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so a company called goos nest asked me

if I'd like to borrow a 3d printer and I

thought it would be a pretty cool idea

to see how long it would take me to

learn how to use it and print off

something cool this is day one hour zero

if you follow this channel you might be

aware that I actually have a degree in

engineering but I have never used card

to produce a real-life model nothing I

have ever made on the computer has ever

been reproduced in real life in any form

so all I want for the milestone for this

one is to just make something in the

card that I can print and is actually

useful all right I need some card

software best card software one looking

foes best free card on ship it's the one

to try free card software let's learn on

shade I'm gonna learn how to use this

card software that I've never used

before by using these videos so yeah

this is just me am watching videos for a

while last night I watched a couple of

videos made by on shape about their CAD

software and gotta say it's pretty easy

and intuitive to understand the

fundamentals of drawing in any CAD

software are basically all the same

first you make a sketch in two

dimensions you can extrude the sketch

and you can project that sketch in three

dimensions the basic premise is sketch

in 2d and extrude into 3d and you can

remove material in the same way I've had

an idea for the first part that I want

to try and print awhile back I got this

and gimbal and this gimbal is for a

smartphone it fits in there and it's

stabilizer your shots but I think if I

made an adapter for the GoPro I could

make it fit in there because basically

the GoPro is too small all I need is a

housing for the GoPro and I'll fit in

there quite nicely

so after getting to grips was on shape I

went ahead and created a super simple

part for housing the GoPro it's

basically just an extruded rectangle

with a cutout and some corners to hold

it in place

I mocked up a model GoPro non ship and

made an assembly to check of it all fit

together this is all really basic stuff

and anyone could learn this very quickly

alright that's me drawing my office

there partly I'm gonna print so all I

need to do now is save the card model to

an SD card and then plug it into the

printer and just hit print and

apparently it should just come out like



so after removing the brim off the part

I quickly realized that by using exact

dimensions of the GoPro that it would be

too tight to fit in the housing

I tried sanding it down before realizing

I could just add some clearance and

crunch off again


and hey presto it works perfectly


I went ahead and printed off a bunch

more stuff too and land a few things

beggar is better small details are

pretty difficult to print orientation of

the parcel matters I should have printed

this piece flat rather than upright that

would prevent all the layers merging

together when printing this xbox stand I

realized that overhangs will fail unless

you add supports on the print software

check out this totes adorbs Pandora

charm I made for my mom those things

that are total ripoff anyway I'm really

really happy that I've learned how to

make something super simple that is

actually useful to me now it's time to

make something a little bit more

explosive kinda looks like a nice is

finished oh my god that looks sick





holy cow so I think you can get it

look there's the nose Koike be yeah

Izumo huh

let's do it


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