How to multiply by 75

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hi have you ever been playing letters or

numbers or countdown if you're not

living in Australia in which case why

are you watching this and ever thought

to yourself oh man this is great

but then the number round comes up and

there's a 75 up then you're like well

flip I can't do anything over this

unless the target is 750 and there's a

10 in there somewhere we'll worry not

because I've got fun ways to teach you

how to do 75 first off you need to know

six things on one thing if you know the

75 times table then then you find if not

then listen well okay you only need to

know 75 times 1 which is 75 75 times 2

which is 150 25 times 3 which is 24 25

75 times 4 is 300 and you're 4 times

table which I hope all of you know as

well as you're 300 times table which is

just like you're 3 times table except

slightly larger ok now the thing you

have to remember is num with numbers is

that they're made up of smaller numbers

yeah okay so for example take a number 8

because 8 is a nice number if you want

to do 8 times 75 75 times 8 that is

equivalent blue equivalent to 75 times 8

times 2 no sorry that's a why 75 times 4

times 2 yeah that makes sense

both of times 2 equals 8 so then you

just go 75 times 4 times 2 equals

because you know 75 times 4 is 300 this

is what you need to know this stuff and

then that equals 300 times 2 which is

600 boom 75 times 8 now ideally you

don't even need to know the other stuff

you just really need to know your 4

times table and maybe your 1 times table

as well no so for example if you got

like 75 times 9 which which is not

because 9 is not a multiple of a you can

write that as 75 times 8 add 75 which

equals 75 times 4 times 2 add 75 which

of course is 300 times to add 75

of course 675 burn burn burn 75 times 9

now let's get what's the other one

7 yeah the students know let's do a 11

yeah that's still 11 75 times 11 because

sometimes you add some numbers together

to get up so 11 and then you subtract

some stuff and everyone's like ah man

that's amazing so 75 times 11 you can

write 2 well you know multiple weights

and these are just one of the main ways

75 times 12 because 12 is a multiple of

4 you want to get these to be multiple

puts on for so you can easily you know

do 75 times rows 304 you're 300 times

table takeaway 75 we'll do it this way

first so then we can do it the other way

later which equals 75 times 4 times 3

take away 75 we should goes 300 times 3

take 75 which equals 900 take 75 which

equals 825 yeah wait wait

yes yeah no it is that's correct that's

guys that's correct

now you can also do 75 times 10 add 75

with everyone knows that 75 times 10 is

750 that's probably the easier way or

alternatively you can do a slightly

harder way but that still works because

I mean that's how numbers work is is you

can go 75 times 11 equals 75 times 8 add

75 times 3 good 8 plus 3 is 11 which of

course 75 times 8 is 75 times 4 times 2

add 75 times 3 you know that to be 225

so this is yeah

so 75 times four is 300 times to 600 I

had 225 equals 825

it's just maths it's maths it's

brilliant I love it it's it's I'm a

whole lot better at it than the letters

because letters I just saw really maps

also I'm quite bad at the numbers I'm

just bad at letters the numbers and

total but I enjoying it because I get to

yell stuff out and be better um I got a

seven letter word it was Santa which I

thought was quite good you know seven

letters not that much but you know

anyway so that's yeah that's how to

utilize your 75 times table or

alternatively just memorize the thing I

mean really

odds are it's you just gotta times it by

something small you know you know 75

times 175 times two sometimes three four

look if you've already memorized this

and it's not that hard to memorize like

75 times six which is just gonna be 300

at 150 which is 450 you know it's

essentially not that hard to just

memorize this area it's probably a lot

quicker as well but yeah but you know I

think you can also do like 75 times 25

if you were feeling crazy and wanted to

go above a thousand for some anyway

ignore me go go home and stop looking at

letters and numbers tutorials because

this is a totally legit just leave