Easily Memorize All 50 State Capitals

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okay in the interests of just giving you

the message when it comes to the state

capitals and memorizing it I'm gonna try

to get this under five minutes so I

already wrote everything in that is the

mnemonic that you need to remember okay

first off you know about Juneau Alaska

you just didn't know about it you know

you want to take a cruise there you want

in you want you know you want to go to

the wild and explore honey Lou Lou in

Honolulu Hawaii Honolulu is where you

would go with your honey to get married

or go to the beach and all that kind of

wonderful stuff so that's honey Lulu now

moving from west to east

you have Olympia Washington okay

if you had the Olympics you'd be washing

a ton of clothes in Olympia in Salem


you've got your Witch Trials I don't

think that that really happened there

but you know you've got witches in

Oregon that are like hiding in the

forest or you can think of salame Oregon

because they like to eat salami their

boys see a lot of girls in this part

you're talking about Hannah Montana over

here with Halina

Montana you Boise Halina and they get

interested automatically then they see

Cheyenne below Hellena hiding in the

shadows here but Cheyenne wants

attention too then you got Salt Lake

City in Utah this actually looks like a

salt box back in the old days before

they were still integral shape so you

could pour the salt out of the top here

but there's also a lake here to remind

you about Salt Lake City in Colorado

you've got John Denver and it you can if

you don't know John Denver and his music

you could think about then where is

Denver and where is it then where is he

whatever just say think in Colorado den

where is their capital okay

Arizona is very hot so you've got a

Phoenix trying to rise above the ashes

in Arizona

and Phoenix Arizona is the capital Santa

Fe in New Mexico Santa has to pay a fee

to get new products in Mexico before he

can give it to the kids okay we talked

about that but remember how there was

all these ladies over here and the

relationship between Boise Boise seeing

you know Hellena and Cheyenne below over


there's a lady named Dakota like Dakota

Fanning and she has a sister named South

Dakota South Dakota's got Pierre North

Dakota mrs. mark

she misses mark so badly it's you know

she's always into his biz so you got to

be thinking about Bismarck and Dakota

and North Dakota being jealous of South

Dakota because she's got a French guy

and all the ladies like Frenchmen so

we've got Pierre in South Dakota Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln does not like Pierre

because he is not a snooty got he'll he

likes people that are down-to-earth

Pierre is snooty because he's from

France but Lincoln you know whatever

he's like I'm cool I'm humble I'm gonna

you know I'm not gonna be a make a big

deal about my neighbor over there but

Lincoln you know part of it is he

doesn't like Pierre very much so much so

that he'd rather be on top of Pierre and

you got to-- pika in Kansas you could

also think that Kansas looks like a toe

and then you could say why you lookin at

my toes so much why you be such a toe

peaker and people will tend to look at

your toes if you have them busted you

know petrified toenails because you

jammed your toe or something and then so

you toe looks black like all a lot of

old people have that let me point out

something really obvious I'm gonna point

out the Oklahoma City is just named

after its date so the capital Oklahoma

City is just named after the state so

let me point that out to you below that

you have Texas and Texas has a boy named

Austin and in Austin Texas this bad boy

Austin loves to play baseball so he's

holding a bat and his bat is on back

Rouge Louisiana there's a baton

Louisiana Baton Rouge Louisiana above

that we're gonna go back all the way to

the top here to st. Paul and I told you

about how Dakota mrs. mark well she's

got a lot of guys around her too and we

know how that is so she's got her eye on

Paul in st. Paul Minnesota and some guys

like to think of STP the automotive

engine additive and if you're a gearhead

then that's relevant I owe a lot of

money that money is Des Moines in Iowa I

owe a lot of money that money a lot of

money so Jefferson is in Missouri

Jefferson City Missouri okay now you

don't have to be miserable to be in

Jefferson City you just have to think

that Jefferson City this kind of looks

like the Declaration of Independence and

we know Thomas Jefferson wrote the

Declaration of Independence so this is a

scroll right here and you unscrew it and

what was in the middle of Missouri

Jefferson City now here's a little rock

it kind of looks like a rock if you look

at it and that's a parkansas okay we got

all the way down to Baton Rouge now

we're looking at the mad Sun in

Wisconsin well take a look at his face

he's kind of mad right here he's like


he's got a nose and everything these are

the crazy pear we got the mad Sun in

Wisconsin and we got the crazy laughing

brother in Michigan okay so we got the

laughing oh my god

and then we got the mad guy over here so

this kind of insanity going up here we

keep going and we got ill noise what's

that ill noise I hear Boing Boing Boing

it's an Illinois stink about Springfield

Blaine Indian a police is related to

Anna polis over here

in Maryland Annapolis

you could think they're polish

brother-and-sister could be or maybe

they just like to polish things

okay so we got Indianapolis over here

and if you look at Ohio the letters look

like binoculars and so who's exploring

with those binoculars in Ohio well

Columbus is of course as we continue on

toward the east we're not going to go

toward the south yet because we'll get

that pocket later you've got Harris

burgers in Pennsylvania it's a nice

burger chain in Pennsylvania I'm sure so

we got Harris who loves to eat burgers

in Pennsylvania and it actually looks

like a hamburger in there if you draw in

New York you've got al al is banned from

joining in New York so we got al ban New

York or al is in New York but maybe he's

got banned because no one likes al in

New York so al New York Albany in

Vermont versat you got to think about

Vermont versus New Hampshire they are

always contrary into each other they

always want to battle each other it's

like a yin-yang symbol good versus evil

and we don't know who's evil and who's

good in this story but we got Vermont

here and the funny thing about Vermont

that's easy because the end of the name

has Moll the beginning of the capital

name which is Montpelier

so Vermont Montpelier is right here but

true to the nature of New Hampshire

they're always going to be contrary to

Vermont so we have Concord New Hampshire

versus Montpelier New York Maine is

beautiful in the fall so we think about

August and Augusta Maine is the capital

as we head toward the south we have

Massachusetts and I know this is morbid

but it's Boston Massacre reminds us of

Boston Massachusetts as the capital

you have Rhode Island which is an island

and it's hard to get provisions and

supplies so we always want to provide

Rhode Island with stuff and so we could

remember Providence Rhode Island

Connecticut is where all hearts like to

connect so we go to Hartford Connect

Connecticut okay now New Jersey is for

those NBA lovers people who love to

watch NBA all you NBA fans you ever

heard of the new guy Trenton

well Trenton needs a new jersey if he's

gonna play so think about the NBA below

that we have Dover Delaware you got to

be Delaware you don't fall dover into

the ocean because you're right on the

coast they're below that you have

Maryland and I told you about how

Maryland over here has Anna Poulos who

lives there or the Polish sister of

Indiana Indianapolis we love to dance in

West Virginia they're doing a little jig

over there it's called the Charleston is

from the 20s but they still are really

really into that dance in Virginia there

is this country's capital right here

that's that's a DC right here and that's

Washington DC and inside a Washington DC

there are a lot of rich men because

there are a lot of rich men in Virginia

we think about what that's right


Richmond Virginia I didn't write that in

earlier sorry

so Richmond Virginia after that you have

right adjacent to it Frank

fort and they like to play nerf wars

over there and they built cushion forts

Frank loves to build his cushion forts

with his sofa cushions so Frank's fort

is really strong in Kentucky in

Tennessee I like to think about all the

T and the E in there it reminds me of

teeth and what do you do when you're

angry you Nash your teeth so think about

gnashing your teeth in Tennessee and

their capital is Nashville below

Virginia you have North Carolina and

South Carolina North Carolina is where

all the 13 colonies originally liked to

rally together so you think about

rallying Raleigh North Carolina in

Columbia South of South Carolina

Caroline likes Columbia clothing because

she's a really outdoorsy girl she likes

to go outdoors all the time so she likes

her Columbia clothing these three over

here would be ms or Mississippi you

remember Michael Jackson because Jackson

Mississippi is the state that's the

state capital you think of am the

initials for Alabama because you're

thinking about Montgomery Alabama and am

is in the morning so morning you think

good morning Montgomery and you think

Michael Jackson MJ from Mississippi

Jackson okay finally we come to the last

two I could save this one for the last

I'll tell you why in a minute but if you

see that Florida has a shape of a horse

head and I figured out you can actually

tell a horsey all your problems or

teleport seed to not flip you off their

back when you're riding it and so that

will remember remind you of Tallahassee

and at last we get to Georgia Atlanta

Georgia or you could think of the maybe

George is like Georgia the jungle and

he's a very strong

guy so maybe you remember that by

thinking of the strong Atlas the strong

guy who lifted up the earth or something

like that

according to legend so that's everything

hopefully that helps thank you for