Learn the basics of touch typing with KeyBlaze

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for most of us the first time that we

use a keyboard we are staring down at it

searching for each letter and using our

index fingers when we finally find it we

stare an amazement at people who would

never look at their flying fingers

perfectly typing at 75 words per minute

with practice everyone can achieve speed

and perfection and like most things you

have to start at the beginning with the

basics each of your fingers has a HOME

key where it should rest when it is not

being used we'll start with your left


the pinky sits on the a the ring finger

sits on the S the middle finger on the D

and the index finger on the egg your

thumb sits on the spacebar now let's go

over your right hand the pinky sets on

the semicolon the ring finger on the L

the middle finger on the K and the index

finger on the J the right thumb also

sits on the space fire your fingers

should be curved and the palm of your

hand should float above the keyboard to

help you find your finger placement

without looking at the keyboard most

keyboards have a small raised or

indented dot on the F and J Keys the

first lessons in key Blaze help you

become comfortable with the entire home

row including G and H you will use your

left index finger for G and your right

index finger for H instead of staring at

your keyboard trying to remember which

finger is on which key look at the

keyboard on the screen the key will

light up in blue and the hand will show

you which finger you should use if you

make a mistake no problem

keyblades highlights the backspace key

and demonstrates that you should use

your right pinky to erase the mistake

and try again once you complete the

lesson you have the option to repeat the

exercise start the next exercise or skip

an exercise for new users we recommend

doing each exercise until you are

completely comfortable the

repetition makes it so that your fingers

can find the keys before you even

realize that you are thinking about it

once you have perfected the home row you

will learn the other letters assigned to

each finger the colored zones in this

image show you which keys belong to

which finger you probably notice that

you have two options for the spacebar

use the thumb of the opposite hand used

to type the last letter of a word to

press the spacebar for example if you

are typing the word hand you use your

left middle finger to type the D in this

case use your right thumb to type a

space after the word as you are learning

remember to focus on accuracy speed will

naturally increase as you become

confident with your hand placement

continue working your way through each

set of lessons and soon you will know

the top row bottom row capital letters

numbers symbols and even the ten key

numeric keyboard in addition to the home

row as you are practicing remember to

stay relaxed and tap each key lightly

tensing your arms wrists or fingers is

exhausting and will slow you down

excessive force is not only destructive

to your keyboard but will also slow you

down for more key Blaze tutorials visit

the address shown on your screen