6th Grade Math – How To Get An A (4 Powerful Tips From A Math Teacher)

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okay let's talk about sixth grade math

and I'm going to give you four excellent

tips that it's really gonna almost

guarantee that you're going to get an A

in sixth grade math so this is coming

from the perspective of being a math

teacher so if you don't know already

you probably don't unless you're a

subscriber to my channel you know

hopefully you would consider that if you

like the way I teach I am a math teacher

I've taught sixth grade all the way

through college you have lots of

experience and what I want to do is pass

on the things that I've learned as a

teacher that that students willing to

pay attention to in order to get top

grades so even if you struggled with

math before as long as you're willing to

work hard and follow these four tips and

I also got a bonus tip here for you

you're almost guaranteed to get a name

okay now before we get going I just want

to say a couple common-sense things here

number one I'm assuming that you're just

generally going to be a good student so

in sixth grade you know you're in a new

phase of your life you're gonna have a

lot of distractions in your class you're

gonna have people that take school

seriously you're gonna have the class

clown you're gonna have people that that

kind of want to pull your attention you

yourself may have trouble you know

focusing maybe it's because you don't

find the teacher too engaging or maybe

there's somebody sitting next to you

that you know kind of distracts you

whatever the case is you're gonna have

to just do your best to be a good

student and what I mean by that is just

don't be that student that's breaking

the rules or the teacher constantly I

say don't do this don't do that because

you you want to be on the teachers good

side okay you want to build a good

rapport with the teacher because that

goes a long way and that could be the

difference between a B and then a a C

and a B okay and even a D or an F

passing or failing bling when I tell you

a teacher there is some gray area where

if you were that kind of student that

didn't really care

I made the teachers life difficult

you're not gonna get those chances that

another student very well may have so

just believe me when I'm telling you

this is this is a truth that you don't

see as a student that but teachers do

understand okay so that's the first

thing okay the first thing is hey you're

gonna be good student now the second

thing is you need to know that this

sixth grade math is very important

extremely and for all math is important

all your courses are important but how

are you well you do in sixth grade now

right now you're young and you're in

you're you're you're you're probably not

thinking about it because you're like

well you know you got a you got your

other you know areas so that you're

focusing on your friends and whatever

the case is but just know this how well

you do in sixth grade for most most

schools okay is going to determine how

you place in the seventh grade

now most school I don't know about your

school but most schools will have like

seventh grade math if you if you just do

pretty good in sixth grade you'll go on

to seventh grade math but if you do

really really well oftentimes you'll go

on to pre-algebra okay so in the seventh

grade you'll be here and then these

folks will continue on to Algebra one

and and so these guys here go to eighth

grade math okay and now by the time you

get to high school this is really the

people who get on this track are gonna

have and stay on it we're gonna have a

much more kind of advantage and you

can't see that now because you get in

the high school and even if you think

that you don't want to go to college or

whatever the case is you never know

right you just never know and some of

you out there like yeah I'm gonna go to

college I'm then then you want to get on

this track and just about everyone is

capable to get on this track alright so

even if you struggle with math before if

you follow these four tips that I'm

gonna give you it's gonna significantly

like get you to have very good grades

okay and for most people you won't even

have no problem getting into a so let's

get right to it right so what is our

first tip some of these things might

seem like common sense but I'm here to


working with thousands of students over

the years these are the these are the

things that make a student successful so

the first one is you got to take great

notes now look at your notebook alright

so I just go to your notebook here and

stuff like that and just be honest with

yourself and by the way if you're

watching this video I'm assuming you're

interested and getting the top grade

okay but I'm going to also tell you

right now if you're looking for like an

easy shortcut to get an A in sixth grade

math you're you're you're looking in the

wrong area because there really isn't a

shortcut you have to be willing to put

in some effort okay so the way a teacher

knows okay and by the way if you're a

parent and you're just interesting

watching this video this is a great

content for you as well

the way you know if you're putting in a

daily effort one great indicator is the

quality of your notes okay take a look

at your notes can you read them do you

understand them and you know are you the

person that has the the notes that all

the other students want to copy from

like a oh yeah was absent can I borrow

your notes because they're so good you

want to be that person right you want to

have great notes so if you're a parent

one of the ways that you can tell if

you're your student is being you know

engaged in the classroom very focusing

is the quality of your notes all right

it also helps with retention like how

well you're remembering things so if

you're taking great notes the only way

you can take great notes is by being

focused you got to have focus now some

of you might have trouble with focus and

that's understandable so this kind of

goes back to my first thing that I said

you want to be a good student and it's

like if you're being distracted right

now maybe there's someone sitting around

you just go up to the teacher but you

know yet after school or something like

that be like hey can I sit in a

different area you know but you've got

to set yourself up for success it's

going to be difficult for you to

concentrate and focus if you're kind of

by some noise your students now

sometimes it's you don't have a choice I

get that because the teacher may not

move you etc so don't let that stop you

however at least ask the teacher to put

you in a better place in the class a

better seat if you think that will help

okay but the bottom line is you really

have to work hard and focus pay

attention right everything the teacher

everything the teacher is putting down

on the board okay whether it's a

whiteboard a chalkboard or whatever the

case is you need to be writing it down

okay now a lot of problems that students

have in sixth grade and it's generally

the boys that I've seen the girls are

better at this is neatness okay you need

to be very very neat okay and this is

something that is for a lot even even

for myself I was terrible at this and

you know right now I'm kind of doing

some scribble scratching and stuff but

you gotta be you got to work on being

very neat okay it's a skill it takes

time to learn how to take great notes

but this is going to be just invaluable

it's probably if I if you look if you

leave with anything from this video this

would be probably the number one thing

that would say if you take great notes

you can only get those notes by being

focused paying attention to teacher

being mean and all those qualities are

the things that are going to really have

a big impact on on how well you do in

math all right so that's the first thing

let's go on to the second thing here and

that is do all your homework so you're

like okay you're not really telling me

anything that I don't know but let me

tell you something when I used to

collect homework now it's a daily

homework okay you know next day students

will come in I would always have those

25 percent of the students that I don't

have my homework I didn't do my homework

and it's not in the homework for the

most part most teachers are going to be

reasonable and they're not gonna give

you so much homework that you can't do

it now there aren't there are granted I

will say that there are teachers are


sometimes where the homework is

excessive and it's like too much

especially if you got a lot going on and

no circumstances do as much of the

homework as possible but never never

skip okay now if you skip a homework in

other words you didn't do it

if you have a good reason like something

came up or whatever the case is then

talk to your teacher try to make up that

homework oftentimes teachers will have

like a no make up policy but ask anyways

especially if something came up out of

your control and this kind of goes again

from being a good student if the teacher

finds you trustworthy like well this

students doing really put in the effort

and even if their policy is know to

never you can never make up a homework

believe me when I tell you often times

you can get a teacher to be like well if

you turn in homework maybe I'll give you

half credit okay you just don't want to

have zeros okay so so never skip

homework even if you don't know how to

do it this is the crazy thing even if

you don't know how to do it just try put

in the effort write something down okay

now the homework you'll be able to do at

least half of it if you're taking good

notes okay you're taking excellent notes

the homework is going to be basically an

extension of what you were taking notes

in the class so just put effort in okay

but typically for sixth grade math or

middle school again every school is

different every teacher is different in

terms of grading policy but generally

speaking grades are often constructed by

your notes quality of your notes your

homework is another big thing and then

obviously you have like tests quizzes

and then like a final exam okay

so these things here are like this could

be like say potentially 15% of your

grade that's the difference between you

know like an 85 and a hundred percent or

so and and and and and don't have to be

let's say perfect

not going to be graded on them in terms

of getting the right answer it's this is

just stuff that just requires effort all

right so let's move on to our third tip

here okay

study for all tests and quizzes all

right quiz is this is spelled a little

bit better

so study for all tests and quizzes again

it's like common sense right you're like

okay you know this is just like common

sense stuff I get that but you but you

have to listen to me as a teacher who's

seen so many students that go into a

quiz or test it didn't study for it okay

and then these are also the good

students the students that have good

notes doing her homework guess what they

get too overconfident they walk into the

test or quiz and then they get I can

average grade I've seen so many students

that know the material they got great

notes they're doing a homework I know

that this student is gonna get like a 90

something or a hundred percent on the

test and guess what happens they get a

78 percent why because they didn't do

the extra effort to study okay you have

to study for all tests especially the

test that youth fine are gonna be easy

and I'll talk about that here in a

second all right so under no

circumstances should you be taking a

test or even a quiz coming up without

studying just to sum someone now when do

you study well you have to study when

you can you know you have a busy

schedule maybe you could do it in the

morning but just never ever try to go

into a test or quiz without studying for

it now I want to also give you an

additional tip here for this help pay

attention to me believe me when I tell

you this is a huge point okay always

finish okay finish all questions finish

all questions on your exams okay

do not ever turn in a test or quiz early

do not ever leave questions blank now

you might say well what if I don't know

how to answer the question yes I get

that just put something down I mean

literally try to guess at a turtle I

mean like a respect

full guests like you know don't put you

know like cartoons down or you know

something like that like put an effort

down because teachers very often will

give you partial credit even if the

let's say you might get one or two

points for a particular question that

you it's your it's at least you can get

points on almost every question with the

exception of multiple-choice questions

by just putting something down okay

that's especially again this goes back

to being a good student

if a teacher likes you as a student and

like hey you're trying to make an effort

they're gonna they're gonna try to help

your grade out by by kind of building up

some points of buffer right so not only

you neither study for all tests and

quizzes you need to finish all questions

put something down never leave a

question blank okay and never turn a

quiz or test in early you don't want to

don't be that person that says like look

at me I'm so smart I'm gonna I did the

test in ten minutes and everyone else

takes 30 minutes this is a very common

mistake especially for you smarter

students out there in terms of you do

really good at math maths your subject

they're gonna be like I'm gonna be a


guess what often times those students go

too quick they go too fast and don't

lose it they don't use their time to

look for errors they may have made and

then they end up getting like a 78 where

I knew that student could have got a

hundred and then when I get their tests

back they're like oh my goodness I made

this mistake I should that's so easy I

don't know why I did that mistake I

should have done known better got it you

know yadda yadda yadda so don't be that

person I hope you're still with me if

you're watching this video if you're a

parent or student because I want you to

know this information okay if you really

want to a if you don't want to aim then

that's you know that you you have to

kind of go your own path you know you

have your own values if you will in

terms of what school means to for you

but if you're in school you know your

grades are important okay not you might

be numbers just kind of really quick

again your might say one high school

that's what your GPA if you don't knows

now right counts you're great

point average you know your grades

actually count for college only in high

school so I don't have to worry about it

in middle school that's not true okay

how you do in middle school is gonna

determine your placement into high

school all right

so trust me you want to get be be ready

for high school and how you know middle

school prepares you for high school high

school prepares you for college okay

let's get on to our last tip here and I

got a bonus tip for you get help fast

so what does that mean okay well it

means what it means if you don't know

how to do something if you're like let's

say you get a bad test grade or a quiz

or you're really starting to struggle

you can't just like push it away

you have to do something you got to get

help fast so the longer you wait the

bigger the problem it's gonna become

because math is cumulative it's like

steps okay everything kind of builds on

itself so if you start struggling right

here and it for whatever reason you may

not you know that you may have a tough

time with the material it's gonna be

very difficult for you to take these

additional steps it and learning because

you're gonna need this skill so you have

to have a sense of urgency so who should

you get help from well the number one

person you should get help from is your


all right so raise your hand do not be

shy to raise your hand

teacher teacher like be like trying to

grab as much it's that be selfish if you

will try to grab as much of that

teachers time as you can now it's the

teacher's job to balance their time for

all the students but if you persist my

teacher can I make it at the time

believe me you'll be of that small group

of people that want to do well and that

really get the teachers attention okay

this is you the best tutor your teachers

the best you cuz they know exactly what

they're gonna test they're gonna they're

gonna they're gonna know that you're

putting an effort so the first person by

far you need to get help from is your


another way to get help from is to have

a good a good friend okay so another

like a student you should have tried to

do your homework and stuff if you can

with with students that are doing well

okay now you can help out you know if

you're if you're doing well you can also

help out a student that has a tough time

but if you have if you can all right

doing your homework with someone that's

you know really really good you know

especially if you're maybe math sent

your strongest subject try to find

someone and maybe like see if they can

kind of help you do your homework

together the does this doesn't mean that

you copy from their work or you just

you're being lazy and you're want them

to like teach you everything that's not

the case but doing your work with

somebody who you know who's willing to

help you can go a long way so your

teacher your you know another student

that's really good at math and then

lastly you can there's all kinds of

options for tutors right and that's a

whole nother realm tutors cost money

they get expensive I did so many tuning

throughout the years

believe me it's not cheap so tutoring

it's not really necessary if you take

advantage of a teacher or maybe find a

good friend and then again to the your

age where you have things like YouTube

and online resources so for you know if

you like my teaching style I mean I'm

not teaching math to you here but if you

check out and subscribe to my channel

and check out a lot of my other videos I

teach a lot of math I teach a lot of

concept in sixth grade seventh grade

eighth grade all these different math

levels so you can go online and you just

got to be careful you got to be very

careful when you go online who you're

learning from because somebody might be

showing you how to do a math problem but

they may not be a math teacher to meet

like show you away and may not be the

even though they're getting the problem

right it may not be the way that is

taught to you in like in school okay so

for me I might each in a way in my own

style but basically very much like how

your teacher would teach you'd be

explaining those concepts why because

I'm a professional educator through many

years of education experience so but

there's a lot of people out there then

you can follow

on YouTube and whatnot now I'll say this

one pitch here I have full courses I

actually have full complete products

I'll leave a link in the description

this video if you want to check out my

complete programs learning programs you

can check out those particular courses

and then you'll get my whole complete

comprehensive package and that's not a

bad way to go to because you'll have a

real powerful tool that kind of be a

24/7 supplement or a system to help help

you you know learn when you cut when you

quite can't get what the how the

teachers teaching it or if you've been

absent or whatever the case is you know

the bottom line is get help fast in some

ways there's a lot of good options here

but always start with the teacher okay

so let's go ahead and get to our last

bonus tip here and this one all the

other ones you probably are like yeah

yeah I get that I get that but my bonus

tip here is this and this is a one that

you may not think in advance try to get

like a hundred percent on all the easy

tests and quizzes you're like wow I

don't get how that's a bonus tip well

I'm gonna explain to you okay here's the

course okay let's say it's September and

then here's June okay here's the middle

of the year okay academic year sixth

grade you're making a lot of friends new

experience life everything's cool you're

like you know you're doing your sixth

grade thing but here's the thing with

math right so in math when you start off

learning this material here it kind of

like is generally easy okay and then

this material here is going to be hard

or harder okay now it's not gonna be

like say impossible or difficult but

typically and I'm just speaking very

generally here courses kind of go this

way things start off easy and then they

build upon each other okay so by the

time you're you know at the end of the

course all this other stuff you have to

learn you're going to be applying it

over here okay so

what I'm saying is all this basic stuff

you're like generally for math courses a

lot of this stuff they they're gonna

start teaching you is kind of like

review so this is a real opportunity

here to build up a lot of points so like

the super easy stuff you should be like

I'm gonna get every single point I can

on every single test every single quiz

so what I'm saying is put extra effort

on the easy stuff so you can get like a

hundred percent okay because when you

come over here to the hard stuff let's

say you get like eighty-five percent

because it's difficult let's say you're

trying you're doing all the right things

but still you know some of the Proms you

weren't be able to get a hundred percent

but let's say you get eighty five

percent well guess what your whole

average for the entire course because

you maxed out you built up so many

points for the easy stuff and maybe you

didn't get everything perfect and the

horror stuff but your whole average

you'll you'll be able to get that 90%

and you'll be able to get that a-okay a

lot of students don't think in those

terms because I used I would work with

the standard black boy you know if

you're only what I have you know done a

little bit better in this stuff that you

found easy you know over here the hard

stuff wouldn't hurt your grade so much

okay so this is years and years of

experience I'm really trying to to help

you get on the right track and by the

way to this is sixth grade but this is

applicable to all grades seventh grade

eighth grade it doesn't make a

difference this you follow this formula

you're gonna do very well so let me wrap

this up if you're still with me I

definitely appreciate you watching okay

and I'm guarantee you if you follow what

I'm telling you you're gonna you're

going to do you're gonna do really

really well and in math so again if you

like the way I kind of teach and whatnot

hopefully you consider subscribing if

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struggling with it you know I try to at

least read the comments but it's the way

I know how I can by reading your

comments is how I know I can make

additional videos to help you okay but I

wish you all the best when I whether

you're a parent or student go out there

master the sixth grade you can

definitely do it and get an A because it

is important so with that being said I

thank you for your time and have a great