HOW TO PLAY - Lukas Graham - 7 Years (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

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alright guys this is a milestone music

and in today's lesson I'm gonna teach

you how to play the very nice piano part

from seven years by Lucas grayham okay

let's get right into it let's give you a

quick preview so you know what to learn

in today's lesson this is what you're

gonna check it out it goes like this


in exaggerated for beam up anyway let's

go ahead and learn it okay sir okay so

what happens the right hand I was

actually not that hard to actually learn

this are repeating piano motif the right

hand is really repetitive in the motive

just the left hand the claws are

changing around that's the main thing

that you need get okay so the right hand

has this repeating motive it has our

case starting on the B file appears to

middle C C I will go my locked up to

this C go to the B flat here so it goes

B flat a G F D F D F D F okay so let's

break up two parts this is the first

part again so one more time for this

first part so this motive is very

important in this first part because the

right hand motive of this first part

it's pretty much repeated throughout the

whole of this lesson like hey so yeah

one more times goes like this goes B

flat a G F D F D F D F like that that is

the right hand for this first part I'm

also very important to remember this

right hand has said it's the same motive

pretty much for with the pots okay so

that's that for the right hand left M we

have two chords for the first part the

two chords are G minor which is G b-flat

D 2nd chord is second inversion of B

flat major which consists of F B flat D

so these two quartered mindset g-minor

followed by a second inversion of b-flat

major to learn together goes like this

for this first pot again right hand

starts first goes D and G minor together

and then the pretty much the last date

and the chords guitar and that's that

one more time she goes like this goes

like that alright and that is the first

part after you've got the first part the

second part is extremely easy because

the right hand is exactly the same as

the first part so you know that motive

reyga's b-flat a G ft f TF T once again

like that okay so you know that very


so that's the right hand for the second

part okay same right hand as the first

part remember that left and however it's

different chord it's only one chord here

for the second part the one chord it's a

flat major which is E flat G FIFA okay

so with that a flat major chord E minor

so add together goes like this okay what

happens here right hand starts firs

first D and E flat major together

and that's it that is the second part

okay one more time for the second part

so it's really simple it just goes

together like that and then it's the

second part so so far the two parts of a

float will be played back to back like

this check it out

like that okay moving on the third pot

goes like this okay right hand is

exactly the same as the motive in the

first and the second part you know that

already b-flat a G ft d ft f like that

okay so there's a third part for the

right hand same motive as the first and

second part you know that

however the left hand will this third

part we have three chords here so more

coarse than anything else so the three

chords here they are okay F major which

is v AC 2nd chord is G minor which is G

b-flat D third quarters here is B flat

major which is B flat D F son with these

three courts and mincer F major G minor

and B FRA major turn together for this

third part goes like this goes B flat

and F major to get us to get our d ng

maanteeeca d

Master Depa one more time for this to a

but so he goes like this goes

tweener and that's it okay so so far the

three parts that was vote so far would

be played back to back like this check

it out

okay now moving on to the fourth and

last part of this section right hand

okay it's nearly exactly the same the

only difference is that we take away the

last note on the right hand so we don't

we don't play the loss F okay there's

the same motive but just doesn't have

the last episode one less note yes it

just goes b-flat a G F D F D F D so we

finished on the D is it up at this time

so yeah just take away that last F and

that's pretty much it okay so that's the

pattern remember that for the fourth

part the same thing but just take away

that last F note yeah so yeah one more

time so right hand for this fourth but B

flat a G F D F D F D and hold that D

okay so that's the right hand down left

N three chords here but the three chords

are pretty easy because all three chords

are G flat major chords just fi GB for

three of them to three minded turns you

get off with this fourth pot it goes

like this right hand starts first goes D

and B flat major together

together yeah so pretty much the e-flat

majors you can remember for the fourth

part is only play with the D notes on

the right hand okay so that's the easy

way to remember it just goes like this

to get on to get on to get out at home

and that's it

yeah that's it for the fourth pot so

back to back the four pots will be ply

it like this check it out

they just repeat it

yeah so you can play this and sing

through it if you a singer and yeah I

want to sing with this song okay anyway

that's pretty much it not that hard

after all after we break up all the

parts into like these smaller patterns

and everything that's how we learn stuff

quickly learn stuff with patterns but

anyway if you like this teaching method

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