How to Read a Book for Maximum Learning

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hey Matt Morris here and I wanted to do

a quick video that I think can add a ton

of value to your life and that is how to

read a book now obviously if you're

reading my blog and you know on my

website and so forth or maybe you're

watching this on YouTube

you obviously know how to read a book

but I'm gonna give you a strategy that

I've used to just completely reinvent my

life see where I was at 21 years old I

was homeless I was living out of my

beat-up Honda Civic I was bathing in gas

station bathrooms I showered naked in a

church parking lot one night I was at a

very low point in my life and I made a

commitment when I was living out of my

car you know learned the concept of

modeling and modeling basically just

says if you want to have huge success

find someone who's had the kind of

success that you want figure out how

they did it do the same thing and you

can get the same result and so one of

the greatest ways to model others is to

learn from others and so I'm here in my

home office library here and you can see

hundreds of books behind me you know

libraries got well over a thousand books

here and over the last you know 18 years

as an entrepreneur I've read hundreds

and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds

of books and that has led to a whole lot

of success because I'm able to pick out

a book of you know someone like Jack

Welch who's one of the greatest

management gurus of all time and I'm

able to read on about how he manages a

corporation and that obviously increases

my management skills when I apply that

and so I'm gonna give you kind of my

strategy my personal development plan

for how I read and kind of what I do

with it and so I take an amazingly

seriously serious anytime I read a book

and so right now for instance I'm

reading John Wooden on leadership just

finishing it up it's an amazing book

definitely recommends you you read this

and so in reading the book here's what I

have handy when I'm reading now I carry

this in my backpack when I'm traveling

if I'm on planes and all this this is

what I've got so number one I've got a

book number two got a journal got a pen

and got a highlighter so here's what

happens so I go through the book and as

I'm reading and looking

for the golden nuggets of information so

chances are you've probably read some

great books in the past but if I told

you what what did you specifically get

out of the book you couldn't tell me you

know you forget about it and so I want

to make sure whenever I read a great

book I don't forget the most important

parts in it now some people you know

highlight the you know they'll highlight

it and that's what I used to do I used

to just highlight the book but how many

times you actually go back and you know

reread your highlights it's not very

often and so here's the strategy that I

follow when I'm reading I've got the

highlighter handy and so yes I do

highlight but then if I want to commit

it to memory see if you highlight it you

might remember it a little bit more but

when you rewrite that point it sinks

into your mind quite a bit more and so

actually take that and I rewrite it into

my journal here so and then the act of

writing it obviously causes me to be

able to internalize it more and remember

it more and so I'm taking the most

powerful part of the book and I'm

putting it in these journals now then

once I've finished the book I reread the

I reread my notes on that and then I

highlight the most important notes that

I wrote and so you can see here just

from this book I'll you know I mean it

goes on and on and on but I've got my

highlights in here now this is one of

the reasons why for me it's very easy to

do trainings it's very easy for me to do

blog post and you know train on

different things that can add value to

people's lives because I followed this

process and I've followed it for years

and years and years and so what I've got

on my desk here this is over the last

it's really been about ten years twelve

years that I've been following this

process I wish I had started it sooner

but these are all the journals that I

have you know used over the last few

years I mean some of these are totally

worn out in fact the covers falling off

of this one here but what I can do if I

ever need to give a training if I want

to do a blog post and I want to add

value to people's lives I can go back

through my journal and I can open it up

one of these journals and I can you know

find something powerful on success

and having amassed this kind of powerful

knowledge over the years has really made

me be able to have success in a lot of

different areas see I believe if you

want to become an expert the greatest

way to become an expert if you want to

be an expert on sales go read five books

on sales follow this process and that's

going to set you apart see 99% of the

people in the world are going to be too

lazy to follow this process and I'll

tell you here's my whole attitude is I

want to continually grow myself over the

years and the way I look at it it's not

an overnight process people are always

asking what's the one book there's no

one book that you're going to read and

it's going to catapult your success and

take you to another level you know I'd

love to tell you you can read my book

the unemployed millionaire and your

life's never going to be the same

because you read it yes it's going to

add a lot of value but there's a lot

more than just the unemployed

millionaire book there's tons of other

books and so here's the attitude if

you're a tree in the forest let's say

you're an oak tree in the forest and you

had the ability to water yourself see

reading books is kind of like you know

it's the growth process it's how you

water yourself you you know you have you

water your mind and it's going to

produce the fruits of those efforts and

so what I do consistently over time

through this commitment to personal

development and following this process

so I internalize it is I grow more than

just about anyone else every year by

doing it consistently and so it's that

consistent effort over time where I

don't have to be see I didn't start out

as one of the biggest trees in the

forest but I believe by continuing to

water myself and following a specific

process that ultimately I can become the

biggest oak tree in the forest

so this is about you becoming the

biggest oak tree in the forest water

yourself through knowledge through

personal development follow this process

and watch how it affects your life

thanks for watching