Learn 50 US States With Capitals | USA 50 States | Nicknames | 2 Letter Codes | Abbreviations

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come friends I'm Akash in this video

I'll introduce you to all of the 50

states of the USA their capitals there

are too many congregations and nicknames

of each state the United States of

America is a federal public and a

constitutional democracy and Washington

DC is its capital we'll learn about the

50 states and their capitals and also

the two-letter abbreviations and the

nicknames of these states

the first one is Alabama capital

Montgomery two letter abbreviation al

nicknamed the yellow hammerstein next

one is Alaska capital Juneau to learn

radiation a K which are also the first

two letters of my name

whoo-hoo and the nickname is the last

frontier ah this is pretty exciting

already the next one off on our list is

Arizona's whose capital is Phoenix

radiation is AZ and nickname is the

Grand Canyon State the next one is

Arkansas the capital is Little Rock

abbreviation AR and the nickname is the

natural state the next one coming up on

our list is California's capital is

Sacramento the abbreviation is ca and

the nickname

is the Golden State Warriors well I just

said it couldn't say warriors what okay

but it's a Golden State okay

just get that on the next one is

Colorado the capital of Denver

abbreviation Co nicknamed the Centennial

state Connecticut capital is Hartford

the abbreviation is CT and the nickname

is the Constitution state next one is

Delaware with a capital of Dover

abbreviation is de and a nickname is the

first e marina it was the first date to

and joined the union um I guess you

could say the next one is Florida with

the capital of Tallahassee abbreviation

is SL the nickname is the Sunshine State

and so we move on to the next one which

is Georgia a capital is Atlanta

abbreviation is GA

and the Georgia is popularly known as

the Peach State that is nicknamed the

next thing is Hawaii which is capital is

Honolulu abbreviation is H I hi and

what's hi in translating directly into

Hawaiian Aloha and guess what their

nickname is the Aloha State idaho's an

excellent capital buoyantly till our

abbreviation ID identification and the

nickname is the Gem State next thing is

Illinois a capital Springfield two

letter abbreviation as Iowa a nickname

is the Prairie State next one is Indiana

with the capital of Indiana police an

abbreviation of I n and the nickname is

the Hoosier State the next one as you

can see on the screen right now here is

Iowa capital and one abbreviation is ia

and the nickname is the Hawkeye State

the next one is Kansas okay

Kansas the capital store pika deviation

is chaos the nickname okay that's a

sunflower state regarding the fact that

there's like so many beautiful

sunflowers and the state next one is

Kentucky Capitol is Frankfort

abbreviation KY the nickname is the

Bluegrass State

Louisiana capital Baton Rouge two letter

abbreviation la not to be confused with

us Angeles and then that name is the

Pelican state Maine couple is august a'

the abbreviation is Emmy and the

nickname is the Pine Tree State

well Maryland capital is Anna police the

abbreviation is MD and the nickname is

the old line state Maryland home to the

Scripps National Spelling Bee the next

one is Massachusetts with a copper old

Boston breathing Asian is ma and the

nickname is the bass State Michigan is

the next one with the capital of Lansing

and a to a letter irradiation am i the

nickname is the Wolverine state next one


well it's Minnesota with a capital of

st. Paul

I'm radiation is MN and the nickname is

the North Star State

you know what start state I like the

idea of that because it's you know it's

kind of a northern start of the country

anyway Mississippi capital is Jackson

abbreviation is ms and the nickname is

that I know you state possibly referring

to the abundance of my noise that they

may have but I mean I don't know this

already is not from the capital of

Jefferson City abbreviation is up

nicknamed the show-me state

still reminding me of forget-me-nots for

no apparent reason I don't know why next

one is Montana with a capital of Helena

the abbreviation is Mt and then it name

is the treasure state next one is

Nebraska with the capital of Lincoln the

abbreviation is n e and the nickname is

the Aquinas Christi okay so we're going

pretty fast already past halfway I

suppose next one is Nevada with a couple

of Carson City radiation and V the solar

state that is its nickname anyway

continuing on we have all the news

starting with New Hampshire what a cough

level of Concord abbreviation is and

each nickname is the Granite State the

next the new as you'll see on the screen

right here is no Jersey the Capitals

Trenton abbreviation is NJ and the

nickname is the garden see you will see

a beast Garden State coming up soon but

I'll reveal what that is later when it

actually comes up on screen the next one

is New Mexico capital in Santa Fe and

the abbreviation is nm and the nickname

is the Land of Enchantment pretty unique

pretty cool I love it

the next one is New York for the capital

album of Albany abbreviations and why in

a nickname is the Empire State

no one is reminding me of the Empire

State Building and I know that would

already run you as of the exact same

thing as well North Caroline is the next

capital rally abbreviation NC and the

nickname is the old North State let's go

to the next one capital Bismarck

abbreviations nd nickname is the Peace

Garden States as I mentioned earlier

when I talked about yeah oh hi oh it's

the next one and J would be new treating

that skearns day but anyway Ohio is the

next one capital Columbus

to my radiation as a witch nicknamed the

Buckeye State I used to live in Ohio it

was so much fun

the next one is Oklahoma cabro Oklahoma


I'm radiation okay I'm not joking that's

actually the abbreviation and the

nickname is the Sooners feet oregan is

the next one capital Salem abbreviation

or like it's O or actually and the

nickname is the beaver state anyway next

one is the Pennsylvania with a capital

of Harrisburg radiation is PA and the

nickname is the Keystone State

I love in Sylvania it's so cool next one

we know is Rhode Island with the capital

of Providence radiation is RI the

nickname is the ocean state so next one

coming up is South Carolina the Palmetto

State which is its nickname two letter

abbreviation is SC and the capital is

Columbia the next thing is New South

Dakota hum capital is Pierre is the

Mount Rushmore state and the

abbreviation is st mount rushmore

referencing much more the stone

sculpture um Tennessee is the next one

Capitol Nashville abbreviation TN

nickname is the Volunteer State we're

nearing the end ice or so close there

next one is Texas where I live wonderful

capital is Austin abbreviation TX and

the nickname is the Lone Star State

referencing the flag commonly known as

the lodestar you taught the next one

capital Salt Lake City and abbreviation

is UT with the nickname being the

Beehive State Vermont to the next one

capital Montpelier the abbreviation is

VT and the nickname is the Green

Mountain State Virginia next one common

on Richmond abbreviation is VA and the

nickname is the Old Dominion State the

next one in the list is Washington whose

capital is Olympia and the abbreviation

is WI and the nickname is the Evergreen

State the next one is West Virginia

would the governor of Charleston an

abbreviation of WV and a nickname of the

Mountain State the next one is Wisconsin

whose capital is Madison

Bree VA Shahnaz WI and the nickname is

the Badger State and that's where we're

getting into the other Patras okay

seriously now on the next one is Wyoming

which is actually the final knot we're

going to cover today

Cabo is Shan to our abbreviation is WY

and the nickname is the you quality

state and yeah that's pretty much all of

the 50 states of the United States of

America thanks so much for watching this

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