Fastest Way to Learn 3DS Max

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What is the fastest way to learn 3DS Max?

That’s the 3D animation tool by Autodesk.

And it seems like it will take four months or more to learn the basics.

Perhaps the fastest way is to sit through the tutorials on Autodesk 3DS Max Learning

Channel on Youtube. It covers things like creating custom startup templates to simplifying

environment creation.

Considering I do not know anything, simple instructions on keeping it simple are useful

when learning how to use it.

It discusses how to use 3DS Max units and various menus, the basics of how to use the

tool and what all the menu options do. Tutorials on creating actual animations beyond a few

basic 3D architectural models are scarce.

Autodesk was originally a 2D computer aided design application for drafters and engineers,

so the civil engineering application is understandable. But I want to do animation.

Sometimes you need to go to the source. For that, I’d suggest going to Area dot Autodesk

dot com slash 3dsmaxlearningpath, the homepage of Autodesk’s 3DS Max and home of a lot

of short tutorials and lessons.

What is out there aside from Autodesk’s lessons? Sometimes their technical documentation

reads as if it was written by engineers for engineers.

The site 3Dtotal dot com has some good tutorials by Willi Hammes that shows you how to animate


That’s as boring as watching grass grow.

The site CGarena dot com has free tutorials on things like creating neon lights in 3DS

Max, in addition to tutorials you have to pay for.

Free is good. Free and high quality is out of this world.

The site 3Dm3.com tells you how to create a fake planet in 3DS Max, mostly for book

covers or video game intros.

I’ll give them points for coolness. However, I don’t think I’m going to go the sci-fi


The site Tutorialized dot com has lots of free tutorials on 3DS Max, from the basics

to dynamics to lighting to models to materials to working with something in both 3DS Max

and Mudbox.

I’ll give them points for covering all the bases.

And unlike some of the other sites, you can choose from tutorials for projects like modeling

a tree or Niagara Falls or a couch or cars to something else that interests you.

I’d fall asleep on my couch watching someone else modeling a couch. I’d probably do the

car modeling one.

Republic of Code has some interesting 3DS tutorials for creating 3D logos. Mediamilitia

has a good tutorial on how to make 3D text.

Those are decent one off projects, but I need something from start to finish to say I’ve

truly learned it.

Then sign up with Digital Tutors for their 3DS Max tutorials and take all their courses,

unless you want to sit through the Autodesk Youtube channel.