How to memorize 29 states of India easily

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hi friends welcome to my channel and

enough infotainment books if you have

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subscribe and support me so today I'm

gonna share how to learn the 29 states

of India in the easiest way so that the

formula to love it I'll just write down

please listen carefully 385 and PHP


- Gigi huge

now I'll explain what it is 380 means

that there are three states in India

which start with a tea on the Pradesh I

let you finish

and after that I'm gonna have to put on

w5 and which means that there are five

states would start with M Maharashtra

Madhya Pradesh Meghalaya Manipur and

Mizoram P can be closed which means that

their arm in one stitch which start with

these letters P Punjab and Nagaland will

be hot seat truck is good our Rajasthan

Oh Alicia W West Bengal and f ckin' - GK

huge which means that there are two

states who start with these letters G go

and do drop kick Ellen Tanabata H

Komatsu Pradesh and Haryana new record

and Uttar Pradesh and JJ will touch me

and Jotham I'll repeat the formula once

again 385 and PNP grows - GK huge this

formula is very simple and easy to

memorize it can also help you to learn

the names of United States next I'm

doing a challenge to stay 29 states

within 20 seconds are you ready here we

go another bridge under - awesome

Telangana tempura Tamilnadu

multiple is Maharashtra megaria monopod

Mazzara Punjab jangalang Bihar

Chhattisgarh Rajasthan Odisha West

Bengal CID Kim go Abu Salah Kayla an

economist a Ariana Uttar Pradesh

Uttarakhand Jammu and Kashmir uncharted

please try this and experience and enjoy

learning I have already uploaded a video

about how to draw the map of India in

the easiest way please visit my channel

and watch it

thanks for watching my video bye