How to Remember The 27 Amendments

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right there this is an easy guide on how

to remember the 27 amendments to the US

Constitution not how to memorize each

amendment but how to remember which one

is which here we go first amendment 1

put up your finger and put it against

your lips for the freedom of speech

press and religion to put up two fingers

your finger and your thumb it is the

shape of a gun that's right the right to

keep and bear arms amendment 3 put up

three fingers is in three is a crowd

there's too many people protect me from

quartering troops in my house in times

of peace for war isn't for walls of my

house as in say out are the four walls

of my house protect me from unreasonable

search and seizure amendment five put up

five fingers and cover your mouth isn't

don't speak do not incriminate yourself

plead the fifth amendment six number six

hold up six fingers take your finger

pointed at your wrist as in your watch

as in you have the right to a speedy

trial and I'm in seven lucky seven

as in you went to Vegas and got all 7s

on the slot machine because you're

wearing your lucky suit the key word is

suit in suits at common law with

amendment eight you're not so lucky

because now you got arrested and they

put you in cuffs

only your cuffs are too tight and they

form an eight they set your bail at

eight million dollars as in excessive

fines and cruel and unusual punishment

and then there's amendment nine as in

nine the German nine for no as in no do

not take away my rights just because

certain rights are not listed in the

Constitution does not mean that the

government can violate those rights

which brings us to the tenth amendment

put up all ten fingers both hands is in

stop stop federal government stop trying

to impose on states rights sick to the

powers delegated to you by the

Constitution and leave the rest up to

the states amendment eleven consists of

a one and A one is in one-on-one like a

one-on-one fight this amendment prevents

you from getting in a one-on-one fight

with other states you cannot sue a state

that's not your own amendment twelve

consists of a1 and a2 it revised the

process for how we elect number one and

number two in charge of the United

States number one and number two in

charge are you

the President and vice-presidents that

brings us to the 13th amendment 13 is

the unlucky number and there's not much

more unlucky than being a slave the 13th

amendment abolished slavery in the

United States the 14th amendment 14 with

a 1 and a 4 as in one for all and all

for one it provides equal protection and

due process for all the 15th amendment

number 15 made up of 1 and a 5 think of

1/5 is in 1/5 is in 1 a 5k race race is

the key word here the right to vote

can't be denied based on race or color

and now for the dreaded 16th amendment

when he turned 16 you can drive when you

can drive and get to work

when you work you get taxed and the 16th

amendment gives Congress the power to

collect income taxes amendment 17 has a

1 and a 7

and if repositioned they creates an

arrow this arrow is for directs is in

the direct election the 17th amendment

establish direct popular voting to elect

senators amendment 18 when you're 18 the

law treats you like an adults with one

little exception it prohibits you from

drinking alcohol the 18th amendments

implemented prohibition for the 19th

amendment will draw the 1 and the 9 tilt

them together and then we have ourselves

a woman for women's suffrage women get

the right to vote with amendment 19 and

then we have the 20th amendment the 20th

is for January 20th which became the

president's start date with a

ratification of the 20th amendment the

21st amendment is pretty simple you need

to be 21 to drink alcohol an amendment

21 allows drinking alcohol to be legal

again it repeals the 18th amendment so

at 21 you can drink alcohol in 21 makes

alcohol legal again amendment 22 limits

the number of times a person can be

elected president - 2 or 2 - as in

number 22

- 2 it limits the number of times a

person give me elected president

you to amendment 22 but there's

amendment 23 just think 23 DC or two

three DC a little an amendment 23 gave

Washington DC electors for the first

time two three

DC for a minute 24 I like to say a

little cheer because 24 is 2 4 then it

goes something like this

2 4 6 8 what do we really hate Texas

Texas because come on who likes to pay

taxes the twenty-fourth amendment allows

you to vote even if you don't pay your

taxes for a minute 25 say 25 will

survive the 25th amendment addresses the

succession to the presidency who takes

over as a president if something should

happen to the current president which

survivors are next in line if there's a

death 25 will survive for amendment 26

add the 2 & 6 for 8 in a eight-teen you

get to vote amendment 26 allows anyone

18 or older to vote amendment 27

involves another rhyme 27 pays next

election raise 27 pays next election

raise 27 states that law is effecting

Congress's pay don't go into effect

until after the next election 27 pays

next election raise if they give

themself arrays and won't go into effect

until after the next election there you

have it folks thanks a lot for listening

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who you think it may help thanks a lot