Learn the Upper 6, 7, 8, and 9 times tables EASILY and FAST!!!!!

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hi guys and welcome to intuition study

services in today's episode we'll be

looking at another variation of

lightening maths a really quick and easy

way to learn the upper 6 7 8 & 9 times

table using the base 10 method so let's

take a look okay so before we begin it

would be good to know 4 1 2 3 and 4

times table and to add and subtract

simple numbers okay so let's consider an

example let's consider 7 times 8 to work

this out easily what we do first is we

find out how far each number is away

from 10 so that's the first step so we

know that 7 is 3 away from 10 and 8 is 2

away from 10 these numbers 3 & 2 and

known as the complements because three

complements with 7 to make 10 and 2

complements with 8 to make 10 okay so

the second step is we subtract

diagonally so we can either do 7 take

away 2 which gives us 5 but also 8 take

away 3 gives us 5 it doesn't matter

which one we choose so that gives us the

first part of the answer and then the

third step is we multiply these bottom

numbers so 3 times 2 is 6 and there is

our answer 56 that's how easy is okay

let's take a look at another example

let's consider 6 times 9 okay so step

one is you find out how far each number

is away from 10 so 6 is 4 away from 10

and 9 is 1 away from 10 in step 2 you

subtract diagonally so 9 take away 4 is

5 and you also get the same answer if we

did 6 take away 1 so that is our first

part of the answer and then we multiply

the bottom number so 4 times 1 this is 4

so the answer is 54 ok so let's have a

look at one final example just so that

we have fully understood the method so

let's consider 6 times

six so step one is we find out how far

each number is away from ten so six is

four away from ten same with the other

six then we subtract diagonally so 6

take away four is two and then we

multiply the bottom numbers so four

times four is 16 now since we have a two

digit number that one gets carried and

gets added to the two so the final

answer is 36 okay so what I'll do is

I'll leave you with these three

questions please try you can pause the

video and I'll join you in a few moments

okay so let's see how well you did with

these questions okay so number one seven

times seven so seven is three away from

ten and so is either seven and then we

do 7 take away 3 is 4 and that gives the

first part the answer and then 3 times 3

is 9 so the answer is 49 number 2 8

times 6 so 8 is 2 away from 10 and 6 is

far away from 10 then we do eight take

away 4 which is 4 which is the same as 6

take away 2 that also gives us 4 and

then we do 2 times 4 which is 8 2 the

answer is 48 number 3 9 times 7 so 9 is

one away from 10 and 7 is 3 away from 10

so 7 techo 1 is 6 which we can also get

by doing 9 take away 3 and then we do 1

times 3 which is 3 so the answer is 63

so if you do this a few times you will

be able to do these multiples in a

matter of seconds and it will become

effortless let me know how well you did

with this in the comments below

ok so everybody should have done well on

those but if it feels need a bit more

practice then feel free to rewind this

video and you can work through the

technique again if you found this

tutorial helpful then do leave a like

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thanks for watching and I'll see you

next time