Interior Design Software Review – Your Dream Home in 3D!

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in this video we'll show you how to

create your own floor plans and 3d home

designs in interior design 3d let's

create a new project from scratch

click start drawing and activate the

room drawing tool now click and drag to

draw the walls of the first room as you

draw you'll notice I prompt displaying

the current length of the wall to

complete the room double-click in the

starting point draw the second room next

to the first one remember that you

should finish in the same point where

you started the program allows you to

create rooms of any shape

to speed up the process

let's click at a room and choose one of

the ready-made room templates these can

be attached to any part of a house once

you've added the room to your floorplan

you can easily adjust its size simply

drag the walls to get the dimensions you



click show dimensions if you want to

double-check the length of each wall now

let's use the wall drawing tool to add a

separating wall in one of the rooms very

helpful when you need a walk-in closet

for example switch to 3d View tab on the

left to take a closer look at the 3d

model it's time to add doors and windows

pick a door type from the library and

place the chosen door where you need the

program will automatically show the

distance between the door and the

corners of the room you can use an arch

instead of a door there are several

rectangular and round arches to choose

from their sizes and design can be

edited later

next let's add Windows there is a

variety of window types in the program


in the properties tab you can change the

width and height of the window as well

as its position above the floor the

first floor is ready click Add level to

add the second floor as you see the

program copies the walls from the first

floor here delete the unnecessary walls

and move the remaining ones as you need

in the levels tab you can temporarily

hide the second floor and come back to

the first one now we need to add stairs

choose a suitable type and place the

staircase on the floor plan use the

yellow handle to rotate it

let's make the wall transparent and show

the second floor to get a better look of

the stairs rotate the scene as you need

you can notice that the program is

automatically added a ceiling opening

for the staircase in the properties tab

you'll find the additional settings of

the stairs there's everything you need

for stairs construction for example you

can change the number of steps and

immediately see the changes in the

preview image you can also adjust the

railing and balusters settings here

now we'll come back to the main working

area it's time for the fun part

the room decoration choose a room to

start with and move on to properties

let's type the room name here then

select the material for the walls

there's a large choice of wallpapers in

the materials gallery

next comes the floor let's find a nice

texture for the living room floor in the

parquet and laminate section

don't forget about the molding you can

choose from different types of wood to

find a suitable one you can change the

ceiling texture in the same way

experiment with the stair design to

select a wood type for the steps the

landing the balusters and so on

select the wall tiles for the bathroom

for the bedroom we'll choose a wallpaper

for the walls and a carpet for the floor

note that it is possible to select one

of the walls in the room and apply a

different material to it you can get

really creative this way if you don't

like the result click the undo button to

revert the change you can also play with

the scale of any material drag the

slider to change the number of parquet

pieces wall tiles or the wallpaper

pattern it is also possible to change

the doors design in the properties tab

you'll find a selection of different

door styles check the open-door box to

add even more realism to the scene

now it's time to furnish the rooms in

the program library there's a wide range

of furniture and appliances for every

room of your house let's start with the

kitchen an accurate arrangement is vital

here so check show furniture sizes to

make it easier add the first cabinet

rotated if needed and place it where you

wish we'll switch to the 2d editor tab

and zoom in the scene to guarantee the

highest precision let's change the

measurement unit as well inches will

make it more convenient as you see the

program shows all the distances as you

move the objects

we've placed the cooker and a few

cabinets along the wall and see how much

space is left there are about fourteen

inches left for the last cabinet so

we'll choose a suitable one and go to

properties to change its dimensions

accordingly now it perfectly fits the

space switch to 3d view to see what

we've got

next we'll add a wall cabinet remember

that you can decide how high above the

floor it will be

now let's add a breakfast nook set and

experiment with its design

go to properties to pick a new fabric

for the seat covers a different type of

wood for the side panels etc you are

free to change the look of any piece of

furniture choose your preferred

materials and colors for any part from

countertops to door handles now that all

the rooms are finished let's add a final

touch the lights browse the collection

of lights and different styles and pick

the one that will best match this or

that room same as with furniture you can

easily change the look of every part for

example the glass color

when everything is ready click the

virtual visit button switch to full

screen view and take a walk through your

dream home

enter every door and move to examine the

rooms from different angles enjoy this

opportunity to get a good sense of the

space before you start realizing your

home design ideas in reality