Learn How to: Back Handspring Easy

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what's up everybody Lucas here

continuing the series learning flips on

the inside of your house today I'm gonna

teach you guys how to learn the back

handspring inside of the house using

household items by the end of this video

you'll be able to do the back handspring

first things first you want to put a

mattress down on the ground or something

soft like a bunch of couch cushions

piled up with a blanket over it sweet

idea okay just say you did or didn't do

the back walkover alright maybe you just

want to jump to it this is gonna work

either way what you want to do is you

want to build basically this apparatus

on the edge of the bed here you want it

about waist high so I'm gonna bring it

down a little bit when you first try

this move is you're gonna land on your

elbow but you're gonna be landing on the

elbow on the mattress okay because the

mattress is elevated look at this see

look at this if I land on my elbow here

it's almost like I just you know made up

for that difference not only that but

the elbow is it's all one solid piece we

need to go to your fingers you got all

these little fingers here I mean if you

land wrong face it like this elbow up

okay what you're gonna do is you're

going to throw it to the side and you're

gonna throw it to the side down over and

around doesn't have to look pretty at

first when you remove your obstacle

you're not gonna be relying on it

anymore so you need to use more of a

jump motion so work on a simple jump

motion with the arms okay jump with the

arms and for this phase what you're

gonna do is you're going to jump to the

elbow like this so jump up to elbow and

then over so

elbow you see that do you see that and

you can go to the side you can over

exaggerate and go way to the side at

first elbow you put your hands out just

a little bit all that was I know that

might have looked a little crazy but all

that was was basically doing this but

with more of a jump and using my arms

and all you got to do now is work more

and more on that until you basically are

going all the way upside down remove it

all just get it out of the way all right

send this one whole whole you started up

here the thing helped you get over the

fear then you worked on slowly using

more and more of your own momentum going

sideways like macaca on the elbow then

you just kept going more and more

backwards and you just sent it backwards

you hit the elbow on a date and how you

can basically do it on the ground you

really can but because I know some

people are still gonna be a little

afraid so let's say then what you're

gonna do is you were going to remove the

mattress and you can come just to the

ground now you can choose to disco for

it all right or you can work at it you

know certain from the side again like

with the macaque ooh right I love this

move okay so all you got to do you start

like this arm back facing inwards

because you're gonna want to come around

the arm like this you see how I come

around the arm and then you can you can

jump to the arm over it like that jump

more throw this other arm back no more

and then work on jumping more and more

and trying to get more backwards and

backwards you can even do this like

crappy like cartwheel day it's all about

progression watch the evolution and then

you just lean back more and more

until you get to the back handspring and

that's gonna get you over the fear all

right it's inside people the fan is

right there like

company break if you're really still

afraid I suggest watching the back

walkover video and it'll really help you

just get the flexibility for the back

handspring and get over the fear for the

back handspring give you the confidence

for the back handspring the in

gymnastics you might want to have your

you know arms a little bit more straight

up shoulder width but if you know I'd be

a street go backwards you can open it up

and that makes it easier but you might

get yelled at with that being said guys

practice safely do this at your own risk

if you're not feeling it you know what

go higher gymnastics coach they'll help

you out thank you guys so much for

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