How to do a Back Walkover TUTORIAL

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hey guys I'm tan I'm Sam and we out the

room kitchens welcome back to our





today guys we are doing a tutorial on a

backwards walk over by so we hope we can

help you either achieve this trick I'll

help you just with some little tips on

how to improve it or how to make a mime

really good and obviously guys this is

believing all the stepping stones to

getting your back handspring so that's

pretty excited you're gonna have to be

able to do a back bend or a bridge

before you do up em back feet over or a

back walkover so if you want to check

out our band back tutorial all you have

to do is click the link in the

description box below

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the end of food first things first we

always have to warm up sir

this is just a quick montage of us

warming up our back if you'd like a more

in-depth tutorial on how to warm up your

back so check out our back flexibility

tutorial the link will also be in the

description box below and obviously we

also have to warm up our legs if you'd

like to see how we warm up the legs the

link will be in the description box







so to start off you go back into your

back bend

then you are going to put one foot

closer towards your hands and point your

preferred leg when you do this your

weight naturally you should push on to

your shoulders then you're going to kick

your preferred leg over into a split

while lifting your head up and then

you're done if you're finding that

really difficult and that's okay

find a race black book to actually help

you keep over so make sure this raised

platform is stable and it can be

basically anything you'd be a mattress

it could be a step a box any so for

example this is our raised platform so

you'll stand as close as you can to the

platform to begin with you're gonna go

back into your bridge put your leg that

you're stepping in first on the ledge

and point your preferred leg just like

you do on the floor and then push your

weight back on your shoulders lift your

head up and kick over you'll find that

that's so easy because basically you're

already halfway over you don't have to

do any work it's awesome okay so is that

a kickin all the way from the floor

you're already halfway there so that

definitely helps and then obviously when

you can do that you're braced platform

will then get lower and then ever tell

you the other dude oh yeah so once you

do it on the big platform you can then

find a lower platform so that you get

more of an idea of how to do it on your

own and then eventually the AH to do it

on the ground


so that's the beginner way and once

you've got that then you can try the

more advanced way which is starting your

leg out in front of you and slightly

raised if you're more jet

some people get really nervous starting

with their leg out in front that's okay

you just have to be confident and

pretend as though you're doing a normal


so the same technique your arms go up

your head goes back first so you can see

where you're going you'll find that your

leg naturally lifts when you go back

anyways as you remember my video

and if you'd like you can then go on to

this which is very advanced so you

definitely your leg up as high as you

can go

and then you go back from there

so we're just gonna summarize just to

reinforce those really important tips

down key please demonstrate so you're

gonna go back into your back band or

bridge when you step your leg in you

want to step as close as you can to your


your weight goes back onto your

shoulders you point your preferred leg

as you kick into your splits you want to

pick your head up so you're looking that

way and that forces your leg over and as

always guys don't forget your technique

stretch your knees and point your toes

to make it look nice and neat but when

you point your leg it's so straight the

entire way over it does it go in and up

so as you can see here Sam's not even

starting with a bent leg and then she

doesn't even stretch it you haven't

learned how to do it today or you picked

up some tips so it corrected your

technique didn't remember I like we

always say you might not get it in one

day and that's okay so just keep trying

and going and going to get there

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