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Welcome back to Doctor M's Channel, this is Doctor M and today's video is about how to

study a day before an exam.

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So, Thank you so much guys.

Guys please watch the whole of video because if you don't implement any of these methods,

you'll not make it.

And I have the most effective method listed at the end.

Now, tomorrow is an exam and you have a lot to study.

Its absolutely impossible to finish it all, so what do you do?

Well the first thing you do is skip.

If it is a large chapter or if there are a lot of chapters you need to study; essentially

there is so much stuff you need to get into your head that it is virtually impossible

to do it in one day or one night, you will have to skip the less important topics or lessons.

Old questions and your teacher's notes can be the best way of determining what is important

and what isn't.

The next thing is to avoid all distractions.

And youtube also falls under that category.

Now if tomorrow is your test and you're watching this video today, it's completely fine because

this video is helping you with your studies.

But if you don't close youtube and all other distractions including facebook, snapchat

or whatever you might be using, or you are watching some youtuber rant about another

youtuber, its not helping you.

So, you need to STOP.

Next thing you do is you need to hit an all nighter.

Now I used to do this before any exams, even if I just needed a last hour revision which

I could have done easily by waking up early and studying in the morning.

But that's just me.

I don’t recommend this to be your method of studying all the time, but if you're not

being able to complete at least the important topics and know the answers to the frequently

asked questions, you need to hit an all nighter.

BUT because your body also needs some sleep and if you cannot stay up all night long,

I'd say you study until 12 AM and then wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning.

In this way, you will not be extremely tired and you will also get a lot more time to study.

But you'll also need to rest after the exams.

Because you've studied all night long you might run out of energy while taking your


So you need to eat something that will give you a substantial amount of energy for the

whole course of your exam.

You might eat a bar of chocolate but that will spike your energy for some time and then

burn you out before you complete your tests.

Coffee and energy drinks might have similar effects too.

So try consuming those foods that are not rapidly converted into energy, like vegetables

and food rich in proteins and healthy fats.

Now the last and the most important method that will help you get information into your

brain faster than you think and will make you able of accessing it anytime you need

to during your exams, which means you'll not forget it on the day of your test, is to use


I've always talked about mnemonics and I have promised to make videos just on mnemonics,

because these are those secret pills that you're looking for that'll magically

improve your studies.

You can use different methods.

Suppose you are studing a history lesson or you're studying a topic like the origin of

earth or something that has a sequence to it, than you can study these by creating a

story and visualising the story like a movie in your head.

If you have to study random stuff like the medicines used in the treatement of tuberculosis,

than you can make acronyms like PRISE which stands for Pyrizinamide, Rifampicin, Isoniazid,

Streptomycin and Ethambutol.

If you have to study things in exact order like say the steps of a chemical reaction

or say the factors that determine the quality of life, you need to use this method.

First of all see how many points or steps there are.

Lets say there are 3 points.

Now, associate an object to the numbers 1, 2 and 3.

For example, 1 equals to Gun, 2 equals to Shoe And 3 equals to Tree.

Remember these need to rhyme or else you'll forget it.

Now, say the first factor for a good quality of life is Nutrition.

So you'll need to visualize a person shooting a gun, but instead of bullets, oranges are

flying out of it.

Lets say the second point is Education.

Now, visualize that you are in your school, which is this massive shoe.

And lets say the third point is Health.

Now imagine there is a huge tree, which has long branches, but instead of leaves, it has

stethoscopes hanging down from them.

The beauty of this method is that you can remember stuff as you read it and in the exact


You'll not forget it because you have taken an information and converted into a visual


And visual memories are often long term memories.

This will save a massive amount of time and energy and you can study a lot and not forget

what you studied.

But as you have already noticed, you need to visualize that means you need to imagine

these things like a movie scene in your head, you need to make it strange and weird otherwise

you will forget it and you need to have that object that you associate with numbers like

the gun shoe and tree in my example in the visualizations itself.

You can make your own weird visualizations and can remember hundreds of points in just

a matter of few minutes.

And hence guys, this was my video on how to study a day before a test.

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