How To Do PERFECT 90s - Easy To Understand Tutorial

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yo what is going on everyone my name is

marrying a TM and welcome back to the

sixth episode of Maron mass in today's

video we're gonna be taking a look at

how to do the perfect and 90s and this

is of course my personal opinion on how

to do the perfect 90s these are the 90s

I personally have found to be the

quickest and most effective so that's

why I wanted to make a video on this

today if you have faster 90s good for

you leave a comment down below show me a

video or something like that and I might

make a follow up to this video with that

said guys I think we can get right on

into it starting it all off with how to

position yourself during a ninth party

so when you are going to position

yourself during a 90 you do not want to

be too far to the left or too far in the

middle if you are too far to the left

you're gonna hit the wall and this will

cause you to lose momentum and that is

definitely not what you want to do if

you are in the middle during a 90 you

are going to Harry Potter yourself

basically landing under your stare and

again that is definitely not what you

want to happen so during a 90 you want

to be around here running up the ramp

and then you want to jump around here a

lot of people think you got a jump all

the way up here and this will again

cause you to hit the wall and lose


so go not all the way to the left but

pretty far to the left jump around the

top but not at the top somewhere around

here gonna jump and crank up so

basically you do not want to be too far

to left and not too far in the center

but a little in between

re so another thing that is very crucial

when doing your 90 is your mouse

movement so when doing a 90 I see a lot

of people doing mouse movements like

this and yeah you just did a 90 but it's

just so wrong your mouse movement gotta

be in sync with the keys you are

pressing on your keyboard so when doing

a 90 you want to try to have a smooth

mouse movement as possible to best

execute it - you are 90

there are tons a way to do this but in

my personal opinion I found that shaking

back and forth just a little bit it's

the best way to do it this will allow

you to never hit the wall during a

nineteen and it will allow you to keep

the momentum going

lastly I just want to add what buttons

I'm pressing when doing a 90 because I

always seem to get the question should

you press a s or D when doing a 90 and

the simple answer is no the only buttons

you should be pressing when executing a

90 is W and your belt binds so that is

basically thank you so much for watching

I tried making this video comprehensive

yet short and easy to understand

hopefully you enjoyed it if you did be

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my urn mass if you have any video ideas

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I'll see you all tomorrow with a brand

new video

take care