How to do a back handspring on a trampoline| 4 steps to a back handspring!

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so


we're gonna i'm gonna be teaching you

how to do a backhand spring on the


what have you guys been doing in

quarantine at least i have a trampoline

okay let's do it

the first step is to get comfortable

landing on your back

so you're gonna jump a little bit

and fall on your back


if you can't do this you can just go

like this


basically you're just landing on your

back and trying to get straight back up

on your feet


the next step would be to stand right


and start swinging your arms and jump

and bend your knees

next step is to put those two moves



the next step when you're really

confident you're gonna wanna

you're gonna wanna do that but this time

you're not gonna fall on your back like



spot your landing and put your hands


at first it may look like this

but once you get used to it it'll look


like this you're getting there

but there's something you need to do you

need to get a lot of momentum

throw your arms back and you'll get


and you always want to look for your

spot look where you're going to land

because if you don't you keep your eyes

closed you're probably not gonna land

that good


okay now i'm gonna try some of my best

ones let's do it


your feet apart


like this with your feet together that's

usually on the floor

so you just slam like that

on the floor i'm going to show you a

beam landing and a floor landing

this is a beam


and this is a floor


once you get really comfortable with

your back handspring you can try two

backhand spring

in a row it's really fun the first step


you don't have to do the one after the

first one right away

the first one wait a sec do the next

one and as you keep doing those

as you keep practicing you'll get faster

and faster



thank you guys so much for watching

please subscribe and like and what are

you guys doing

with recording at home bye