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alright guys welcome to another video

and today I'm gonna tell you about how

you can learn over 50 words a day trust


anyone who ever tells you that you can

learn a thousand words a day or maybe

you know a hundred hundred twenty more

than hundred words a day well that

person is insane or maybe he's just not

insane he's just you know super clever

and he's trying to get the best of you

trying to trying to get you to invest in

some product that well you wouldn't kind

of in a want to invest in so try to

refrain from these kind of people you

just don't you just don't lose 50 pounds

in ten days that's that's not done

alright people will try to fool you but

try to you know stay away from these

people you know I've seen a lot of

people are you know a lot of videos even

that are saying that you know you can

live on a thousand words a day well

that's just in unrealistic and you need

to accept that all right you cannot

learn a thousand words a day but I'm

gonna tell you some of these some of

these techniques that's that really I

used in my personal preparation and I

was able to learn over 2,000 words and I

basically scored a 161 on my GRE and a

119 on my joyful it was because of the

vocabulary like I can attribute it to

the vocabulary in a large size pot like

every time I see a board now

I mean 90% of the times I know the

meaning of that word and really if you

want to you know come to this level

someday you're aiming for it well all I

want from you is consistency and

following the right method consistency

that's on you the right method that is

something that this video is for all

right I'm going to teach you the right

method this is all you're gonna need you

don't need to go anywhere else and and

find the other methods you know this is

what I personally followed trust me I

have been through this I've been through

the process and it works I'm gonna tell

you it works okay so let me just begin

with saying that if you know you're

appearing for your GRE or GMAT well

especially for a GRE what you can do is

you know you can actually take a look at

this Barron's 800 word list this is a

very good word list especially for a GRE

like 800 words which are handpicked by

Barron's from

the actual you know GRE guides official

guides so they're hand-picked the words

from the official guides and collated a

list and this list contains most of the

words that you will see on the GRE like

I mean I'm sure whenever you take the

GRE at least you will see 10 or 20 words

complicated words from this book I mean

there are about you know eight hundred

of these and you you might know about

two hundred of these already so

basically consider like a six hundred

word book but really it can help you so

this is the actual book by this if you

can I have seen this book actually in

person this is a great resource but this

is not what I personally used okay when

I basically didn't really resort to word

lists you can try flashcards because the

thing with flashcards is that you know

in wordless the thing is that you kind

of remember the voids by their position

let me just get to that in a moment let

me show you the word lists actually so I

kind of you know haven't downloaded

right over here one second this is the

Baron's 800 exact word list that I used

okay it has a few words that you can

check maybe you know a few of these

maybe you don't but really this is like

a really good collection of words really

high frequency words that you are likely

to see on your GRE test okay so you can

do the the first thing you can do is

target the words from over here okay but

this is just one source 800 words are

not enough for any exam like GRE if

you're if you are going for the TOEFL

you don't need to know so like you know

such a high level of you you need to

have such a high level of vocab you like

this is complex these are complex words

but you know yeah by the way let me just

get to that point you know how I said

you kind of you know well wordless on

good because well you kind of remember

the words in the order they come or

basically something like that you know

so like this is morose and it means a

humor okay sullen and basically this is

motley then many color is made up of

many parts the next time you even know

you know come on to this list you you're

going to place your hand next to the

list well guess what you're gonna know

the meaning because you kind of remember

the position of the of the you know word

the text you can actually remember the

position yeah this this was the first

word on some page you know so that is

kind of not cool because sometimes and

you don't have that place in front of

you you you find very hard to find the

meaning so that's something that you

know I would say flashcards can help you

with but again this is a very good word

list and I personally have used it and I

would recommend going with this if you

have the time 800 words you can easily

finish them within you know 10-15 days

if you just just try to do like you know

around let's say 50 words a day but

don't go beyond that and even those 50

words try to try to basically

incorporate them in your language try to

have someone on your on your GRE groups

on your Navy's social life who you can

talk to and use these words if you don't

have anyone maybe just by writing an

essay and try to include these words you

know maybe it would help you out just

you need to remember these words but one

more thing that I would like to point

out is that this is not good enough for

one reason it does not have these

sentences I'm going to share my

experience how I was able to learn more

than 2500 words I think I've known about

3,000 I don't have the count personally

but you know it's it's all in my

personal dictionary you need to make up

your own personal dictionary by the

whale but let's get to this point later

on okay so the thing that I'm telling

you about is kind of like alright let's

take a simple word that I guess there

are no simple words in this dictionary

but still you know mm-hmm if you wanna

know like you know check out this word

called s straight right so well it means

away from the correct path or direction

or RI and the sentence is written in the

pencil right next to it this is the

sentence it says we went astray but a

man redirected us now I'm gonna tell you

what this is gonna do for you alright

the sentence is the most important part

I personally do not remember the

meanings but I remember the sentences

isn't that weird

I mean sentences you're not even

supposed to remember the sentences but

that's exactly what you need you need to

know the context and basically how the

word is used so basically the sentence

tells you how you can use the word in

can have different contexts so this is

the most important part and when you

read the same sentence over and over

again like it kind of fits in your head

it's right there and the next time you

you're reading that word you know maybe

you're that word comes to your mind

after like you've read this word five or

ten times the same sentence will come to

your mind like personally when someone

has to ask me a word I didn't use to

know the exact meaning of it but I used

to recall the sentence and from there I

would just extract the meaning because

it's just really hard to kind of you

know remember the meanings and

everything like I I wouldn't remember

this word or I of course but you know

after a while I started to remember it

but at first the only thing I used to

know was the sentence and how do you

remember the sentence well when you kind

of keep on reading the same text over

and over and over again you kind of keep

going over it like check it in lean in

the night like those 50 words I've read

today I'm reading them in the night I'm

actually you know using them on text

with someone else and then I'm kind of

like you know just revising them I'm

going over them the next morning as well

something like that you know just keep

going over them and that's going to

basically convert that passive

vocabulary into that active vocabulary

so that those words are yours for life

like I know the meaning of every single

word in this dictionary I can actually

tell you every single word and I know

these and I can personally use these in

my essays or in my writing and whatever

it is and why is that because I've spent

a lot of time maintaining this

dictionary and you know reading this

dictionary again and again and again

it's only

repetition it's practice and repetition

like I said I want consistency from you

I will give you the the methodology

right so why did I say that your

personal dictionary is important like

your post metrics ROI is the absolute

important like at first I used to write

down on these pages these kinds of pages

this is the back of my five-pound book

and I used to write over here but you

know as you can see the page is kind of

kept running out I keep kept on sticking

more tea pages but it doesn't work like


so I kind of you know started my own

like you know notebook for these words

and everything and well basically this

dictionary is 135 pages long and it has

over 3,000 words

that helped me get that 161 on my GRE

but you know you don't have to do so

many words don't be scared by it you

know but the only thing you've got to do

is be consistent and write down these

sentences next to the words right I'm

repeating those are important now why

would you need your personal dictionary

even I already told you you have

something like this you know these are

pretty good you know I already said that

these are very good high frequency words

I still remember some of these words but

I do not remember all of these words the

thing is that I remember probably 10% of

this only because they don't have the

sentences and I don't remember it

because they don't have the sentences I

don't know the context I cannot use

these in my own essays but sometimes

when they appear on the GRE or and some

tests sure I know their meaning but you

know I'm not able to use them at all so

maybe I can some of the words I can use

but most of these words I wouldn't be

comfortable using why because I do not

know the meaning of these or the context

of these words and the context can

actually give you the meaning but the

meaning cannot give you the context

right so that's why you need to know

these sentences now the other thing is

that if you don't have time for it like

your your GRE is nearing or something

you can actually take my dictionary I

will upload it I will give you the link

in the description I will do whatever I

can for you guys but you know you've got

to give me the consistency and you will

see the results okay one more thing when

you are taking some practice tests you

know whenever you're doing something

let's do one question together and

basically you know what my whole main

kind of point of doing this question is

that well I'm not actually going to do

the question I'm just gonna like tell

you why I'm showing you this question

alright so basically you're gonna have a

question you're gonna have like five

options five options and you know you're

gonna have to select one of those you're

gonna have to take these exams a lot of

times and basically you know you're not

some so many times you don't know some

of these words right and high chances

are that you might not find these words

in this dictionary as well let's look at

the first question let's say let's say

you I personally know the meaning of all

of these words but you know let's say

you don't know the meaning of free bile

so let me check revile okay

like I said guess what it's not there

right but it is there in my personal

dictionary and that's why I know this

word how is it in my personal dictionary

well probably sometimes you know

somewhere when I took some other tests

maybe and I kind of saw this word in the

options you know whenever I was but

whenever I was kind of you know messing

up and I didn't get the right answer

because of this word or something I kind

of Ana whenever whenever I review my

whole exam I I make sure I read every

word like this forever word and

everything I know every word actually

here surprising but okay like this word

whenever I see it I let's say I don't

know the meaning office the first thing

I would do is go on to my dictionary and

add this word like whenever I'm

reviewing these questions

side by side I would be adding those

words into my personal dictionary and I

would be writing the whole context you

know the sentence and everything it's

basically it's like forever

meaning that's it that's all you have to

write and Google will give you the you

know perfect uses of this word - -

usages and with the sentence and

everything you know you can click on

more and you can get another sentence

over here so that's that's good I mean

write whatever sentence you like you

know be comfortable with it and make

sure that you remember the context

that's all you can get the meaning from

the context you don't need to you know

do that clamming up thing because that

doesn't work you cannot you cannot learn

a hundred words a day just by cramming

them the next thing you're gonna forget

them even if you remember them today so

try to try to develop this approach

right sometimes you might not know the

words but try to write them down I think

that's that's really all I wanted to

tell you guys if you want more sources

for words really I don't think there can

be you know any source that is as good

as the dictionary I am providing you

with because it supports the context it

has the you know meanings and everything

and they are taken straight from you

know trusted dictionaries and this is

all the stuff that I have personally

used if you have the time go for this

dictionary and this will make sure that

you get 160 plus on the GRE because you

will know the

context and you will know the usage and

you will know the meaning and this will

give you everything you need to tackle

those words all right so that's about

this that's about it for this video now

again I am going to be posting all of my

application process on my basically on

my Instagram whatever whatever goes to

like when I'm writing my statement of

purpose my ello ours and everything

basically everything is going to be

posted on my Instagram page of course I

won't be posting the actual text but you

know most of my journey most of the

application process you will see me do

all of it just head over to my Instagram

you can follow me there you can actually

personally contact me over there I will

answer all of you guys I will do

whatever I can but I want or the only

thing I want from you is your

consistency right you can do this you

can actually learn as many words as you

can and it's not hard at all trust me

once you once you get the hang of it try

flashcards try my lectionary use the

context you know do whatever you can but

I'm just trying to give you you know the

best I can right so anyway if you like

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I'll see you in the next one