How to teach an adult to ride a bike quickly and simply | Cycling UK

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with patience persistence and

encouragement and the right technique

nearly every adult can learn to ride a

bike whatever their age this video will

show you how to get them started

first of all find a good location one

without traffic and to pay the surface

most bikes are suitable if they are the

right size check the both brakes work

the tires are pumped up and the Saturn

headset aren't loose or wobbly also

check for wearing the rims or cracks in

the frame spin the pedals around and

make sure the chain is oiled ensure the

person you are teaching is comfortable

sitting on the saddle with both feet

touching the ground and can reach the

brake levers you may have to know the

saddle to its lowest point to start with

once they are pedaling confidently you

can raise it again make sure they are

wearing suitable clothing for cycling

this doesn't mean they have to be in

lycra you need to stand with the bike on

their right and hold onto the brakes

with both hands to keep the bikes steady

then they lean the bike towards them and

swing their leg over the saddle

encourage them to put their weight over

the back of the saddle their center of

gravity should be

ask them to have a go at walking slowly

along with the bike squeezing the brakes

gently when they want to stop get them

to walk again and push on the ground

using their feet remind them to sit up

and look ahead not down at their feet

focusing on an object ahead might help

choose a very gentle slope and encourage

them to push down with their feet then

lift them off the ground while they're

moving forwards we might have to hold

the back of the saddle to help but try

not to balance for them do this many

times they will naturally pick up speed

until they are scooting the bike by

lifting a feet off the ground once they

are happy balancing unaided for a short

distance it's time to start introducing

pedaling ask them to set the pedal at

the 2 o'clock position looking that foot

under the pedal and bringing it up so

it's level with the down G's remind them

they must keep their other foot firmly

on the ground and order to balance some

people try to lift both feet off the

ground before the bike is moving ask

them to release the brakes and push down

on one pedal while looking straight

ahead they should then learn to bring

the left foot onto the pedal without

looking down

you may need to keep hold of the saddle

and handlebars I get the hang of it try

not to let them lean on you too much

once they can turn the pedals and

balance the bike by themselves and ask

them to try riding unaided they might

need a gentle push to get some momentum

if they can't pedal fast enough

balancing at low speed is quite hard

keep your bar in case they wobble and

remind them to keep their brakes covered

all the time so they can stop whenever

they want to you will know when the time

is right to let go completely the

fightin feel light this can be a

life-changing moment for the rider so

give them time to enjoy it