Learn How to Backflip On a Trampoline In 5 Minutes | ASAP

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what's up everybody Lucas here this

video is gonna teach you how to learn

the backflip on a trampoline in only

five minutes but you gotta focus

so unlike the ground the trampoline is

bouncy which is great because we can

apply techniques unique to the

trampoline for getting over the fear and

learning the backflip follow along with

me right now because you're gonna learn

the backflip in only five minutes for

the first 30 seconds what you're gonna

do is you're gonna fall back it's like

trust with your friends except for the

trampoline is more reliable than your

friends because it'll always catch you

so back and you can I guess kick back up

if you want to that gets you used to

falling backwards because that's the

initial sensation of the back foot but

now for the second 30 seconds what I

want you to do is we're gonna go with

the bounce and then we're gonna go to

our back okay remember to tuck the chin

don't try to look back like this so back

Oh first 30 seconds just fall to the

back second 30 seconds bounce in the

back Hey all right minute number two

what I want you to do now for the next

30 seconds a minute number two is we're

gonna evolve that so you're gonna get

back here and you're gonna do a bounce

to the back roll okay so you hit the

back you tuck your legs in after you

bounce and you lean backwards okay so if

it helps you can just do a backwards

roll like this on the trampoline should

be very simple and then ball bounce oh

and you can use your hand to push help

you get up now you know where this is

going alright second 30 seconds a minute

to bounce up and down

hit the back keep keep the momentum

going backwards go to your feet alright

so really work on this guy's watch me

watch me carefully oh I just I continue

my momentum backwards by using my legs

now we're going on from minute two to

three all right we are going to pick a

side that you like more alright the

right side or your left side I actually

like my left side okay a cartwheel would

be to the side like this on the

trampoline what you're gonna do for this

next one minute is we do a cartwheel

okay if you need to but then you turn

away from the cartwheel and then you try

to do your cartwheel so it gets you used

to going upside down in almost a

backwards motion then for this whole

minute you're gonna evolve this simple

cartwheel like this this like backwards

janky cartwheel into going over that

shoulder more and bringing in trying to

bring those feet instead of sideways

over your body you're gonna try and

bring them over the same pathway as you

went before now we're moving on from

minute three to four okay so this is the

key point you're taking that dominant

side which is going to be my left side

and I'm going to be doing my cartwheel

like this so like that just nice and

easy nice and light what we're gonna

work on doing is throwing both arms over

that side but we're gonna take our

dominant arms so my left side my left

arm and instead of throwing it out like

this I'm gonna work on bringing it into

my elbow like this you can put your fist

down on the ground if you need to so

then you can first go straight to your

knees or tears tummy and then I want you

to work on throwing it over really

spotting your landing don't use your

hands to guide where your head goes

going on from four to five you got to

tie it all together right you got one

minute left you guys can do this you can

go back to your macaco on the elbow

thing you're gonna whip it over that

dominant shoulder but try to go try to

bring your legs when you reach right

here over your body and then back down

bounce bounce bounce I'm gonna whip over

that side right when I spot the ground

is when I'm gonna tighten my core and

bring my lower body down so

breakdown so I'm still going over the

side okay then from here you're just

going to adjust to going straight back

alright so what you want to do from here

is like the back flip like the back lip

instead of going over to the side you

just bring it more straight back okay

this is a little scary but remember you

can always bail to the side so van Beck

whip though okay so watch I already see

the ground right there you see I already

saw the trampoline right there and I can

bring my feet back in and land

when you see the ground when you're

coming like this and you see the ground

that's it you're tightening your core

and you're bringing your legs in

you're gonna spot it you're gonna land

right here and you basically have the

back whip backflip awesome looking back

flip on the trampoline so now to get the

back tuck or just like a gymnastics

looking backflip

you're basically over the fear so all

you're gonna do is when you jump up

you're gonna lean slightly back but then

when you bring your legs in is when you

go back BAM

same kind of momentum applies but you're

gonna build the confidence by doing that

whip first because you get to spot the

ground earlier so BAM

with that being said don't forget to

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in the next one