How to Read 200 Pages per day - Easy and Simple Method

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Hey hi there this is Marie syndrome your

happiness coach thanks for joining in

this Facebook live on a very very

interesting subject called how to read

200 pages a day I use someone every

single day waking up with your Facebook

whatsapp email or any other points of

communication if that's the case I want

welcome to this interesting Facebook

live on how to read 200 pages today

where I'm going to share with you how

you can read faster remember everything

whatever you have read and become an

authority in your domain are you ready

so if you've just joined me live just go

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some of the answers okay so if you also

have an interesting question to ask so

that I can answer I can also for example

the nation has asked a question that you

know there are times where I lose

interest so how do I handle such things

okay so if you have anything like that

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Thank You Rhonda Kumar thanks for

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thank you thank you yes from new lolly

Thank You Jimmy thank you Amy thank you

yes for joining for this Facebook like

thank you so this is going to take

approximately 27 more minutes to go so

I'm going to share with you one amazing

secret from my life because I have been

reading 200 pages a day consistently for

the last I think the last 20 years or so

okay so in this I'm going to share with

you how am I going to do that would it

be interested okay wouldn't be

interested to know the secret of how I

read 200 pages a day and in the last 20

years or so I would have completed

reading more than 50,000 books in my

life okay so I want to share with you

that interesting secret of how am i

reading okay but before I share with you

how am i reading I'm going to tell you

why am i reading okay

and why you should also know this

particular signs and secret when you

learn the signs and secret and apply the

techniques and strategies you can become

an authority in your domain so that's

what this face book life is all about

and I really thank each one of you for

joining this very interesting Facebook

live so let me ask you this question

when you wake up every day morning okay

what's the first thing you do I know

that most of them

the minute they wake up they wake up

many of my friends in the corporate

world they all wake up with their email

messages okay and some of my business

friends from BNI and various other

networking organizations they pick up

with the lords and Lords of whatsapp

messages so if you look your life very

closely right from the morning your you

woke up to the time you go back to sleep

okay non-stop okay

non-stop you are being bombarded with

enough data enough content to read

non-stop okay right from the time right

from the Facebook I don't know if you if

you're part of whatsapp groups okay I am

part of thousand seven hundred and fifty

nine groups as of today you don't have

any idea how many messages I get in

every group okay so each and every group

enough messages are bombarding in

whatsapp so you have to read that and

you open up Facebook and the Facebook is

flooded with enough information enough

notification and newsfeed is completely

filled Twitter feed LinkedIn oh boy

Instagram okay and then I turn this side

newspaper to read okay and there are

enough scrolling news on the television

and the minute I step out of my house

too many billboards to read and too many

posters to read you know every second

every moment of our life we are non-stop

bombarded with information we are right

now living in a world of information

overload literally every second millions

and millions of data is hitting your

brain if you learn how to process this

data if you learn the tricks of the

brain it's very easy for you to stay

high energy make proper decision there

by you you know you can grow your career

or grow your business would you be

interested to know how I am doing it if

you are really interested type the word

yes you are interested so that I'm going

to share with you the secret status you

just go ahead so that I know that you

are with me in this life and go ahead

and type the world

I'm interested so that I will share with

you the secret strategy of how to read

200 pages a day the interesting part is

this okay

I don't read one book a day okay I read

200 pages a day and the interesting part

is I don't read from one book I actually

read five different books at any point

in time I am always surrounded if you

come to my office or home you will find

that I am surrounded with books in all

the direction at any point in life okay

I will be opening up at five different

John book and all our and five different

genres that's the most intense part of

it so not only I read these books I have

to read what's up messages so that I can

run my business and I have read emails

and I have to read a lot you know lots a

lot of processing has to happen so how

am i doing it okay so that's what I'm

going to answer in this face book line

and there are lots of our friends are

also asked some interesting questions in

this whole thing of them of us okay how

do I remember what I'm reading okay I'm

losing interest after reading 10 pages

okay I'm losing my eye I don't even get

tired after reading 10 pages and do you

know that if 95% of people who bought a

book in their life they've not even

crossed the fiftieth page in the book do

you know that so most of them suffer an

amazing amazing problem and this problem

okay is because of the school where you

vent and study so the whole problem why

we are struggling to read okay you and

me know that reading is really important

because leaders are readers in life and

successful leaders they are continuously

reading and upgrading themselves but

unfortunately in the current scenario

what we are looking at the world the

minute people finish their graduation

they stop learning they stop educating

themselves because by the time they

reach that 21 22 years they finish their

degree they get completely

exhaustion and that's how the whole

education system is Anu and me are

victim of that particular stream of

education system where they have been

told only one way okay

I think you have heard this many a times

okay and that's the secret I'm going to

tell you today one secret that your

teacher taught you your parents taught

you which is absolute lie you are not

supposed to read that way okay I'm going

to I'm gonna break that particular myth

today that you should never understand

what you're reading absolutely yes

that's the myth I'm going to break you

today don't understand what you're

reading because that's that's what your

teacher taught you that when you read

you have to understand am i right in

saying and that's the reason why you

start opening a book you read and the

minute you finish off two pages you are

going to get tired and you are already

been bombarded with enough distractions

from the from the technological world

the reason I am going to share this with

you is because see the current education

system they want you to read and

understand and study and warm it back in

an assessment system for examination

where the more the marks you score the

better you are and the whole life of you

is based on their particular marks and

scores obviously your teacher wants you

to score more so that your life would be

better so compassion she is teaching you

but she doesn't understand or she or he

doesn't understand the neuronal

development of the neuroscience of the

brain and that's what I'm going to tell

you too if you understand the

neuroscience you will get an amazing

relief inside you and once you apply

this neuroscience into your day to day

life you will surprisingly find that you

will be faster and you can remember

everything and whenever that information

is required it pops out of your head

would you be interested to learn that

neuroscience and the technique behind

that's the technique which I am being

using for the last 20 years 20 plus

years I can say more than that also but

later only I realized when I studied

neuroscience they realized that whatever

I was doing us absolutely right because

my teacher taught me that after all

understand what I'm reading but

interestingly when I studied

neuroscience this is what I learned that

reading is different part of the brain

and understanding is a different part of

the brain now this is this is what many

of us have not been taught see when you

when you read a content whether it is

from Facebook or whatsapp or email or

even from our textbook like this is okay

even if you have to read this 500 page

textbook all you have to do is you there

are millions and millions of cells are

involved millions of neuronal cells are

involved in processing and the incoming

data filtering it processing it

generalizing it understanding it and and

put all these words in a particular

sequence and syntax for that to happen

the brain needs oxygen even a small bit

of information for example you know

above my head you read the headline

subject of today's topic to read that

there are few units of oxygen is

required so every time you read huge

amount of oxygen is consumed by the

brain and continuously we are bombarded

with enough information and and enough

oxygen is getting depleted for reading

but what your teacher taught is when

you're reading also try to understand

okay remember one thing from the

neuroscience you know reading is a

different part of the brain from

understanding okay so the brain cannot

do two things at the same time if it has

to do two things for example grieving

and understanding at the same time then

it requires too much oxygen now to

process because you are asking two

different tasks to be completed so the

brain starts creating four more oxygen

and informs the heart to beat more send

more blood so that it can beat faster

and the heart starts beating faster and

the lungs starts breathing faster and

the higher you breathe the lower oxygen

you think that's the reason after few

minutes of reading you become tired

because the brain doesn't receive oxygen

you start yawning you get tired and

that's what is currently happening with

all our kids even the TAS even when you

read that's what it's happening right

now so how do you handle that

situation your understand one important

thing with respect to this brain science

reading is different part of the brain

and understanding is a different part of

the brain this is my personal

understanding of life never understand

things in your life never ever

understand why ignorance is bliss have

you heard about the statement ignorant

is bliss if you believe ignorant is

bliss never try to understand something

the minute you understand anything in

your life anything okay it becomes a

weight in your brain anything you

understand becomes a burden to this mind

how when does the burden releases only

when you apply it in your life and it

becomes a wisdom for you okay then it

becomes lightweight for you otherwise it

occupies the mind space that's the

reason understanding is not the right

way to live if you personally asked so

when you start reading a book okay I

know many of my friends you know they

say that normally I do business books I

read self-development books and some of

referencing you know I read scriptures I

need religious texts they end up reading

everything in the morning so I once

asked ok you are reading these books how

much how what percentage have you

applied you know what they said you know

we are trying to apply a couple of

things we have applied but we are trying

to apply in our life see this is what

your understand the minute you

understood okay any book any content any

sentence if you do not apply in your

life it becomes wait it becomes burdens

and that's the source of all your belief

system and conflicting information that

is happening within you so it's very

very important that don't try to

understand okay so step one okay if you

really want to read faster don't try to

understand this is what I do I take a

book and I understand that brain require

there are two situations happening one

is reading and one is understanding so

step one whenever you are reading a book

or a corner and anything just we don't

even go back to the word again whether

you are understood or not just keep on

reading okay don't stop just keep

reading keep reading and keep reading

until you finish the whole chapter until

you finish the whole book until

your mind says okay it's enough close to

the book just lead okay please pay fair

attention this is the most important

thing which is not taught in the school

okay you probably if you are watching

this you can insert each the same to

your kids because I'm going to tell you

the Sigma secret ingredient after this

first then when you're reading a

textbook or a book or anything in a lot

of any content you are going to read for

the very first time just read without

understanding yes don't understand

once you finish reading close the book

go and sleep for 15 minutes or 20

minutes that means close your eyes sleep

for 15-20 take a short nap or just go

for your right sleep just before Gordon

sleep read the book close the book and

go for sleep the magic happens during

sleeping now the brain is an amazing

supercomputer it has already received

all the information it receives all the

information when you are reading and it

has lots and lots of files okay

and one of the information you have

taken in brain has an amazing way to

index all these information and respect

to folders and whenever that information

is required ok this is all your to trust

your supercomputer your brain whenever

that information is required actually

brain pops that information on to your

mental screen that comes out of your

mouth or through your hand that powerful

is this organ called the brain but

unfortunately we don't depend on that we

are scared to utilize it I read every

single day a lots and lots of

information ok I read not understand and

I have experimented this many a times in

my life I've experimented this by

because when someone asked me and I am

in a seminar workshop where I'm teaching

people will ask me some bizarre question

until they finish the question until I

open my what I have no idea what answer

is going to come you know what every

time the right answer comes out of my

mind for that particular question why

the brain already has the information so

that's the best part of reading now here

comes a next question do I have to

understand things

certain things yes I have to understand

so for example you have to go and write

an exam so obviously examination is a

process of checking your understanding

not checking your reading capability so

when there are situations where you have

to understand for example if you are in

a business you need to understand a

business proposal from a client or a

business required from a client and you

got to respond so obviously you have to

understand okay so when you have to

understand what is supposed to do if you

know that this book for example this is

a book this is my favorite book one of

my favorite book what you're seeing here

is dr. Wayne Dyer's change your thoughts

change your life I have read this book

at least hundred times why am i reading

this book because I am applying the

principles of power in my day-to-day

life but when I read the book for the

first time I just read it but after that

whenever I want to apply it in my life

okay this is what is really important if

you know that you're going to apply it

in your life now go back to the same

book and start reading now to understand

since you already read the book once the

some amount of oxygen is spent on that

or invested on that and the since

already it is being done it is there in

your memory file you don't need this

much too much oxygen now for

understanding because it requires only

oxygen for understanding only not for

reading because reading has already been

done brain can quickly understand what

you are reading but when you are doing

two things at the same time reading and

comprehending at the same time you are

asking a car at the same time to go for

example you are asking a car on the

first together to go at 60 miles per

hour it's not possible right it screams

a lot the same way the brain also so

that's a reason when you are reading

read when you're understanding

understand so this is a very interesting

neuroscience logic which is not taught

in many many schools or many many

many men teachers don't teach this

particular angle of life that's how I

have been reading non-stop and I don't

read 200 pages at a stretch it's

impossible for me to do that without

three businesses the back end so

whenever I get the time I open the book

and read it since I'm only reading see

that's interesting but I'm not trying to

understand since I'm not trying to

understand all I need is only weed

whenever I get a gap for example I have

to wait for 15 minutes to meet a friend

I have 15 minutes

I can read for 15 minutes I know only 10

minutes in my life I will read for 10

minutes in my lecture it is captured the

whole day so since I am utilizing the

oxygen in the right way my mind cells

are very very active and that's the best

part of reading multiple genres I

learned it from one of my mentor when I

was very very young he always suggested

to means name is Korean I don't know how

many of them growing you he was living

in Trivandrum in Kerala he meant the

first time I met he told him early go

and bring the book of love success by

Napoleon Hill and not only just read one

book read five books of the same time

you were the guy who actually told me to

read five books and I was very curious

to know why later I learned that when

you studied five different journals and

you're actually developing the neuronal

plasticity of the brain so five

different subjects when you read the

brain starts connecting all these five

different subjects and you come up with

some creative ideas and creative

principles and that is the reason why I

read five different John John our stunts

at the same time and this is how I read

200 pages so my suggestion to you

watching this video okay whenever you

are reading just be whenever you want to

understand remember if you're only going

to take action then try to understand

otherwise don't waste your time waste

your oxygen the most appreciative in

trying to understand do you get my point

and only when you do this way it becomes

easier for the brain to become very

active the nerve cells are very active

than mine tell plasticity is called

neuronal plasticity becomes very active

and many have that that's also one

reason why you are always happy the more

and more you learn something new any day

you learn something

new your brain becomes happier so that's

one piece of advice I had couple of

questions from some of them previously

okay and some of them said I lose

interest and you're not taking a book

result how do we make as a practical

example the nation asked me this

question I don't know how do I got how

do I get this as a practice see this is

how I developed this practice this is

how I do like this practice even if you

don't like it or not okay throughout the

day I was carrying a book with me in my

hand okay even if I am NOT going to read

even one word a book will be there in my

hand that's how I developed the practice

of reading since the book is there and I

had to wait I was in the sales field in

night Charlotte my career and I have to

wait to see my clients so it's just wait

then waiting outside the reception what

am I going to do so I always had a book

always in the hand and not in the back

in the hand I used to carry and whenever

I get I'm trying I start reading some

few pages and once my client calls I go

inside and three interesting part is

because of the book I had in hand I

actually found some good interesting

conversation with my clients and I

actually stuck better deals with them

just because I had a book in my hand so

one simple strategy how do I develop

reading carry a book always with you

always with you wherever you go

you should carry the book that's the

most simple habit that you can develop

the more and more you keep a book in

your hand you will always always read

the book you don't have an option

okay and somehow and one more

interesting thing okay

how do people lose interest people lose

energy during reading okay this is what

I used to do okay still I continued to

do before I start reading okay take one

minute of deep abdominal breathing that

means one slow inhale and exhale that's

one breath take at least seven or eight

deep breaths or ten deep breaths or

fifteen it's up to you okay depending

all the time you have if you have a kid

he's appearing for the board exam right

now ask him or her to do breathing for

five minutes deep abdominal breathing

and they

after that start studying what happens

because you have prepared the whole body

and you have nourished the brain with

the loads and loads of oxygen now and

once enough oxygen that raw material the

fuel is ready then feed your brain

within information the brain will

process information in super high speed

so that is something which you have to

do if you really want to continue to

read more ok so whenever your body gets

tired it will give you the signal ok it

will get give you the signal it will

yawn it will it will start focusing on

the distractions probably the whatsapp

message or email that's a cue for you to

stop reading take one more deep breath a

few more deep breaths and then proceed

further allocate the time have a reading

time in your life say 15 minutes 20

minutes in the morning and start

practicing it it becomes easier for you

you need to allocate time for reading

there is no other option if you don't

have a good time if you run or allocate

them no one is going to read for you and

this is the best part of it every single

day okay every single just imagine you

are able to read even 20 pages a day in

one month you would have actually

completed the book okay one book a month

and twelve books in a year in three

years you would have studied 36 books in

the domain of your subject knowledge or

the industry that you are representing

if you have studied 36 books of your own

industry or actually you you will you

will actually talk like an authority and

when you speak to others they can see

the difference in the language that you

are speaking they can see the difference

in the ideas that you're contributing

okay that's how you establish Authority

in the field that you are representing

in three years you can become an

authority if you start investing just 15

minutes a day for reading okay

today I read at least minimum 2 to 3

hours of my life depends upon reading ok

interesting part which is outside this

today's syllabus I watch even one movie

a day ok for me to bring in more

mindfulness so that I can get rid of all

the distraction so that I can zone and

become more successful again I don't

watch one movie continuously it's all

and cost more right from morning to till

now I watched one movie it's a 90-minute

movie but in small pauses same way I

keep reading a book also in the same

may I I use my Kindle and Kindle is

available in my Mac in my laptop in my

iPad in my mobile it's synced everywhere

so wherever I go my book also travels

with me so I can carry a physical book

or I can carry an electronic book with

me so these are some other ways in which

I am non-stop reading okay do you are

you really interested okay to read every

single day

remember leaders are leaders in their

life if you believe the information that

I've shared with you today is absolutely

vital and useful in your life you can

share this information share this video

on your timeline probably someone will

get benefitted can you do that for me


so this is what I'm going to do if you

guys have any questions I have another

four five minutes more to answer if you

have a question if you have any

questions you can go ahead through a

question I can answer

and in the meanwhile I am also going to

share with you to each and one of you if

you are if you really want to learn more

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I invite you to become part of my

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every a paid member has a little more

every single day a deeper lessons are

being shared you have one one online

course and one webinar every single

month and I'm also planning to do ads

and a lot of meetups also so thereby

lots of other benefits are let's just go

ahead and Wow and visit the website

www.plenous.com so I have received some

questions now so let me see whether I

can Anita has asked a question I always

try to read a book but I get distracted

easily what should i do please adjust

thank you and it's a very simple when

you are reading okay this is the best

thing that you do shut down the Wi-Fi

mobile data that's the best way because

that's one biggest secret and set a

timer for 20-25 minutes that's the

maximum time we can pay attention such a

timer until the timer goes off until the

alarm buzzes keep reading okay so switch

off the Wi-Fi switch off the mobile

later if possible put your phone on a

flight mode and start reading thereby

you can get rid of all the distraction

this is a very simple suggestion but

very difficult to practice because your

mind will scream at you what will happen

if you put your mobile on a flight mode

and it's a nothing happens there is no

emergency it's just believe me nothing

will happen try this tomorrow you will

find out okay can you please summarize

the topics in the videos

okay so quickly summarizing to you is

when you are reading read don't try to

understand that's the first thing okay

when you're under the first time you

read close your book go to sleep after

20 minutes wake up now and if you're

really interested to understand the

subject go ahead and read for the second

time okay there are some ways in which

you can read if you want to highlight

you wanna take notes you can do all

those things but all the secondary

measures okay I am NOT going deeper in

that particular angle of how to take

notes that's me we'll talk about that in

a different

video on that okay so and then just read

and before reading takes some few deep

breaths relax yourself supply enough

oxygen because without oxygen you cannot

read and that's the reason why people

get tired okay and one more question

from number the five books can you

elaborate it so that we can also hey I

read number two I read five different

genres okay five different genres is

from you know one it'll be in leadership

one is on business one and some

management one is on philosophy when

it's on religion and then one is a comic

book or some fiction okay so I need

different genres so you can choose your

own genre and read five different

subjects at the same time I shall see

you'll not believe my mouse pad is an

anatomy physiology book book it's my

favorite animal to be physiology book

okay this is my favorite book it's it's

my most bad if you ask me to pay for my

Mac I redone whenever a good bored so I

read different subjects so depending

upon your taste go ahead and read and

one way interesting question deeper my

child is so active she gots it for few

minutes how can I make a real hey you

can't make her read she is not

interested if if you are a if you are a

parent and you want the child to read

step one they have to see you reading

you have to be a role model how much

time are you reading if you read they

will follow you because children learn

only from example example an example so

you read they will automatically read

because now they see that wow my mom and

dad are reading then that's a very

interesting activity

let me also involve myself and ask them

to do some deep breathing exercise and

then they read you will not believe they

will be very calm they will enjoy the

reading and you will not believe they

read faster than you because they don't

have any filters or belief system inside

them okay so apply this principle and

see how this can be helpful I hope this

particular video was really helpful this

particular Facebook live was very

helpful if you think that this section

this lesson was very helpful just go

ahead and share your comments and

feedback below and also please to share

this particular video on your timeline

which can help one school going exam

going kid also or one of your friend who

wants to pick up a book and start

reading okay so can you do that for me

thank you very much so I'm going to stay

for another one more minute before I

close I'm going to stay there for one

more minute if you guys have any wrap-up

any questions and he's sharing so

officially the session is over now and

if you want to ask me any question just

share some feedback please go ahead

thank you thank you fish are all thank

you and thank you deeper thank you very

much thank you yes thank you

he teachers asked a question how can we

be sure that the learning happens

anything to test Thank You hitters

that's a brilliant question that's how

the logical monkey mind asks doubts us

believe me brain is supercomputer

it can process every bit of information

that you have and it can throw that

information exactly the right time at

the right moment when you really really

require that information so don't worry

about it

it will always help you to throw the

answer back now if you're going to write

an exam examination is the best way to

know whether whatever you have learnt is

still there in your memory or not

otherwise you don't have to worry

whether it's data memory or not okay so

thank you very much guys for giving

valuable feedback I hope simple can you

share money done done okay so before I

close I'm getting one more question can

you share some few simple self-help

books comment our reading habits if you

go to my website

happiness coach da da da da and I have

listed some 70 varieties of books that

you can start off with and see whether

we can see whether this can you can read

pick up any of those books and start

applying this in your life okay so I

hope this session was really really

useful I thank each one of you for being

part of this Facebook live on how to

read 200 pages per day go ahead share

this video and enjoy reading from today

onwards thank you very much Donna bye

bye see you