Fast 3 times table trick!!!

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hi guys and welcome to intuition study

services in today's episode we'll be

looking at another variation of

lightening maths the quickest fastest

and easiest way to learn remember and

know the 3 times table on just a few

seconds so let's take a look ok so the

first thing you want to do is draw and

notes and crosses grid or a tic-tac-toe

grid this is normally a 3x3 grid as so

then the next thing wanna do is we want

to fill in each of these boxes so we

start from the bottom left corner and we

count from 1 up with all the way to 9 so

we'll put 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and then

finally instead of writing 10 we just

put 0 to represent the 10 on the outside

okay and as you can notice the numbers

are aligned to the right side of each

box or in each compartment and there's a

reason for that

okay and also very starting from one

going up the scale to 9 and then go back

from the bottom again and Karen counting

ok so we have 3 rows going across so we

go to the top row the first row and we

want to write zeros in each column and

then second row we want to put in number

1 each column and then in the third row

I'm going to put in the number 2 in each

column and then the number on the

outside we'll put a 3 next to it and if

you have a noctus already there's the 3

times table so over here we've got 1

times 3 which is 3 here we've got 2

times 3 which is 6 you've got 3 times 3

which is 9 yeah we've got 4 times 3

which is 12 here we've got 5 times 3

which is 15

6 times 3 which is 18 here we got 7

times 3 which is 21 here we got 8 times

3 which is 24 here we got 9 times 3

which is 27 and finally we've got 10

times 3 which is 30 and if you write

this out a few times you'll know it in a

matter of seconds and then you'll be

able to repeat it and say mentally very

fluently let me know how well you did

with this in the comments below ok so

everybody should have done run on those

but if it feels need a bit more practice

then feel free to rewind this video and

you can work through the technique again

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I'll see you next time