Learning a Second Language | Shinyoung Grace Kim | TEDxYouth@AISR

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and nausea merhaba hello i am living in

a multicultural life I'm from a Korean

family but I was born in the States and

lived there until I was five then I

moved to Saudi which was a total in your

environment to me flowing around these

various cultures I got interested in

languages currently I'm learning Arabic

it is fascinating but hard at the same

time Arabic is nothing like the

languages I've been speaking with but I

found out that my struggle is not only

because of the difference between them

it's also because I want to speak it

fluently in summary I want to be

fantastic though I have no idea of it so

how can you speak a really different

language but still be good thinking of

my own experience I found three steps

but before I dig into the steps I want

to ask you a question

learning a foreign language is hard

right but why is that yes it could be

because of the different sounds

different letters a different grammar

structure but is that all in my opinion

the biggest reason is because people are

afraid to be wrong and that is the first

step not to be afraid of valuer be wrong

make mistakes fail you should not be

ashamed of those this is an important

step because by failing you can make

great progress don't believe me then

listen to my story once I had to write a

word in Arabic meaning achievement but I

accidentally wrote a word that meant


eventually I failed writing that word

but you know what I never forgot those

words it's just stuck in my head and

this is how I realized that learning

from failure is much more efficient than

just mechanical memorization also it's

not only me that saying this experts

also proved this too according to

Harvard Business Review managers in the

vast majority of enterprises such as

financial services product design

hospitals and even NASA's Space Shuttle


genuinely wanted their organizations

learn from failure to improve future

performance never forget that failure is

nothing to be ashamed of you learn from

it the second step is to find a guide

valuer helps you learn but you do need

someone to help you out with their


my guide is my Arabic teacher she helps

me through my learning process but of

course it is definitely okay though you

don't have a language teacher look

around people would love to teach you

their native language for example like

me if any of you wants learn Korean I

would be more than glad to help you to

people the fact itself that a foreigner

is trying to learn their language makes

them delighted so look around and find a

guide finally last step is to be

passionate passion is powerful sometimes

you might get down when you find

something challenging for example I

found it really tough to learn the two

forms of words in Arabic feminine and

masculine it was also hard to understand

why they divided word into two groups

why couldn't they just keep

the same for everyone like other

languages but as I got to know Arabic

better some part of it just helped me

understand to me Arabic is like a bridge

that connects me with a really different

culture and I guess that is why I'm

passionate about it just remember when

you're full of passion there is nothing

that can stop you from meeting your goal

learning a language is difficult but

when you're not afraid to fail find

someone to help you out and be

passionate you will be more than ready

to learn or speak a foreign language

shukran thank you come on Sunita