Programming 5 Axis W/ Zero Experience | CNC Machining | Vlog #80

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hey what's up everybody this is Titan

and Nicole you just hit a five axis

piece yep this is my first 5th axis part

right here did you ever think you were

going to jump up that quick no no

actually this was really an amazing

opportunity I was able to follow the

tutorial and it made it really easy and

simple to do

oh man the académie making five axis

easy Oh


Oh so five axes CNC machining on the UMC

750 you're doing three plus two and then

you're bringing in the full simultaneous

afterwards and it's a cool project

alright so before we talk about it

though I just want to invite everybody

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now let me break this down a little bit

alright so we are excited because our

team just unleashed the first five axis

tutorial so we got the Titan 139 m which

is the prerequisite for the Titan 200 m

and this part is legit we have three

different tutorials you design the part

you program the part and then you run

the part alright and I want everybody to

understand like we don't just make

tutorials and push them out with the

building blocks we use the high school

down the road and we basically gave them

with Tarot and tools and asked them to

make parts and give us feedback and in

the same way in our own company we

actually went to Nicole and I basically

walked out in a few weeks so when I said

hey Nicole we got the tutorials now why

don't you actually go through the

tutorials while you're working and

basically make this part and see if you

can come up with a complete part that is

to print yeah boom and you just started

tackling it and what happened since it

was my first 5th access part I had no

prior experience other than just basic

operation of the machine so the most

intimidating part about this particular

part for me was just being able to tell

the Machine where it needs to be at any

given time but after watching the

tutorial realizing how simple it is just

to tell the Machine where x y and z is

for each operation and so with that I

was able to just follow step by step in

the tutorial and I was able to make this

part which looks a lot more intimidating

than a knock

is just expand on what Nicole said is

that stop thinking about the machine

it's a machine it's gonna do exactly

what you're telling it to do so when a

lot of people look at the machine and

they become overwhelmed because they

can't wrap their head around the

rotations and how is it all gonna work

you basically just have to step away

look at the cam process and understand

that during that process you're gonna

tell it everything it needs to know so

when the code comes out it just goes

boom boom boom boom based on what you

told it earlier by doing your homework

right making it all happen oh and you

know what that is our trade you know a

CNC machining looks incredibly difficult

the machines are very difficult and if

you put the wrong decimal in the wrong

place you can crash that machine and

another thing in this trade is that a

lot of people don't share that

information so everyone learning

basically has to reinvent the wheel okay

and that's where the Academy is changing

the game so we are bringing tutorials

that not only teach you how to do

something but we teach you the trade

while teaching you how to do something

so when you actually do a tutorial we're

talking about the Machine we're talking

about the workholding

we're talking about the zeroes we're

talking about outside process we

basically talk you through all the

variables of manufacturing that part and

we're sharing knowledge the whole way so

this part is a complicated part and if I

looked at a cookbook and and I saw this

crazy recipe at the end of it I would

look at it and be like that's an

impossible recipe for somebody like

myself who doesn't cook much to actually

create but what does a cookbook do it

actually gives you the exact ingredients

it gives you the process and it

basically gives you a road map to

success so we can all cook up that dish

all right so it's the same thing that's

what the Academy does and that's one

thing I want everybody to understand

we're literally demystifying five access

giving you the ingredients giving you

the cookbook

telling you exactly every single move to

do and if you watch it pause it and copy

it and do exactly what's on the tutorial

like Nicole did you will have success so

this is your actual program yeah right

and actually see one of the tools right

there correct yeah so this is our first

tool path here so before you start I

just want to say something real quick

this is operation one so what we do is

we actually hold the raw stock in a vise

base it flip it

face it left flip flip do the engraving

come back with a corner round tool put

the radius on foam ball foam foam and

this is the first operation alright and

you learn how to do the first operation

by completing the Titan 139 M because

it's pretty much the exact same thing

okay so do the 139 m you'll know how to

do this machine this part right here we

flip it over we hold it in two jaws and

then if you look at fusion 360 on

Nicole's computer you can see all the

raw stock is right there so the first

pass is adaptive so go ahead and

simulate it so we start out by roughing

this area out here and we go ahead and

we flip it 180 and we do this same exact

operation on this side and then we do

our ball tracking which is going to be

the same we start on this side here and

we've rotated all the way around and do

the same thing on the other side and

basically the process is exactly the

same as the building blocks the only

difference is that you're just rotating

the part with each operation so then we

actually take a face mill and we do this

surface here because it's flat and we're

able to with the five axis just rotate

it so that this is perpendicular to the

shell mill and then we just rotate it

and do this

process on each side yeah and one of the

cool features that I actually learned in

this tutorial is patterning basically

take your operation and tell it from the

center of the part you want to rotate it

around in a circular pattern around the

part and you would do it 360 all the way

around four times and that'll make it do

all four pockets perfectly and then to

do this surface here this radius we use

a ball mill and we're able to also use

pattern for that and by doing that we

are able to have it go around each leg

perfectly all the way around the part

even though we only had to create one

tool path and the cool thing about this

tutorial that I did here this is showing

the basic operations of the fifth axis

machine this is what we call three plus

two it is not full simultaneous but we

are going to be including videos on how

to do full simultaneous so you can learn

both techniques this is one of the cool

things about the Academy right we teach

you the design part so you know the part

intimately because you drew it up from

the print then we teach you programming

a lot of people think like tightening

your teaching programming too soon and

they got to learn the machine but you

know what happens you understand the

part we give you the tools we tell you

exactly how to use the tools and then

you simulate the tools and you literally

see every single cut so then you know

the tool paths intimately and then you

go and create the code so when the code

goes into the CNC machine you have

confidence because you created the code

you look at the path and you double

check to make sure that the tool didn't

dive into a place that it shouldn't have

so you have all that confidence

therefore you can step into the Machine

and just focus on getting the program in

there making sure everything's good

there in the tools there in the fixture

making sure you got rigidity and the

workholding and then the spindle and

then all you're gonna do is duplicate in

the machine

what you did on the computer right so

Nicole now that you've actually made

this part do you have any advice for

people that are stepping in the 5-axis

for the first time yeah definitely I

mean just what I would recommend is

following all of the tutorials that we

have up to the five access parts and

definitely doing the prerequisite part

as well absolutely so going through the

building blocks going through the rocket

seeing the process of actually making

the parts just how it all works so that

by the time you jump up to five axis you

have a good head on your shoulder for

the basic functions of the machine

make sure your tool paths are perfect

make sure you go through the checklist

zero everything perfectly dry run your

part everything right take your time and

you're gonna be successful exactly

can anyone just run these parts anyone

can do this anyone anyone in the world

right now if you guys have access to a

five axes machine you guys can make this

part right here alright because it is

free on our academy just go up to the

top bar go to education drop down to

five axis and then you see the Titan 139

m right there knock that out design it

program it run it and then step up and

you have the Titan 200m you've got all

three videos CAD cam and CNC boom follow

it and you can be successful just like

Nick Cole boom