2D Design Video Tutorial 1: The Basics

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this is the first and the series of

tutorials designed to teach you the

basic functions of 2d design 2d design

is a two-dimensional CAD package which

allows even the most novice of users to

create sophisticated drawings on a

computer in industry in schools it's

used to control complex computer-aided

manufacturing machines machines such as

laser cutters milling machines and

centre lathes

so now I've opened 2d design let's start

the first tutorial the first screen

you'll see is this one we don't really

need to worry about this box in the

middle at the moment so you can just

click anywhere else on the screen and

that'll get rid of it the first thing we

want to do is change the size of the

page we're working on so we can go to

setup drawing and layout and that will

bring this dialog box up so at the

moment you can see it's set for a three

you want to just change that to a four

so when we print it out it will fit on a

page we can then click OK and we're

ready to start so as you can see all the

tools are on the left-hand side here and

a lot of them if you hold your left

Mouse down more tools will appear and

there's an explanation of what each tool

does just above

so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use

basic lines and shapes to draw a name so

I'm gonna star I'm gonna go for the name

Josh so I'm gonna start with the G a

what I'm gonna do just for the J I'm

gonna use straight lines I'm gonna show

you that if you make sure they cross

over each time like this we can actually

cut them out later on so I'm gonna go

down if the J and then obviously I need

a curve so what I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna use this tool here and this is

called the path tool and again I'm gonna

make sure I'm gonna cross over the lines

have already drawn and as I start to

click around the line will curve and

follow the path that I'm creating

I can right click to end the line and

then draw the inside line as well but

this time I'm going to use a tool that's

on the right hand side here and it's

called attach and if we select that

first then wherever we are closest to

when we start to draw the line it looked

at to the closest edge and again I can

draw it round and right click to finish

and turn the touch off back to my

straight line just to finish the J off

and make sure it's crossing over there

we go

so now we need to delete the lines so if

you hold your left mouse down over the

delete button we can select the second

tool along which is delete part of an

object between the two nearest

intersections so I'm going to zoom it in

a little bit first the zoom buttons here

on the right hand side in and out on

that side there and then I can just

start to select the between lines and

they'll just be deleted but it's

important that you take the time doing

this because you can only go back once

so if you delete the wrong line and then

delete another line

after it you'll only be able to go back

to the last line he deleted okay so

there's the Jaden now time for the O so

if I left click and hold on the shapes

tool I can move along and I can select

draw an elliptical Bezier to fit inside

the rectangle okay so this is going to

be the large part of the O and it's

going to be an ellipse I didn't want to

make in a perfect circle I thought it'd

look a little bit better as an egg shape

and then draw the inside as well

I think oops that looks nice and here's

where I can use a select tool so selects

up here the black arrow I can select

that click on the ellipse and then I can

use the square in the center to move it

so where I'd like it to go so to do the

S I always like to start by drawing the

the ends of the s first so I know where

I'm starting and finishing so just use

the line to do that I'm going to use the

attach tool again and I'm gonna use a

path tool as well to draw curved edges

of the S like this remember if you do

get it wrong you can always right click

to end the line and then go back and

we'll I clicked on the line just there

sorry I forgot to mention that if you

want to go back the easiest way is just

to hold ctrl + Z but remember you can

only go back once so I'm gonna speed

this up a little bit now just so we can

get through this last part so I'll

finish the H and pretty much the same

way using the line and path tool like

this and I've also used the attach tool

to make sure there's no gaps so I can

fill the H later so now I'm going to

show you a little technique to make life

easier for you what we can do rather

than all these lines and curves being

separate designs

if you

Lexx the whole letter we can then group

it together

so here I'll do it on the O so at the

moment if a slept there oh just on its

own you can either select the inside or

the outside line but if I use a select

tool to select the whole vo by dragging

a square around it I can then go to edit

and group and this will make the O one

single object so I can click either line

and it will select the whole better so

I'll do that quickly with the S&H

and this obviously just makes life easy

when you try to move around the letters

or whatever objects you've drawn so now

I'm just going to quickly move the

letters around to where I want I think

I'm going to make them overlap like this

and then I can use the delete line

segment tool again to delete some of the

lines so they don't look like the world

transparent and we'll just speed this

last section up and move on to the last

part of this tutorial which is using the

fill tool to add some color so this is

the fill tool here on the left hand side

and when we click on it we get this

dialog box up and as you can see at the

moment the fill colors are in blue so I

think we'll stick with that and we can

just click OK so we're going to start

with the O and we're going to actually

click on the inside near to the outside

line of the O and it's going to ask us

if we want any Islands for this we're

going to click yes because there is an

island that we don't want to fill in the

middle and this small circle so again we

can click the small circle and are there

any add more islands well no these not

on this one so we can just click no and

there you go it will fill the O with

blue so we want to choose a different

color now for the other letters so if we

double click the fill tool you'll get

this dialog box again but this time we

can select color and we will get an

option to choose any color we want

really I'm going to choose red click OK

and then I'm going to do the S so I

select the S again it's gonna ask if

there's any Islands this time there are

no islands so click no and it will fill

it so I'll just finish these last two

letters now when you are filling

anything 2d design will fill any shape

as long as it's a solid shape you need

to make sure there's no gaps even if

it's the most my new gap that you can't

see unless you zoom in you're gonna have

to make sure that there are no gaps in

your shape and the easiest way to do

this is how to use the attach tool or

purposefully overlap all your edges and

then use the delete line segment tool to

get rid of them later this is the end of

first tutorial explaining how to use the

basic tools within 2d design now go and

give it a go yourself have a go with

drawing your own name using only the

tools that we've shown you in this