How To Learn 3D Modeling

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hey what's up you guys in this video

we're gonna talk about nine tips on how

to become better as a 3d modeler so the

first thing of course we're gonna talk

about is a practice so in order to be

good you need to practice a lot this is

something very obvious and this is

something that you should do at the

early stages of learning and development

and after all you want to make progress

and if you're not practicing enough of

course you're not gonna make progress or

at least at the amount of progress

you're making is not gonna be efficient

or it's not gonna be enough to push you

forward in order to grow and momentum or

a trait that it's gonna allow you to see

that progress as you go and of course in

order to practice you're gonna figure

out what is it the best method that is

gonna work for you and also the

techniques and the exercises you're

gonna try to implement in order to make

more progress and I would say if you are

a complete beginner you need to spend at

least one hour or two hours a day trying

to learn the tools and trying to

understand the software that you're

working with and trying to actually grab

the essential concepts behind 3d

modeling and probably if you are if you

are advanced and if you know your ways

around 3d modeling then then probably

this video isn't for you in the first

place you can actually spend four to six

hours everyday

in order to see a significant amount of

progress in your art and in your 3d

modeling skills and also you can

practice alone or you can practice with

your friends or you can compete with

others online or in forums or in any

sort of other communication or with any

other type of groups you want to learn

with and if you have friends or

something like that that you can

actually share your progress and share

your tips and share your skills and

techniques with this is gonna be even


tip number two I want to talk about is

at first you want to commit one to one

software because so many software's are

in the market and to choose one is gonna

be a tremendous

ask to get over and also in order to

learn that software is gonna be another

difficult obstacle that you need to

spend a lot of time with in order to

tackle so I would say spending or

actually figuring out what are the

software that you're gonna use as a 3d

as a beginner in 3d modeling is gonna be

a very important thing and to be honest

a lot of these software's out there are

amazing and choosing any one of these is

gonna be actually a decision that that

you're probably not gonna regret and I

made a lot of videos talking about 3d

software's you can check them out you

can find them on my channel the point I

want to drive home from this point is

just commit to one software and stick to

it because you don't want to be a

dabbler you don't want to be jumping

from from software to another and you

don't want to be listening to what other

others are saying about certain aspects

or of any kind of software just commit

to one of these and start learning it

because at the end of the day the 3d

modeling skills are universal across any

platforms or software's and it just

differs in the tombs that are kind of

existing in inside the software and I

would say if you have experienced a 3d

modelling you you're not gonna find it

harder switching softwares the the

essential thing is to graph and

understand the basics of 3d model point

number three is also about this software

that you can use as a 3d modeler you

don't want to actually pick a software

that that is new or that that hasn't a

lot of tutorials and if the software

unity the software you're gonna actually

to choose has to be popular and has to

be powerful and has to actually have a

lot of tutorials out there online if you

want to learn it because if you if you

don't if you don't have an idea about

how the 3d softwares work then you

actually need help and you need a lot of

tutorials and you need courses you need

instructions you need information of

theirs from forums and probably social

media and stuff

just make sure that the software you're

gonna choose is gonna be popular and it

has a lot of information a lot of

tutorials out there this is gonna be

very important because you don't want to

get stuck with something that is dead or

something that is very new you need to

find something in between that is gonna

be affordable or for free and has a lot

of information and a lot of resources

out there tip number four is actually

about the tools necessary at the the

most important tools that you want to

learn in any 3d software so first of all

if you want to actually find your way

and learn software first of all you need

to actually learn the navigation tools

and the essential tools like how to move

and how to rotate and how to scale how

to do UV unwrapping and have to do

texturing and rendering and stuff these

are gonna be the most important tools

you're gonna focus on and any other

tools that probably are kind of hard to

learn or they or they are ambiguous or

they are necessary you don't really want

to touch that and all just stay away

from it just focus on the most important

things and the things that get your work

done because for me I usually as max a

lot which is the standard software I use

and there are a lot of tools that I

don't know anything about because I

don't need them and I don't want to

spend so many so many hours trying to

learn something that is not gonna add to

my progress or to the job I'm doing so

try to focus on the most important

things that that that are gonna help you

to do the essential things you want to

learn tip number seven actually tip

number five in order to become better

this is a very important thing to

understand early on you don't want to

spend a lot of time on theory and kind

of introductions and trying to learn the

interfaces and kind of the the the tools

and as I said before but this is a

different point you don't want to spend

a lot of time on theory and the things

that are not practical because at the

end of the day what you're gonna learn

to be honest for my experience

theory is not gonna stick or it's not

gonna suck in its not gonna get stuck in

your mind and the things that you're

gonna remember the most the things that

are gonna be practical and the things

that you can actually put your hands on

and you can you can replicate and you

can actually work on and if you see

examples or simple tutorials that you

can do yourself this is gonna be the

best way of learning the software and

these introductions and this kind of

talk about what you what if this tool

does and what that does and kind of

trying to understand this in on your

mind I think this is not gonna work and

also you don't want to waste so much

time on as I said before on introductory

videos and learning the interface and

learning the tools that you are probably

not gonna use so I suggest that you do

go direct practical become a practical

person and jump straight ahead to two

simple tutorials and or even mid-level

or advanced tutorials whatever whatever

you are right now and try to actually be

more efficient with your time and with

your energy

point number six is don't try to learn

everything at once like modeling and

animation VFX and a lot of these things

out there to be honest if you want to

learn everything you are gonna spend

more than 10 years and you're not gonna

be good at all of them so my advice is

you need to figure out early on what you

are gonna be either gonna be a an

animation artist or if the FX artist or

a 3d modeler so if you want to focus on

video model and you don't want to spend

a lot of time on animation and VFX like

I did before so it was actually

something funny when I look back at it

right now

I spent a lot of time with animation

stuff and VFX and that I don't really

use these days so if you can figure out

early on what you are about and what

you're going to do it's gonna be a lot

better for you and you're gonna actually

you're gonna be focused on your learning

and if you are gonna be

if you are trying to learn 3d modeling

you better focus on 3d modeling and this

is gonna be or this should be the the

area that you spend the greatest the

greatest amount of your time on and you

need to focus on it in order to become

better other otherwise you're gonna

waste a lot of time in in other areas

that you don't you don't really want to

actually spend any time on at least in

the early stages number seven is

actually if you want to become better at

3d modeling you need to make it a habit

you don't actually want to spend ten

hours a day modeling and you're not and

and the next week you're you're gonna do

zero hours this is gonna be really if

this is a problem because in order to

learn anything you want to happen you

want to make it a habit and you want to

you want to integrate it with your life

and your schedule and I would say that

doing one hour every day is better than

doing ten hours at the end of the week

because you want the tools and the

techniques you're learning you want them

to sink in your mind and you want them

you want to autumn eyes them if this is

gonna be if this is gonna be a long-term

thing that you want to keep in your mind

and in and in your actually in your

progress as you go forward so you want

to make it a habit even if you do it for

a little amount of time I would say

probably if you're gonna if you're gonna

go as little as 40 minutes or 30 minutes

or one hour a day

absolutely is gonna be very very

efficient and it's gonna be better than

actually doing maybe I don't know maybe

tens of hours twice a month or once a

week so make an in habit is gonna be is

going to be very beneficial for you in

the long term point number eight is

actually an emphasis on what we what

point that we talked about before which

is actually to speed which is actually

to specialize in order to learn faster

so if you want to

faster you need to specialize I just say

you are about 3d modeling and you want

to specialize even further and for

example you can be an environment

modeling artist you can be a weapon

among artists you could be a character

artist you can be I don't know maybe

some other stuff inside 3d modeling and

this is gonna give you an edge and this

is gonna actually help you to focus

tremendously in order to get your work

done in I mean you're learning done in a

very very small amount of time and

you're gonna be better faster so if you

want to be an automotive modeling artist

you you're about modeling cars and

vehicles and airplanes and stuff this is

gonna be helping you to focus and become

better and as I said before if you want

if you of you are weapons artist or if

you are character are still artists this

is gonna help you to make progress

faster and this is going to help you to

see results faster and of course in

order to actually stay with anything or

stick with it you need to see results

and this is what we people want and I

would say trying to learn specific thing

early on has a lot of benefit to it and

this is gonna keep you going because

your progress is is one of the most

important things to stay at it and keep

going and keep pushing long-term and

finally tip number nine is I think this

is the most important one please just

don't give up because I cannot tell you

about how many people who come to me and

came to me before trying to learn a 3d

because they see me doing 3d and stuff

and they think it is cool and it is

amazing and how kind of how beautiful it

is and how they want to learn it and

stuff they tell me of their plans but

they freaking give up so I believe this

is one of the most important thing you

need to learn if you are actually one in


and 3d modeling and stuff you just don't

want to give up because if you give up

all the things that I talked about

before or are useless and they're not

gonna be beneficial for you and you're

not gonna be able to implement them in

your life so please keep at it please

keep learning and keep growing as an

artist because something that sometimes

you feel like crap and you feel like

you're useless and anything you do is

looks like garbage and stuff but please

do understand that as you go forward and

as you develop yourself as an artist

you're gonna actually become better and

even even for me the work I've done last

year I look back at it I think it is

actually kind of not as good as it

should be so it's it's a process and

that's why most people give up I think

because the the first and the early

stages are the hardest to go through and

if you can keep it if you can keep it up

and if you can push forward I believe

you're gonna be great and you're gonna

achieve great results and this just see

take a look around you all these

thousands and hundreds of thousands of

artists are or amazing that can do

mind-blowing work and I don't I don't

see why they are better than you and I

believe the only reason that they are

better than you is they they did it

before you obviously and they kept at it

so please don't give up and stay at it

and if you want to learn about 3d my

channel is full of tutorials about this

hundreds of videos I think it's gonna be

a good thing if you check it out and

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