EASY Guide! Mage Water Rank 7 | Classic WoW, Dire Maul

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hey what's up guys so to get your new

mage water you're gonna want to go to

Diamond for Alice and just run in you're

gonna come to an intersection just keep

going straight

that's the east entrance that's the west

entrance and the north entrance for dire

miles up there

we're gonna go want to go to the north

one so the quest giver for rank seven

water is in the north entrance but you

need a key or rogue to open the door for

you I got a key but if you don't have

neither and I'm gonna show you how to go

get the key

you're also gonna want to find a group

for a DM East because you can't solve

this so get your group and head to these

entrance and just walk in

once inside just talk to this little

Goblin at the start he's gonna make you

chase you around and every time you talk

to him he's gonna run a little further

but after about 10 minutes or so you can

kill him and loot his key all right so

we just killed this little cook

I got his key know what you want to do

is head back to the north entrance so

you can open that door for yourself you

also probably want to tell your group be

right back go get the quest and go

rejoin your group this way you won't

have to find a whole new one

so now that you're in the north entrance

watching for that Pat right there and

just go down this ramp jump on the side

right here not to Agra the ogres and

you're gonna want to use your key one

last time to open these second doors now

just run down this long-ass hallway and

the quest givers should be right in

front of you the quest is to kill water

elemental name hydro spawn

so you want to rejoin with your group

and find elemental it's a pretty easy

fight just remember not to cast frost



now that you killed them just loot

essence and there you go quest complete

now just go back to north entrance and

find the quest giver congratulations you

got your rank 7 water