How to get your Back Tuck in ONE Day!

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hi I'm Megan I'm Sarah and I'm Maggie

and genetics - welcome to you flipping

Friday today we're doing another one day

tutorial so now that you guys have your

back handspring we're gonna be teaching

you guys how to get to your back tucks

in one day before we get started make

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notification squad and let's go ahead

and get started alright so before we get

started we are going to do a quick

little disclaimer I just wanted to start

off by saying cierra and I when we were

learning are standing back tanks we did

get it in a day so we know it's possible

we're going to be giving you guys a lot

of tips and tricks that we had that we

use and maybe some more so you guys have

more to go off of also I just want to

say what do we do these how-to videos in

one day that means that you're probably

going to have to do practicing a large

portion of the day if you actually want

to get the skill in one day if you can't

that's fine you can get it in a week a

month keep practicing it just means you

can utilize all the stuff we give you to

work towards getting your standing back

tuck and however fast you can we just

wanna make sure you guys are comfortable

safe and you're confident in what you're

doing so just make sure you follow

safety guidelines first before just

trying to throw it in one day


if you are planning on learning your

back tuck in one day you for sure needed

back handspring it should be consistent

you should have at no problems throwing

it and you should be doing it 100% of

the time also start off by warming up a

few back handsprings


the next thing you're going to want to

work on is getting a higher back

handspring so that's my first time you

can't really tell the difference between

that and my normal back handspring just

slowly work on getting higher and higher

you want to have as much air time as

possible this is 90 percent of what

we're going to say to do and just work

on getting a higher and higher so do not

underestimate doing this honestly you do

this as long as you need to do it a

million times the goal of doing this is

that you're trying to get your feet more

than halfway around before your hands

have to touch the ground remember to

keep challenging yourself and go up

higher each time also work on keeping

your hands up longer that's how you're

going to get the highest back handspring

and it's really going to start feeling

like it backed up if you're high back

handsprings are getting to the point

where it's almost impossible to rebound

out if that means you're in a pretty

good spot because you can't really

rebound out of high back handsprings now

we're going to work on changing the

approach when you're doing a back

handspring you focus on jumping it back

and here you're going to really want to

start focusing on jumping up so it's

totally helpful to do these drills also

practice tucking your knees in that's

another big difference is that you're

going to want to take your knees in also

find a high spot to look at so that way

you don't throw your head back these are

all great tips for when you're actually

transitioning it to the back tuck we

also like to close our fists there's

really no it right or wrong but we like

to do it it helps give us more power so

go ahead and try that out too


we always like to tell people to have a

spot if they can sew it for a spot on

the back tuck you're going to get

spotted on your back and on your legs

they're going to throw you up on your

back and then throw your legs over

pretty much the same thing as if you're

spotting a back handspring remember if

you have a spotter and make sure that

they're not doing most of the work if

you're doing 60% they should only be

doing 40 and hopefully you can get it

closer and closer to having them to zero

you can also have them switch to just

one hand on your back if you're getting

more comfortable and confident so

totally try getting a spot if you can

you can also try it doing a back tuck

off a higher surface see you and I

personally don't like doing that so

don't feel bad if you have to skip this

step it's really just personal

preference if you want to try it go for

it now you're going to want to go ahead

and get rewarmed up if you didn't have a

spot then your plot is going to keep

practicing this up but if you had a spot

you definitely want to get reacquainted

with doing it to fire yourself so do

some more high back handsprings again

trying to get as high as you possibly

can really almost trying to get to that

back tuck point where you're waiting as

long as you can before you put your

hands down

it is now time to put together

everything we've been talking about

start off by doing some setting drills

to make sure you're going to get some

height in your back tuck biggest thing

is you really want to go up as high as

you can if you start reaching to the

ground that's totally fine it is keep

practicing and eventually it your hands

will stay up just try to not reach for

the ground at the end if that keeps

happening you want to make sure you're

remembering to pull your arms in and

just try and land on your feet remember

to take as long as you need to to get

your back tuck we believe in you guys

and good luck


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