7 Languages? How I learned them and here are my Official Certificates!

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hello everyone this is my legs and this

time I'm gonna speak in all the

languages they speak and tell you guys

how I learned them and how good I am

with these languages showing you the

official language certificates I've got

the languages I speak or Korean English

Chinese Spanish Japanese French and a

little bit of Vietnamese very little so

I'll speak in all these languages in the

order and better apps support a hunger

going me that hyung go go go go go yeah

hyung go guys are telling us all to you

can see they actually touching it

annyeong it will tell you how well then

chew gum guggul I saw Hangul Tong ku ku

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Kakashi paru Hangul Anita come on in -

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say her googly eye will come to my

sweetness Yongsan talking on button

being such a topsoil way Google on

Google accept payments on your ops us

all croqueta casein sunomono I'm not

eating a taco tak tak Seneca on Google

on Wednesday October I see Samira

my legs second is English I've never

lived an english-speaking country but

apart from my mother tongue which is

Korean English is what I feel most

comfortable with

among all the languages I speak so I

have no problem in communicating

studying working or doing anything in

English since that since English

education is so much emphasized in Korea

I also grew up with the atmosphere of

putting lots of importance on learning


so I went to quite a lot of English

private Institute's here in Korea and

when I think of my childhood I think I

invested quite a lot of time and efforts

and learning English so I think I felt

it was like a play not just a subject to

study only for the exam so I used to

read English articles novels and wrote

the Diaries in English on my own so I

think the key reason behind my English

was because I just loved it

Oh telling you how my English is

officially evaluated here is my TOEFL

score I took several months ago I got

113 out of 120 here I got 25 out of 30

in speaking section which I feel a bit

upset because I remember that I didn't

actually manage the time limit in front

of the screen for not practicing before

the exam oh it sounds like an excuse

okay so adding to this I got 5 out of 6

at the writing section of the GRE test

I'm not a native but I can definitely

say that I have no problem with English

in doing anything my legs say cast away

oh well shoot away Kalahari Choi Yeo EUI

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wearing Jana Mahal

then she was the entire Kanto Sean pant

on the knee cocoons oh yes should me

some to wash each other or maintain

control told them you want to when I Oh

whatchu cotton workin towards toe Sri

Yantra jungle cocoa shunt and so he

alert icon' Thornton has shop or shop -

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Espanyol place and Trello CTO must hablo

español I said único que tengo la

experiencia de take a Darwin camp OPP

and donate by XK of less a glioma when o

menos me propio PI's Korea

estado in Madrid espana for exactamente

un anno and those minute rest ye como el

estudiante intercambio

as a seed Avion programa think there can

be a loss as to dentists and trim

universidad seat wada in korea in la

otra in madrid Espania as if we españa y

el principio me planter intercambio for

solo for sales messes pero me gustan

mucho we prolong gay a boon ano buscando

las oportunidades de práctica zetrov ah

Hawaii hace que podría ser muchos amigos

tambien podía Coachella experiencia de

trabajo y e como una extant era y por

supuesto be beer de la fiesta tambien

for Kenya edho no sabía que se nada de

español cuando few IE

pero me matricula van Los Cruces todos

en espanol por que quería conocer a

losses españoles knock Evo's invest a

pasar team asado tiempo con la vi

rancheros como yo SE que hace creo que

me españa

say mejora mucho in muy rapido meant a

también por que lo necesita bop are so

brave Evita put a resultado and

certificado and even español que tengo

as I tell se you know aqui es la prueba

my legs

siggi one hongo this new hyundai sante

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Nyong'o the communication gotta get a

mood Tokyo Mika white take moto benkyo

suru koto Hideki master so steady one

day can cook them paint your step Coco

Nene not okie nihongo cause key okay

JP Tek Nico caucus master psycho a token

and s the moon sono itami mama de Tony

Hong go to calc hi Danica Takara was

legitimate axillary mas then the Native

American I see gijón Ginga ki tarah sugu

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voila see Papa's delicacy oh c'mon Jay

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achieved a cool chick and technique a

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office Oh Francie Paxson le chien coffee

both made a la preparación eczema found

on prison want Wawa so in my dia a

tequila del nivel Badu a vasila

certificate to j op me of a queen but

not my legs okay last one is the

Vietnamese I actually can't say that I

speak Vietnamese already because it's

been just a few months since I started

learning it but I'm working on it and

I'm sharing the study log of how it is

learning Vietnamese on my channel so

please be with me on this journey so

I'll try hard to speak Vietnamese as as

much as I can now Cap'n the night Latium

get toity my hope in via the Y tan then


come to new toy say TV Compton Fiat but

though he said just study log huntin toy

he won't toy

Cortez out yet right no I Vietnam okay

so here's how I speak seven well six

plus one languages the reason why film

this is not to show off but to tell you

guys that it's possible enough to learn

and to be able to speak multiple

languages even if you're not from

multilingual or multicultural family or

even if you've never studied or lived

abroad I myself as a Korean who grew up

only in Korea and has never lived a

product that for one year in Spain can

speak six languages quite proficiently

and I have no problem with these

languages in studying working or

communicating with others so I can

assure you that you can meet wider world

and be very close to many different

cultures thanks to the languages I

cannot say that I am the best but I can

be your friend to help you with studying

languages at least with what I know and

I've uploaded language courses of Korean

Chinese and Japanese and also amplify

the language courses - English Spanish

and French soon so I hope you found them

find them useful

plus I'm currently learning Vietnamese

as you've watched and I share my study

log every month on my channel so you can

find out how I find efficient ways to

learn a new language so I'll keep my

journey of uploading the language

lessons and language related videos so

if there's anyone out there who's

willing to learn a foreign language but

with very limited chances I hope he or

she finds my content and my channel

useful then I hope to keep seeing you so

thank you for watching and bye boy