Learn 8 Times Multiplication Table | Easy and fast way to learn | Math Tips and Tricks

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hello friends I'm Akash for me the most

difficult multiplication table after the

nine times table is the eight times

table so today in the mat tips and

tricks series we're going to be learning

the tricks to memorize the eight times

table there are two ways to explain the

trick for remembering the eight times

table but before looking at the first

method let's recite the eight times

table from the very beginning 8 times 1

is 8 8 times 2 is 16 8 times 3 is 24 8

times 4 is 32 8 times 5 is 40 8 times 6

is 48 8 times 7 is 56 8 times 8 is 64 8

times 9 is 72 and finally 8 times 10 is

80 now here's the first way of

explaining the trick as this is the 8

times table write down all the numbers

from 0 to 8 from top to bottom as you're

seeing behind me right here but once you

reach for include an extra 4 and

continue until 8 next for the ones

digits right the two times table

starting from 0 up to 8 again from

bottom to top and once you reach 8

repeat and go again from 0 up to 8 and

once you're done you have the 8 times

table as you can see right here

and here is the second way of explaining

the trick as you can see here let's

create a box of five columns and two

rows for the ones digits just like

you've seen in the first method we're

going to write down the two times table

from zero to eight in both rows but this

time backwards in the opposite direction

from eight to zero so eight six four to

zero now for the tens digits in the

first row we will write down the numbers

from zero to four as you see here and

for the tens digits in the second row we

will write the numbers from four to

eight and once you're finished you will

have the eight times table as you can

see right here so now you have seen two

methods for learning the eight times

table you can choose one of the methods

and start memorizing the eight times

table and that's about it thanks so much

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