Teaching a child to ride without stabilisers - a how to guide for parents and teachers

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Racing steps I Oh penguins kangaroos

they ride like this lovely on your

brakes we that's it we'll get it started

very easy the right pedal goes on the

right side hand on there magically it

tightens it up done right now that's it

head along little eagle

that's good right

you want to put your foot on there for

me that's it give it a scoot when you're

ready look where you're going

look at the horizon off you go Wow look

at you go

put my hand on your back I'll hold you

like that and then you put your feet on

the pedals okay

you're ready and then look where you're

going I want me to just pedal off you go

let go your brakes you go one pedal I'm

gonna pedal that's it stop great you do

the wobbly bit you wobble can't wobble

anyway you're not going to go anywhere I

keep your brakes on put your pedals feet

on the pedals that's it and I've got

your back and I've got your side there

you go look where you're going

it's all clear one two three go let go

your brakes off you go and stop look how

far you've ridden on your own Wow that's

a long way you see how many paces it is

one two three

ten paces at this time and it will

handle you've got a handle growing up

laughing when I hold the bike beyond the

pedals look where you're going

after three you going to let go the

brake pedal off one two three go let go

the breakers off you go wow she's off


there was a postcard

Eila where you go