How To Learn Anything 5x FASTER by Roman Saini

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you and I both know that we are

painfully slow at learning the learning

methodologies are seriously outdated and

specially in India they have not changed

at all for last 150 years both of us you

and I have a potential to become a

learning Beast but we need to learn how

to learn properly so follow the

principles in this video and I

personally guarantee that you will be

learning anything any skill any

knowledge five to ten times faster

you have to divide your goals into as

microscopic capsules as possible for

example consider there are two people

one is tame another Zoey tim has a goal

of he has to learn swimming but Zoey has

a goal of how long can she hold her

breath underwater tim has a goal of

learning the entire universe but Zoey

has a goal of remembering the eight

planets sequence from the Sun tim has a

goal of playing a Pink Floyd solo but

Zoey has a goal of just playing the C

chord tim has a goal of getting six pack

abs but Zoey has a goal of just doing

exercise for 30 minutes who do you think

has a better chance of success there is

no point in guessing it's Zoey because

her goals are very well defined she can

track her progress on a day-by-day basis

she can work on those micro capsules and

she can improve in a much much much

faster way then Tim can never possibly

be point number two you have to be very

very specific you have to hack your

brain you have to hack your brain you

need to learn how to read faster

comprehend better you need to learn the

Manik techniques you need to learn how

to remember a list properly we need to

learn a lot of things it is like if you

have to cut a tree then you need to

spend the first hour sharpening the axe

your brain is the tool which will open

the worlds of possibilities for you

anything you want to learn it is through

brain you have to do that so please make

sure you invest a lot of time in

developing your brain read books at end

seminars watch workshops go to YouTube

sessions like there are so much content

available online that you can actually

if you want to you can become a learning

beast just by following that it is

always good if you have multiple

sessions of smaller duration than one

large big session whether you're doing

hiking biking yoga reading learning

guitar anything at all it is always

advisable for example if you sit for

half an hour every day in your living

room playing your guitar it is

much much better you learn much faster

as compared to a weekly session of let's

say four five parts because there are a

lot of neuronal networks in your brain

which are called a synapse ease and

medical terminologies and these are

constantly changing wiring rewiring is

happening so if you do a constant daily

stimulus it is much better than doing

let's say a weekly or a monthly stimulus

so always focus on doing multiple

sessions rather doing rather than doing

a single session then you have to get a

mentor you have to get a pair of eyes

even such an things will occur hit slump

sometime in his crooked form but it was

his batting coach who reminded him that

this is your weakness sometimes you

yourself are immune to your own weakness

you are not able to see your client

spots but it is someone else your mentor

your guru your guide your teacher your

parents your guardian these are the

people who will remind you this is what

you are doing wrong for example many

singers don't realize that they are

singing badly but it's their guru or

it's their audience they tell that this

is the way you are going wrong and this

is what change you need to do and then

even such a thing never gets back in his

form so while I was doing my MBBS

everybody said that you have to study

from like 5:00 5:00 p.m. in the evening

till 12:00 midnight but I realized it

was not working for me I tried out a lot

of different methods I heard a lot of

online lectures and like heard Kaplan

series I heard I refused to read books I

used to attend lectures I started

seminars then I used to make my own

notes I tried out a lot of different

methods same with my guitar learning I

tried out a lot of different methods

many successful people they try out a

lot of different things you might be

successful in one direction someone

might be successful using the other

method it is at the end of the day the

journey that matters whatever you enjoy

you should do that experiment as much as

you can like try out a different method

see what is working for you and what is

not working for you and stick to what

what works for you and then continue it

on a long-term then you will see the

results and you'll be really surprised

by them finally you need to have a

passion for what you are doing if you

don't like to read if you don't want to

play guitar if you don't want to play

tennis and if you are being forced by

someone else for some any external

motivation whatsoever basically if you

are interested in the end result and you

are not enjoying your journey if you

don't find that passion you will never

be able to learn it you will never be

able to master the art of it you will

never be able to make the sacrifices

that is needed for that

you might be asked to spend eight hours

12 or 6

ten hours a day sometimes do you think

it is possible you will break down and

you will stop doing that so no matter

what happens you have to find that

passion if it is missing in the

beginning it's okay

it will take some time we'll get used to

it but 1-2 months down the line we'll

find that passion if your fingers are

hurting while you are playing that as

you should enjoy that process become a

sadist enjoy your pain and with that

pain you will end your end you will

learn and you will grow so I hope these

principles will help you in learning do

watch awesome courses on an academy and

thank you are watching this video have

an awesome day romance any signing off