British Pronunciation Secrets (Modern RP) Learn British Accents

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today we are learning some secret tips

to help you achieve a British accent


hello everybody and welcome to another

etj English British pronunciation lesson

and as I mentioned just now we're going

to be learning some secret tips some

tips which will help you sound more


now when I say British I do have to say

this because I get people from places

like Scotland and up in the north of the

UK and various other areas complaining

saying that I'm teaching only one

British accent this is the accent I

teach and it's my accent it's a modified

RP modern RP British accent so if that's

the accent you want then my videos are

for you if you want a Scottish accent go

and find a Scottish youtuber ok so just

a disclaimer there for those of you

sensitive people

so these secrets secrets what are they

well these are things which I think are

very very important to the British

accent things which you need to do if

you really want people to think suddenly

oh they sound a bit British so that's

what we're aiming for today and these

kind of few tips should help you with

that now there are many many many many

many different secrets and tips I could

give you but these are just a few if you

want to learn all of the tips and all of

the ways of sounding British you'll need

a full-length course and that's why I

have a British English course available

a pronunciation course at ETJ English

comm the links in the description below

but just for these few kind of free tips

I hope you find them useful and I really

hope they help you with achieving your

goals so let's get started the first

thing I need to tell you in fact is to

think about words for example if you're

speaking with a British accent or you're

trying to speak with a British accent

but you say a word like trash instead of

rubbish then you're going to still sound

American you're going to sound like a

British person who is struggling with

vocabulary and using American vocabulary

so try to avoid American words okay try

to use the British form so as I said

instead of saying trash say rubbish

and of course you can find various other

words which is which is similar where we

have a British version and Americans

have their own version maybe I'll make a

video about that in the future now

another really important secret I have

for you is don't forget your t's the

letter T that sound

firstly let's check that you can

pronounce it let's say a word like 2 2

now in the beginning if you find it

difficult you might find that you're

spitting the sound out quite a lot too

but we need to learn to relax it to

sound a bit more natural now remember

that the tongue rises to the top of the

mouth and we create some pressure and we

release it make sure it's nice and

relaxed don't do a big because you might

blind someone with your spits and we

don't really want any kind of germs

going in other people's faces so just

try and gently produce that sound 2 2

now the tea is extremely important to

British English make sure you're

pronouncing your teas between vowels

whoa this is really important let's take

a word like city ok City so City the tea

is surrounded by two vowels right so you

have the tea and then you have two

vowels now the important thing here is

that you don't pronounce it as a D which

is what Americans do they would say city

city city British English city city tip

so make sure you can pronounce those t's

firstly and then make sure that between

two vowels you're pronouncing that T now

there are situations where we can use a

glottal T I could say for example I live

in a city see this is what we call the

glottal T now lots of people think that

they can just remove the T and that's a

glottal T but it's not okay or is not

the glottal T is actually a sound but

it's not a sound at the same time sip

e what we're doing is we're creating

some tension in our throat and we're

cutting off the sound before the T so

sip sip it imagine your do you have a


and then you want to cut the sound out

you have to do it with the tightness in

your throat sick sick sick so that's how

we do the glottal tea it's tightening

the throat really tensing it and cutting

a sound out to replace the tea it's very

advanced and it's very difficult and

lots of students say to me Elliot I can

do the glottal tea I say okay send me a

recording they send me a recording and

it's not right so it is really really

advanced and it's really difficult in my

suggestion for now if you don't feel

like you're a very advanced British

English speaker start by pronouncing

your teas and then eventually if you

want to you can start using the glottal

tea and learning about it because it's a

whole new sound it's not just a

technique it's almost like a sound so

just a few other words Americans would

say whatever whatever and we would say

whatever whatever or again whatever


with the glottal T so whatever or

whatever would be the British version

water we would say water an American

would say water water we say water or

water now the difference here is of

course the tea but also the vowel sound

and I'm going to talk about vowels a bit

later on water but it also happens

between words you heard me then I just

said but it but it also happens between

words now an American would say but it

but it also but it also we say but it

also we have to pronounce that T or we

drop it with a glottal sounds but it but

it but it but it those are the British

way American bird did they use a D so

when we have a T which is between two

vowels whether it's in a word or it's

between two words we pronounce it as a T

or we can use of glottal T Americans

there use a D to join it now as well as

the t's the R is also very very

important or sad right like in red so

let's just check that you can pronounce

it lift your tongue to the top of your

mouth or in kind of the bend of your

mouth feel your tip of your tongue

reaching up there or look at my lips I

read right now

if you're having trouble pronouncing

that you probably need a teacher to

directly help you with that and as I

said my course is available if you need

some help with the arc but the thing

that I need you to know is that and I've

taught this in one of my most popular

videos the R is sometimes replaced by

vowels okay so for example course we

don't say course we say course now the

reason why and I've told you this before

we only pronounce the letter R or when

there is a vowel sound after it that's

it so if you see a word and it has an R

and followed by a consonant sound then

you know it will be replaced by a vowel

so that vowel could be a could like for

example work it could be or for example

course could be the R sound for example

party party

we're not pronouncing the R and there

are lots of vowels which replace the

letter R so you need to know all of the

British vowels to understand when they

replace the letter R but just remember

we only pronounce the R or when there is

a vowel sound after it easy so they say

the next important part of British

English an important secret you need to

know is the schwa sound the schwa sound

is about thirty to forty percent of

British pronunciation it's everywhere

everywhere everywhere everywhere it's in

words like teacher potato about

adventure two can be pronounced as turn

and if you didn't realize by now the

sound is a and it's a very easy sound to

produce I've taught you this in lessons

before just very quickly so you know

mouth is relaxed tongue is relaxed in

the middle of the mouth so there are

lots of complex kind of reasons for when

and why we use the schwa sound but you

need to know about the schwa sound if

you want to sound British it's so

important to British English for example

as I said before an American might say


we say teacher whenever a word finishes

with her we pronounce it with uh okay

and that also goes for the spelling of

oor for example doctor so you need to

learn a lot about the schwa sound about

how it appears in words not just

replacing ER but it happens in lots of

other situations I'd be here all day if

I had to explain it for you and that's

why there is a whole chapter in my

course about the schwa sound it's that

important I guess just a few kind of

important mentions I need to give you

DIF dongs if you don't know what they

are you need to learn about them sounds

like ear air ow

you need to learn those because they

will make you sound really British again

they are kind of sounds with replace the

letter R so make sure you know your

diphthongs and you started learning them

but learn your vowels before you learn

your diphthongs a sound which is really

important as well as the schwa sound to

sounding extremely British or in a word

like hot not pot so an American would

say hot we say hot this very round shape

with the mouth where we lift the tongue

in the mouth or it creates such a

British sound you know for example it's

hot today right an American say it's hot

today it but we say is hot today and

this kind of op sound really does create

a British sense about you so make sure

that you get this sound right and you're

not doing the kind of our open mouth

sound you're doing more of the round

shape or and pushing your lips out so as

I said there are hundreds and hundreds

of secrets and tips I could give you

about the British accent these are just

a few I wanted to give you today because

I think they're quite easy to understand

and they're things which you can start

looking at and studying right now and

training yourself to do when we get to

more complicated things like stress and

intonation I mean that's when things get

a bit more confusing and that's when you

really need direct contact with a

teacher so if you do need my personal

help and you want to learn more secrets

and more ways of sounding more British

you could become my student and talk

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and she is guys fine