How to do a backbend? TUTORIAL!

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hey guys I'm takin I'm fed and we are

the rib kitchen welcome back to our

channel in this week's video we are

going to show you guys how to do a bent

back or a back bend or break whatever

you want to call it but before we do

that be sure to subscribe if you haven't

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you like it now don't get discouraged or

move down if you can't get it straight

away because these things take time and

it's a process and just seeing all the

advance people they have to practice to

get to where they are now yep you don't

get it straight away

Julie looking keep happening ever it has

to stop somewhere we're going to our

wrists ODIs back and legs and our table

so we're ready to do out that yeah





with that one make sure you're going to

work our shoulders



okay so we start off you bring both feet

in close to your bottom arm up you bend

the back facing your fingertips and then

push out Tommy towards the roof and

Edgar's underneath


now a lot of people think that they

can't do a bed back because of their

backside severely but if it is often to

do with their shoulders that they have

to skip so to loosen up your shoulders

and we can do it up in your bed back and

then you're going to crawl in so we're

gonna pull your toe back as far as you

can and when you think you break you

limit just trying to hold it there for a

count of eight if you're feeling really

up to the challenge then try and crawl

in and the more times you do that each

day or each week you will see your

improvement of your back legs and your

shoulder flexibility okay so when you do

your bend back it's important that you

stretch your arms

Oh third heels must be down and then she

looks great now that you've mastered

that technique with the been back from

the floor you can start doing them from

standard so at first do it someone spots

when you just respect the region and

be like this and hold the shoulders he

tell them to put the head back rest

each other to process

towards you and then like slows them as


I'm sure they're doing it correctly head

up to that bottom is flat stoner comes

to coming up with their back you need to

put your white over your toes push

forward and slowly

slowly straighten arms 5is and head is

the last thing to come off everybody

just like that now if you don't have

someone to spot you then you can use a

ball so if you want to try your bed back

from standing and you don't have anyone

to help you escape

so it's really important to get your

band back enough because it's the base

for like all the tricks in acrobats and

once you've got your band back

you can try all sorts of tricks to make

you come back really interesting Oh what

are you gonna do


you really hope that helped you so keep

practicing keep working on it and you

get there thanks so much for watching we

hope you enjoyed this video and we hope

you guys get your bow back you will be

sure to subscribe because we post videos

everything every post videos on squared

every Monday see you guys next week see