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all right what's up everybody this video

is gonna show you how to learn a back

flip in five minutes now you got to

remember to focus some prereqs I would

recommend are the bridge stretch a back

roll and just being in general shape

with that being said let's get started

on learning the back flip in only five

minutes so you starting off you don't

know what to do you and the back flip

you guys are just friends

you know what not even friends you guys

are like frenemies talking behind each

other's back hurting each other

mentally and physically but now I'm

gonna show you guys how to become

friends the first 15 seconds I just want

you to get used to jumping we're gonna

jump okay and I want you to jump with

your arms - so you're gonna jump off

your legs off your toes and power your

arms up jump for the first 15 seconds

jump see that power jumps okay you're

using your whole body your lower back

your legs your arms drive up into the

sky now for the next 15 seconds I want

you to jump but I want you to then drive

your knees up a little bit you don't

have to drive them up into your chin

just drive them up a little bit don't

eat your knees just drive your knees up

so power don't drive your knees up like

that how or jump drive your knees up

like that

power jump drive your knees up like that

very minut power jump drive your knees

up don't do any leaning back or anything

like that yeah so you're what like 30

seconds in to give yourself 15 seconds

of rest for the next minute I'm gonna

show you guys how to take the backflip

from from just friends to close friends

we're gonna learn the backwards roll so

I want you to sit down like this what

you're gonna do is you're gonna do a

backwards roll so you're gonna roll on

your back bring your legs over and then

end up on your knees your toes stand up

alright but we're gonna do that with a

little bit more power so for the first

10 seconds of this minute just work on

getting the technique down now you can

choose a side so choose a left or a

right side to roll over so you can lean

your head like he is though you want to

do both sides so whichever you choose

first do the second one the even amount

of time so 10 seconds to be slow roll 10

seconds we're gonna quick rule to the

side on one side for the next 30 seconds

what you're gonna do has a more powerful

roll and you're gonna work on driving

your legs up and starting to feel a

momentum so up

our role sounds like some kind of

microwavable dinner don't eat that

though all right

power rule yeah we're getting used to

kind of going upside down p.m. all right

you're about a minute and 45 in we're

gonna take another 30 seconds you know

no no let's take 45 seconds to stretch

it out I want you to do this stretch

right here look up and they're gonna

come like this

do those two stretches right there

that'll help loosen up the spine all

right so now you're feeling pretty

flexible be sure you stretch out the

neck too so now I'm gonna take you guys

from close friends to besties by

learning the macaque ooh

so the macaque ow is you're gonna pick a

side just like the backwards roll but

you're gonna put one arm over and this

is where the bridge stretch helps out

because you kind of need this

flexibility so squat down palms out in

front of you like this but the fingers

are gonna go back so they're gonna go

down like this then you're gonna drive

everything up and you're gonna you're

gonna go over that arm like that keeping

pressure on this arm so I get down like

this palms out in front of you

fingers up I'm gonna pick a side put

your palm down facing inwards so facing

kind of that way and then drive your

body up over this really helps for the

cheat gainer but it also helps with the

backflip because it gets you in the air

upside down so boom okay so kind of

understand that technique for the first

15 seconds so really get the macaco down

okay work on the fluidity and trying to

use less and less of the hand over the

next 30 seconds so okay it's less and

less the hand and then work on dragging

your hands up going into that macaca

okay watch me now

oh man all right okay now you're like

three minutes and 15 seconds saying you

got another 45 seconds before you have

four minutes for this 45 seconds

this is crucial you're gonna slowly

switch your macaco into more and more

upside down all right

so almost like a back handspring and I

want you to really really focus on

driving the knees up and feeling the

momentum shift so feel the momentum

shift with the macaque ooh so okay I'm

feeling that momentum shift I'm getting

really really light boom see that get

more and more upside down well can you

put two hands down if you need to so

congratulations you just went from

frenemies to friends to close friends to

besties now you guys are gonna get

engaged and I want you to take a 30

second break yeah that's right 30 second

break to just focus all right you're

gonna focus you're gonna feel everything

if you got your phone with you or if you

got a computer you know what I would

recommend watching a slow motion example

of a backflip or the example of the

backflip here that mental connection is

gonna play into the physical production

after the 30 seconds of focusing you're

all oriented again we're gonna marry the

backflip so boom you're going to fully

commit now well I do all right

so if this was too fast for you and you

need a full tutorial on the backflip

check that out check the link in the

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all right what's up everybody Lucas here

so today I'm going to show you guys how

to do the one arm elbow livre