Easily Memorize the 50 states

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hello I'm Eric from the Eric the

elephant YouTube channel and I watched a

video by miss Alexander I'm going to try

to do much of what she does but I'm

going to do it my own way

and I'm going to add some different

twists to it okay so first off we're

going to go from memorizing the states

you would memorize starting at the

bottom here we got can't because without

proper documentation you can't cross the

border and we got California Arizona New

Mexico Texas then you've got right above


knuck when you say nook you got Nevada

Utah Colorado Kansas everything down

this column will then be with a K so if

you got North Dakota South Dakota

Nebraska Kansas and Oklahoma if you were

to walk from these states all the way

toward the west you would be afraid

you're going to walk over the edge into

the ocean so you have to say whoa for

Washington and Oregon this is a

lowercase I

so that's Idaho you see kind of like a M

shape over here but it's kind of upside

down that's going to be Montana by the

way there's a mountain ranges over here

so those mountain ranges are kind of

shaped like a upside-down M we got

Montana and over here we forgot about

you why would you forget about me and

this would be Wyoming over here we have

what looks like a mouse because this

looks like a mouse we're going to call

it Minnie Mouse hello Minnesota from

Minnesota you go all the way down here

I'm staying

mimmo M I am a L K we got Minnesota for

Minnie Minnie Mouse Iowa Missouri

Arkansas Louisiana and Louisiana also

looks like NL over here you've got a lot

of water so this water is going to make

you think about moppy

well why mop

well you have them up because there's

all that water in the Great Lakes

we got Wisconsin Illinois Indiana

Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania then we have

the main part of the East Coast that's

right here that's me you got what looks

like an older case lower case H and you

got a V that's New Hampshire and Vermont

over here we have a why so we could call

that New York over here you have a

massive hook there's a lot of fishing

that goes on around here fishing

industry we're going to call that

Massachusetts for that massive fish hook

and over here you have a little tiny

state that's going to be Rhode Island

because everyone knows islands can't be

that big

well what connects Rhode Island to New

York Connecticut they're connecting

those two states from here you have a J

this capital J is going to show you New

Jersey below that you've got Delaware I

like to think of it based on its state

capital Dover you almost fell Dover so

be aware

don't fall dover into the ocean it's

kind of a weird one but anyways this is

Maryland and everyone over there is

happy because there's so much nice water

that you can play with

so that's Maryland they're very merry

over here this is like an upside-down V

for Virginia then over here is west of

Virginia which would be West Virginia

over here you've got Colonel Sanders and

Kentucky Fried Chicken

hello Kentucky a big drumstick over here

this is Tennessee it has a nice little

long barrel of a gun I don't know but

you know nice but it does have a barrel

of a gun and there are more than 10

people in this place that like guns so

if more than 10 people have guns in

that's Tennessee but the interesting

thing about calling this a gun is it

underneath you definitely have to have a

magazine to hold the bullets so give me

a mag to load my Tennessee or the gun so

we're loading the gun with a mag and

that would be Mississippi Alabama

Georgia this if you take these two

states kind of looks like a sea so that

would be North Carolina South Carolina

backwards f4 Florida and you have lower

case a for Alaska and you have Hawaii

because this is so far off the map you

got to say hi oh ye alright anyways

that's it hope that was helpful