How to get your Back Handspring in ONE Day

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Hi, I'm Megan

I'm Ciera and I'm Maggie

And we're from the Cheernastics2

(Megan)Welcome to Flipping Friday

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(Maggie) Also, today we are going to be doing how to get your back handspring in ONE day so if you need your back handspring this is the video to watch. Yeah

(Ciera) So we've done a ton of back handspring tutorials in the past, we've probably done hundreds, just kidding

(Ciera Continual) But, we decided to make one that covers pretty much everything with old tips, new tips put in to one video so you can get it in one day.

(Maggie) Also, if you have your back handspring do not click out cause you'll get some tips in this video too.

(Megan) So let's get started!


So really fast before we get started, we want to include one quick little disclaimer,

Obviously, all these tips if you do them correctly could help you get your back handspring in one day but, safety is the number one priority so if you aren't comfortable getting your back handspring in one day

Or throwing all this stuff super fast, Take your time, Take it easy. Your back handspring will come whenever it comes, so just go as fast as you can


So lets talk about some skills you should have before attempting a back handspring . First I would say you ABSOLUTELY need to have a a back-bend kick-over

And you should have a back walkover and a back limber. The last two are optional but they are going to really help you out for this whole process.


So, to approach your back handspring you start standing up with your arms by your ears

swing your arms down and squat and then jump and throw your arms back by your ears.

A couple of keys things to remember

is one, when you're starting your back handspring

Make sure that your arms swing down and they're all the way back up by your ears

By the time you're jumping off the ground

Your legs need to bend at your knees, weight in your heels, and kinda lean back a little bit into it

If that makes sense

Another thing you can do is record your approach to see if you have it down

Right here, you can see, Maggie's chest is too low

You want to keep your chest upright


Now let's go through what a spotter can help you do. So, a spotter gonna have one hand on your back and the other hand on your legs

The hand on your back is going to support your back and the other hand is going to throw your legs over


Something that is so, so, SO is to remember to JUMP

Do NOT be afraid to do that. Your spotter going to help you get around, but if you don't jump, it is going to be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to spot

So I can not stress that enough, PLEASE jump and go all out for the skill as if you're doing it all by yourself

Your spotter should only be spotting you however much is necessary to get you to complete the skill

So if you are doing 60%, they should be spotting 40%, and they shouldn't be doing 100% all the time

As you get closer and closer they can switch to just spotting with one hand.