

definitely it should show that you have

entered incorrect user id or incorrect

password right

so have to implement this logic then you

will search

you can ask help for others like many

platforms or also they're like

stack overflow many platforms are there

there you can post your question you

will definitely get

a good answer then you will come to know

the true meaning why you are learning

everything that in programming language

for loops and everything like

any other things also like yeah this is

how we are going to check validation

okay this is the code that is why i'm

using this so better to start playing

with code as early as possible

it's kind of active learning rather than

basic learning

and remember sooner you start playing

with the code the faster you will learn

that concept

and this is true see let's take one more

example that example of time complexity

this is i think

you know optimization of algorithm you

have to write optimized algorithm like

the time complexity should be in log n

it should not be order of n square it


it should be n log n or log n that is


but what is the use of this optimization

of algorithms what is the use of this

time complexity space complexity

then that time when you are working on a

project suppose you are

making any app at that time see suppose

when anyone is clicking on that app or

anything in within that app and it is


10 seconds to load so it is not good

you think that how can you reduce this

time at that time

the actual meaning of time complexity

the actual meaning of optimization

of algorithm will uh you will understand

how to optimize and why you are

optimizing your algorithm because

if anything is uh taking 10 seconds to


then and some other things some other

app is taking only one second two

seconds and definitely

the users will go for that app that is

taking less time

so you have to optimize your code also


so at that time you will come to know

the meaning of these things

when you are working on projects when

you are making apps when you are making

any applications any softwares

so rather than searching how to learn a

language like how to learn java java

tutorials watching those tutorials

just writing programs no that is not

enough it is not right path

start making a project if you stuck

somewhere then search how to implement

this thing in project how to implement

this thing using java or any language

then you will come to know then the

solution will come many solutions maybe

will come when you are searching

and see please do not underestimate the

power of search

unlimited resources are there on

internet you just have to search

those resources you just have to utilize

those resources

please do not be dependent on just on

your books and the faculties and on your


self learning this is also very


and i guess you will learn more by

applying this technique this

self learning techniques rather than

depending on your

faculties on your college and your

textbooks right

so start building a project while you

are going through that study material

you have

because any personal project that is a

very good starting point

it's not like that you are waiting for

your faculties for your you know


to ask you to uh make a project like in

third year or in final year no you have

to start making project

from first year from first semester only

or as soon as you learn a programming

language or no

no not after learning a programming

language while you are learning a

programming language

at that time only start making a project

that's exactly you have to do

and if you will follow this path then

you will never have to memorize

any syntax anything and it will be in

your memory

for a long time all the syntaxes and

everything about that programming


and if you learn one programming

language it is not so easy

so difficult for you to learn at another

programming language

actually this technique i am going i'm

telling you based on my experience

so that's it for this video now i'll see

in the next video till then bye bye take