Memorize ALL 50 US States (School of Memory Ep. 1)

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okay this looks just like a newscaster


hi my name is nelson dallas and in this

video we are going to talk about

how to memorize all the states of the


all 50 states in the usa their names and

where they are on the map a super easy


that was inspired by a video by someone

called miss

alexander a teacher i presume the

original video is

linked in the description so check it

out and give her channel some love as

well but i figured i could make it a

little more

visually appealing and maybe make some

of the mnemonics a little more

friendly hello all right let's get


so we're going to start with the word

can't c

a n t now notice that all four of these

states are at the southern border so

just remember that you can't

cross the border into mexico unless you

got a passport

you can't c is for california a arizona

and new mexico and t texas can't now

right above that you're gonna put the


nuk like duck but with an n so the n

goes for nevada u for utah c

for colorado and k for kansas

right across there now what you can

remember is first of all

nevada is the n has that little v there

in the corner to help you remember that

it's nevada

and then to remember the rest just think

of a duck kind of walking across these

four states here

and to remember that it's knuck not duck

maybe think of knocking

right so think of this duck he wants to

get down through the border but he can't

but he's knocking on those states to see

if he can actually cross

into them and then potentially into


that duck knocking now let's take a

little detour if you go above the letter


all of these that go down vertically

into that k

have a k in them so at the top here we


north dakota then south dakota then we

have nebraska

then underneath kansas we have oak

lahoma now i always like to look at

oklahoma and it looks kind of like

a meat cleaver and that handle there you

just remember is made

of oak if we go west from north dakota

the top there we have montana now if you

look at the little edge of montana it

kind of looks like a little m

there and it's kind of like mountainy in

a way you can imagine them to be

mountains the mountain reminds you of


going further west you have idaho which

looks like a lowercase i then if we keep

going to the west we're going to

eventually hit the water and you want to

say whoa

i don't want to hit the water got to be

careful otherwise i'm going to go in the

ocean so

whoa w-o that's washington and oregon

now we miss one why why did we miss old


y will remind you of wyoming now we're

going to go down the midwest here and i

want you to remember the word mimo

kind of strange but imagine there is a


and his name is mr mimo

and you'll see here that you actually

have the shape of

a chef he's got a chef hat there's his


you've got his body his pants and then

the boots

now the chef he just happens to love

mice you can actually kind of see a

little mouse

face here on the little point of

minnesota at the top

so minnie mouse minnesota now iowa

is where his face is it should make

sense because that's where his eye

would go iowa now the m in the middle

here is missouri

and that's where his heart is right and

if he's ever attacked you want to make

sure that

you miss that part of his body because

otherwise he'd be in trouble so that's

the part you want to miss

miss suri now if we go down a little

further we have

arkansas you can remember that because

it's kind of near kansas it's r

kansas and then finally his boot is


you can remember that l-state name

because of the shape of the boot is an l

now if we go out from his missouri chest


you'll notice that there's kind of this

straight little square there

that's tennessee and above that is this

kind of little jumble of stuff and

that's kentucky

now he's a chef after all so you can

imagine him holding

10 plates out in front of him and on top

of them are some kentucky fried chicken


right so we have mr mimel the chef

holding out 10 plates

10 the sea and above it on top of the


are kentucky fried chicken legs kentucky

so that's

k and t now in that area just

above kentucky we have a few states

there and they're all

near the great lakes so you can imagine

that area is kind of wet

right so i want you to remember the word


mop and what that will be is wisconsin

illinois indiana michigan ohio and


now one thing to help you remember which

eye is which

it's going to be illinois as the first


and then indiana as the second one the

way you can remember that

is illinois if you look at it it kind of

looks like someone's coughing

so illinois the person is ill and it has

a little bump

kind of the back of the guy's head which

is poking in

to indiana all right next up we go to

the top right corner we're going to

start up

at main think of it as the main point of

the map right it's the top right

pretty prominent it's the main part of

the map m

now going down here we have a backwards


that's new hampshire then we have a

state next to that that looks kind of

like a v

that's vermont and right below that we

have this massive

hook shaped thing because it's catching

a bunch of fish off the coast

and that is massachusetts then right

below that we have some

very small state and islands are pretty

small right so

this is rhode island now if you go to

the left a bit you'll see that that

state is new york it kind of has a y

there so that will help you remember

that it's new york

and in between rhode island and new york

you have this other state there which


them together which is connecticut going

down a bit we have a state that has

kind of the shape of a j that's new


now delaware just below that i like to

think it actually looks kind of like a d

next to delaware you have this almost m

shaped state

there with a little outcrop there now

the m should remind you of maryland and

people there are very merry

down below that we have an upside down v

for virginia

to the west of that obviously we have

west virginia

now below that i like to think that

those two states there below virginia

kind of make a c together and those are

the carolinas

north carolina and south carolina now

these three states right below that area

are m-a-g now to me they all look like

faces of simpson characters and i like

to think of maggie simpson

she's one of the simpsons the little

baby so that helps me remember

m-a-g that's mississippi alabama and

georgia and then finally below that

we have a backwards f for florida

then of course we have our two states

that are

not in the continental u.s we have

alaska and hawaii

now the alaska is easy because it kind

of looks like an a

a lowercase a and then finally for

hawaii it's so far out there in the


that when you go there you say hi hawaii


yeah there you have it all 50 states

quick mnemonic if you follow that little

crazy little story you'll have them in

no time you could fill in this map

lickety-split it could be split yeah all

right that's it

all 50 states in your noggin now if you

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