Vanilla WoW 1-300 Engineering Full and Detailed Guide

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yo is going on anybody executives here

coming at you with an engineering guide

from 1 to 300 now I'm not gonna be

giving a lot of commentary in this guide

I just want to show the materials that

you need to get from 1 to 300 and then

basically where to train the spells but

I'm not gonna give that much commentary

I'm just gonna put some music over and

if you guys have any questions let me

know in the comment section below

I'm also going to be leaving a link to a

written version of this guide there is a

vanilla gaming org forum guide on how to

do this as well so if you didn't want to

watch the video there is a written

version also last thing I want to say is

that if you can't afford a lot of this

stuff like let's say thorium bars are

too expensive

there's always generally something else

you could train you know to level up

that spell so you don't have to follow

this guide like 100% start to finish you

know if you have extra rough stone or

something you don't all you know

immediately have to move on to arc

lights banners if that makes any sense

also I recommend that you guys buy your

mats as you're leveling your engineering

don't necessarily buy mats ahead of time

because sometimes skill ups take longer

or sometimes they're shorter so just buy

mats as you go along as opposed to

buying mats ahead of time unless you're

going to - there's

time is money friend I got with unity