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what's so funny

babies that what is up everybody it's

your boy Bailey's dad and today we are

gonna be trying to top five

nine-month-old activities Bailey just

turned nine months old and she's gonna

be doing some of these activities for

the very first time ever some of them

are like hiding dropping items in a

bucket singing songs and clapping and so

you and I are gonna get to see her do

these and try these for the very first

time ever so we're gonna get to see

which one she really likes and which

ones not so much so let's have a go and

see how she does all of the activities

you're gonna see today come from an

article we found online the link will be

in the description all right so this

next one is called drop in the bucket

I'm gonna teach her to take this little

toy drop it into the bucket and

associate it with a word so I'm gonna

say something like drop I'm gonna drop

it in the bucket I'm gonna see if she

can replicate that and what it does is

it teaches her fine motor skills so

putting little things inside of the

bucket and it also teaches her language

skills ready drop drop

huh yes one more time ready drop see you

went inside now you try

drop me drop can you get the toy from

the bucket baby I knew she would play

with the handle I just knew it I was

almost gonna take it off so overall with

the drop if it he she did pretty good it

looked like she was trying to understand

what to do with the toy and what the

bucket was and the relationship between

what I was saying so she's getting there

she's doing very good


okay this next activity is called hide

and scene

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put

Bailey inside of the box and pretend

that I can't see her and then after a

while acknowledge her and react that's

supposed to help with her interpersonal

skills so kind of interacting with other

people and how that happens and also it

helps with object permanence which is

this thing that happens to babies when

they can't see something they believe

that it's gone that's why you know the

horror he's good really thing they don't

understand that the object is it gone oh

she's completely enamored by the Oh

where's daddy

where did daddy go so hi didn't see you

went pretty well

definitely this was her favorite so far

I can tell that she was really happy

when she was in that box and she looked

up and saw me and finally understood I

was there I can see this the joy in her

face so that was a really good really

good activity for her


this next activity is rolling the ball

together that's supposed to develop

gross motor skills like moving their

body parts and using their body to move

other objects it also encourages

imitation so imitating what I'm doing

and what's the third thing it also

teaches them to take turns

sit right there I'm gonna roll you this

ball okay can you roll it back

sweetheart rolled it back to me good job



so that was ball rolling I would say she

got an A+ on that one

come here crazy this next one is called

hide and squeak I'm gonna take this

squeaky toy and I'm gonna introduce it

to Bailey then I'm gonna hide it under

the blanket what this is supposed to

work on is her auditory skills so

understanding that there are toys that

make it sound and also again with the

object permanence


let me grab the toy nope well so thus we

can find I think kind of threw her off

it looked like she didn't really care

about it to be honest at the very least

she's starting to learn that there are

things that disappear and then reappear

but they're still there you see me it's

my heaven print no for this last one

it's called singing and clapping so this

is my favorite this is gonna be an

activity for Bailey to practice singing

and clapping which helps her develop her

muscles and helps develop her rhythm I

really want Bailey to be a musical

because I have a lot to teach her and so

this Casey let's see how she does


twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder

what you are like some things go try a


this song her grammy actually taught her

Linda my new docket a male baby getting

lucky be a suitcase Yosa is like money

lucky hey baby can you clap baby getting

your life that Vong okay so she did seem

interested in what I was doing I think

she was trying to understand like what

is going on and how do I do that

we're gonna keep practicing that one I

think she'll get better and as time goes

on to develop her ability well after all

that brain work Bailey is so pooped

right now mommy is feeding her a bottom

and she's about to go to sleep

comment below if you have a kid or if

you watch a child what are some of the

activities you do in their age range I'd

love to learn maybe we can do some of

them on the channel and show you guys

her reaction

well her top two favorites were

definitely the rolling of the ball and

playing in the box she was so happy

playing both of those as you saw and it

seemed like she was actually genuinely

learning something as she was doing it

thank you so much everybody for watching

I hope you liked what you saw if you did

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very soon

I'm Bailey's dad