Back-Handspring Tutorial With Lydia The Self-Taught Gymnast

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I'm in love more you watch you snow

movers well I mean laughs boy you watch

you snow let me love more you watch snow

moving laughs hey guys it's Lydia and

welcome to gymnastics 101 today I'm

gonna be doing a highly requested video

it's how to do a back handspring for

those of you who are new to my channel

it should be in the title but I am a

self-taught gymnast so I am NOT going to

be responsible for any injuries you get

for this skill these are my personal

tips and opinions on how I got the

school and how it may help you so today

I have my notes because I'm stylish that

way totally if this tutorial helps you

please tell me in the comments hit that

big red subscribe button and let's get

started first I'm going to go over the

basic steps the first step is to present

a lot of people overlook this mean like

for me personally I was like the present

is an epoch of deal yes it is notice in

most gymnastic skills your arms are up

by your ears when you're doing

handstands cartwheels back handsprings

front handsprings your arms are almost

always up by your ears so the present is

to start you off with your arms by your

ears and it helps you get more power

when you go backwards to go and do a

backwards skill there's a lot more to

the present than just that but just know

that the present is very important the

second step is the squat when you squat

you want to make sure your arms come

down from your ears very powerfully and

they just go like this they go way back

here like you're sitting in a chair if

you need to practice putting your arms

up by your ears squatting back like your

and sit down literally in a chair put a

chair behind you sit down in the chair

and then get up try it again just so you

can get the movements and then your

brain and your body will start doing the

same thing just

instantly because you'll get used to it

and that's what they will remember the

squat is very important because you

don't want to squat like straight down

you want to sit back in the chair so you

can get that backwards momentum the next

thing is the jump back in a back

handspring you're not jumping up like

you would in a back tuck you're jumping

backwards I struggled with this I tend

to jump up more so my back handsprings

are very undercut the next step and I'm

terrible of this and if I can't spring

you're supposed to land on your hands

like in a handstand then you're supposed

to snap your feet down to the ground and

pop up into a rebound some people may

not struggle with it as much as I do but

I struggle with it

the fifth step is the landing make sure

you land with bent knees because if you

land with your knees locked out you're

going to do some serious damage it's

just not good do not land with straight

legs and that's it that is all there is

to a back handspring the hardest part

for me personally and doing the back

handspring is the fear so here are some

few tips one last thing before we go to

the fear tips I'm landing like this in

my back handsprings and my arms tend to

be way out here you want your arms to be

as close as your ears as possible and

you want them turned in think of it this


you wouldn't high-five somebody like

this right you would high-five somebody

like this this is just uncomfortable I

mean you can't you can't high-five

somebody like that you can do it like

this because you can put more oomph into

it you want as much oomph in your spring

as you possibly can

repetition that's what it is with the

back handspring onto the fear tips some

things you can use to get over the fear

that may help you use a trampoline use a

mattress use a really grassy spot in

your yard or get a spotter when they

spot you they need to be holding the

small of your back and your upper thigh

or behind your knee make sure to

communicate with your spotter that's one

thing that is very big when you're doing

like more upgraded skills you need to be

in tune with let your spotter is doing

and they need to be in tune with what

you're doing you guys need to know

what's going on because if you go for a

skill and they're not prepared to help

you or they don't know what you're doing

and they try and help you do so

and they actually messed up and like you

land on your head that's both of y'all's

fault you're supposed to know what the

other person is doing and you as the

person attempting to school you need to

be telling your spotter what you want

how you want it what they need to be

doing especially if they've never done

any gymnastics before same thing if

you're getting spotted on the trampoline

trampoline is going to be easier to a

certain extent especially on your brain

when I first was doing back handsprings

on the trampoline this is what I look

like so sneak peek if you want to see my

entire back handspring journey even

before I got it on the ground then I'll

leave it linked in the description when

you're doing it on the you can

land on your back and then flip over and

try and land on your feet that did not

work for me at all I was petrified so I

would land on my back and I wouldn't be

able to flip back over so it may not

work for you but it may so that's just

something I'm throwing out there did not

work for me the next thing you could do

was the go sideways some people say if

you just throw yourself over to the side

it's easier yes probably on your brain

but it's also going to make you have

terrible form and you're going to learn

it the wrong way

now I'm not legalistic about it I'm not

going to say don't ever do that because

it's horrible and you always have bad

form hey if you just want to learn how

to do a back handspring just to impress

somebody then go for it okay it doesn't

matter really what it looks like

I still go sideways sometimes okay I'm

still messing up I still have problems

but that's just me progressing at my own

pace the very last thing is do fast back

limbers again this didn't work for me it

worked for some people some people said

that they just did it downhill that's

another thing you could do but they just

do fast back limbers downhill and then

finally they just jumped into it not in

a million years did I want to do that I

was absolutely mortified horrified just

never ever going to jump backwards on

that back handspring I needed a spotter

every single time on the trampoline and

then I got it and I'm rambling too much

this is a tutorial not my whole entire

gymnastic story if you want to see that

that's also going to be in the


don't overthink it okay I know it's easy

to do and I know it's tempting but just

don't I'm a big over-thinker when it

comes to certain things other things I

just can do and it's no big deal because

I'm not afraid

as far as stretching this is the first

thing you need to do or anything else

stretch your back your wrists your

ankles your shoulders and your bridge

stretching your bridge is like the best

thing you can do because not only does

it stretch out your back it also

stretches out your shoulders and those

are the things you're really going to be

using in the skill wrists are very

important because you're putting a lot

of pressure on them and ankles well I

have an ankle injury because I bent it

back too far so you definitely need to

warm up your ankles I hope you guys

enjoyed this video I hope it's what you

wanted and I hope you learn something

after you learn the back handspring you

can go on to other more advanced skills

you can start learning a back tuck you

can start learning back handspring

step-out roundoff in two back

handsprings and doing multiple back

handsprings in a row always very fun

this is what I love about gymnastics

it's the backwards tumbling that I love

doing but it's the one I'm also most

scared of doing I am Lydia I am a

self-taught gymnast if I can do it so

can you so go out there try it out ask

your parents tell your parents you're

doing it first and foremost don't just

go out and start throwing yourself

backwards but hey if you're confident up

to do that let your parents know get

some pillows go and start throwing

skills okay if you have any more

questions for me you can get in contact

with me through snapchat musically or

Instagram and obviously YouTube right

here and if you have any more tutorials

that you want to see then comment those

down below I will try and make it happen

and I will see you guys in my next video


the things you can use to get over the

fear tips it are the wind is blowing I

really hope the wind is not bothering

anything this is going to be the one

thing that's messes me up

come on winds don't do this to me car

bomb thank you have a nice day

very loud for those of you who are new

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