How To Learn Programming for BEGINNERS! (2019/2020)

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what's up guys this is crack ho to

welcome back to a brand new video in

this video I'm gonna show you guys on

how to learn programming for absolutely

free now before we start this video

there are some things you guys should

know about this first and foremost you

don't need any experience or knowledge

to learn programming whatsoever so you

can be a complete novice and not know

any sort of code or anything about

computers that doesn't matter in this

case you guys can learn for free and

easily the second thing is you don't

need to pay a single cent for this and

it will always be free there are those

services where you sit down on the

computer and you're learning something

and then you notice like a week later

the trial ended and then you have to pay

that's not gonna happen again this is

completely free so you don't have to

worry about that so with that being said

why should you learn to code or to

program it's simple when you guys are

not programming you can become a web

developer and later on a full-stack

developer so you could be sitting at

home on a computer drinking your coffee

learning the code and then a couple

months later you go on the online web

and you go to freelancing sites and like

up were calm and then you start making

money and you help people out and you

get paid for working at home I know

countless of people my age and younger

than weed are sixteen making hundreds

and even thousands of dollars a month so

it's all worth it how do you get started

I'm gonna show you guys that right now

it's a free website that you guys can

see down in the description link below

called free code camp org now I'm gonna

go ahead and show you guys this but real

quick just so you guys know as a

disclaimer I do not own the site and I

am not affiliated with the site I

personally use this website to learn

code myself which is why I'm spreading

the word and spreading the launch to you

guys so with that being said let's begin

okay so we're here at free code camp org

now to start it's simple all you guys

got to do is click the orange start

coding button right here and from there

you guys can go ahead and continue the

Google or with Facebook or with email

doesn't matter I'm gonna go ahead and

just for this example put in the temp

email just to show you guys you can do

the same thing put in an email address

email and then put the code in that you

from the email and then click submit'

code and continue to free code camp and

from there all you guys are going to do

is click on you go to coding curriculum

once you guys are on a coding curriculum

you're gonna get three sections of the

screen the guide section the editor

section on the center and the live

production section on the right side of

the screen so following the left side of

the screen you guys gonna get a tutorial

and then you're gonna get a little

challenge you guys are gonna have to

pass the challenge so in this case I'm

gonna go ahead and have to do an h1

element and type in hello world that's

what it's asking you to do run the test

you can see we did it and then we go to

the next challenge the next challenge

again you just got to follow the

instructions this time we have to do an

h2 element and do a cat photo app text

so do that and you guys get the idea

basically what you guys want to do is

make sure you follow the instructions

carefully I highly recommend you guys

get a notebook and take notes along the

way it does get very easy it is very

easy to start with but it will get more

and more challenging and if you guys are

getting stuck while doing this you don't

have to worry you can click on get a

hint and it'll give you guys a hint on

what to do or if you're absolutely stuck

and you want to see how you can do it

how you can pass it then you can watch a

video and it will tell you exactly what

you did wrong and show you the right way

and that's pretty much it so in

conclusion we learned that there's a

program you guys can use and it does

look simple at first but it progresses

and gets more difficult so you guys are

responsible for sitting through the

lessons and trying to check off each of

the lessons you guys learned beginning

with HTML and then CSS visual design and

eventually JavaScript there's hundreds

and hundreds of countless of hours of

free learning you guys can get with this

you're gonna be sitting there and

thinking about the challenge you're

gonna be like wow this is very difficult

how do I move on to the next challenge

so you really have to test yourself and

take notes as I mentioned I will really

help you out but at the end of the day

it was all worth it thank you guys so

much for watching this video I really

hope it helped you guys out if you have

any comments or suggestions on what

videos you guys want me to do next go

ahead and comment them below and with

that being said I'll see you guys next