Weapon Masters in Vanilla WoW | Classic Wow Guide

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what do you think of when you hear the

term weapon master it's a phrase that's

been lost over time it's a part of Weis

past it's a gym in the heart of veteran

players and it's one more aspect of

vanilla that made vanilla vanilla today

we're going to be covering class

proficiencies and where you can train

each of these weapon skills here we have

a complete list of each class's weapon

proficiencies this would be a good time

to pause the video and have a look see

the weapon masters in ogre Mar can be

found in the valley of Honor here we can

learn how to use axes staves daggers

fist weapons bows and thrown weapons now

everything highlighted in red can only

be learned here as for the staves and

the daggers they can be taught in

Thunder Bluff and in undercity in

Thunder Bluff the weapon master is

located right at the front entrance here

we can learn how to use maces guns and

staves the last weapon master for the

Horde can be found in the war quarter in

the Undercity

here we can learn how to use swords

polearms crossbows and daggers

ironically enough our kobold is wielding

a two-handed mace but he can't teach us

one okay please


our weapon master and Stormwind can be

found in the trade district mr. whooping

master of swords Poland's crossbows

daggers and staves of course the

crossbows daggers and staves can be

learned elsewhere not just in Stormwind

in iron forge in the military war we

have two weapon masters they can train

us in the art of axes maces guns daggers

fist weapons crossbows and wrong weapons

last but not least well let's face it

the only reason you're coming here is to

learn bows easy sauce pliz alliance

always got the easy sauce

did you know not all Warriors are the

same depending on which race you pick

could completely alter your skill set

starting from level one take for example

the work in the troll warriors the orc

could be charging at his enemies with

two-handed axe without a care in the

world well on the other hand you have

this skilful elusive troll who's using

thrown weapons to take his enemies in

and then he's finishing them off with

the ship that he found I think this is a

really cool example of how Blizzard

captured character identity and

uniqueness between the races although

they're the same class another note I

want to make on this information is

pertaining towards your leveling route

in your preparation in leveling through

zones specifically the starting zone

around level 6 to 8 in mows owns there's

gonna be a quest that rewards a green

weapon which is a huge advantage and a

huge boost to your leveling speed

starting out instead of having to run to

the city and train for that specific

weapon that you're gonna get if you

already are playing the race that knows

the weapons skill that could be

advantageous ultimately this information

is to help you become more in tune with

your class and to know when and where

you're gonna need a trained weapon


that's gonna conclude our video I hope

you feel better prepared to take on the

world of Azeroth whatever classic

releases hopefully this information

smoothes out some of the edges whenever

you're planning your leveling route and

which rates in which class to pick now

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