10 Most Iconic Two-Handed Weapons in Classic WoW

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greetings ladies and gentlemen and

welcome to another world of warcraft

classic video my name is cargoes and I

thought it would be really cool if we

could go back today and pay tribute to

ten of the most iconic two-handed

weapons in classic World of Warcraft

vanilla Wow had so many beautifully

inspired unique weapons there were so

many to choose from and it was kind of

challenging but I tried my best to

narrow it down to the 10 weapons I feel

that we're all pretty nostalgic about

we're all really excited to play with

again once classic launches and we're

but this is going to exclude Legendary's

so I hope you guys enjoy so I do want to

touch on the legendaries these won't be

part of the top 10 list but these are

really just awesome iconic weapons as

well the first one is a th great staff

of the Guardian as you can see it's not

the most amazing thing visually it kind

of just looks like a brown stick but you

know there are some cool aspects to the

weapon as you can see the stats are so

strong it there are four different

iterations of the weapon so depending on

which iteration you get you'll get a

different aura and also depending on

which version you have you'll have a

different colored ribbon thing on it

there's a non-use effect which creates a

portal and teleports your group to

Chara's n or so that's really cool and

flavorful it's to get this you had to do

some so a couple months of knacks rating

you to get a like I think forty

splinters of at the edge and they sent

you to kill C'thun then you have to go

to Streatham you basically had to

assemble the staff and then you would

finally get it but you know it is just

such a such an iconic weapon and even

though it's very simple

you guys probably know the second

legendary it's no secret I am of course

talking about the extremity of a large

fiery elemental none other than so

furious hand of Ragnar Rose how could it

must be complete without at least

touching on this weapon so this is a

very iconic weapon it is really badass

looking it doesn't drop you have to

actually craft it if to go to molten

core you have to get the you have to get

the soul fear in in God you have to get

the I F so furious the sulfur on hammer

and then a blacksmith could crafted for

you I required a bunch of reagents

reagents and stuff but you know rag

neurosis a boss that's near and dear to

a lot of us and you know it's definitely

a really cool weapon all right so the

first weapon on the top 10 list is going

to be Zen rock destroyer of worlds and

with a name like that how could it not

be take a look guys it looks so cool

it's just this beast of a sword it's

huge it's got this kind of jagged

appearance to it I feel a bit

sentimental about this weapon because I

used to have this back during a retail

vanilla on my hunter of all classes you

guys will soon learn that every weapon

is a hunter weapon right this weapon

drops off a car in zg it's got a ton of

attack power on it ice low speed and it

just looks badass man number 9 is

Headmaster's charge this is a very rare

staff that drops off of Dark Master

ganda lling who is the final boss and

scholomance many a warlock and priests

have lost their mind trying to get this

thing nobody knows for sure but it's

estimated that it's under 1% drop chance

it's one of the only epic staffs for a

while and it is it's really cool there's

a non there's a use of fact where it

buffs everybody for twenty additional

intellect within thirty yards and the

cool thing is this does stack with a is

really cool

number eight is kind of a two-parter all

the rank fourteen weapons look amazing

to me I didn't want to list them all off

in different slots and stuff it would

kind of make the list boring so what I

did is I just picked my two favorite

rank fourteen weapons and I just put

them both at the number eight slot so

the first one is the grand marshals

Claymore this thing the sword looks

amazing to me it's kind of got the

Alliance and signe all over it

it matches the armor so well it's just

really really cool and the the second

one is of course the high warlords

battle axe and you just Blizzard did

such a good job making the armor match

the weapons this one looks just equally

as cool to me you have this huge axe

with a skull on it and it's got the

Horde insignia on it and just you know

seeing a warrior run through the

battlegrounds with this thing in full

high warlord is just pretty much the

coolest thing ever


number seven is finkles lava dredger

this is a weapon that I always thought

was so cool it's got this moving

animation on it it's kind of got like a

cog spinning around and you know back in

the vanilla those even those little

things were just mind-blowing to me the

fact that you could have a piece of gear

that had an animation it was just so

incredible this is a pretty decent

healing mace the flavor text reads

property of Finkle Einhorn Grand Master

adventurer and if you don't recall who

that is that's the little gnome guy that

comes out after you kill the Beast and

and skinned him apparently the story

goes he was he was doing adventurer

things swimming around in molten core

and he was swallowed by the Beast and

majordomo executives found this lava

dredger submerged in lava and decided to

throw it in

a box


number six is arcanite reaper the

arcanite reaper was long the mark of a

true warrior in Azeroth having one

crafted was like a rite of passage this

was a blue boe axe that could be crafted

and sold it had a very slow attack speed

and this was just an absolute game

changer for warriors back in the day

before the started to catch on in

popularity warriors we're feeling very

weak in PvP they felt like they're at

the bottom of the food chain and this

weapon is pretty accessible and very

unique looking and as this weapon gained

popularity warriors started to become

way stronger it became a bit of a meme

during with that a machinima movie

called sin wrath and that's where the

whole me mark and I Reaper ho came from

and it's just got a really cool look to

it as well just a massive axe number

five is one of the most incredible items

that has ever existed in world of

warcraft I know a lot of you guys have

been waiting for this one benedictions

slash anathema what can I say men this

is one of the most flavorful items ever

it is a epic staff that you get after

completing a really incredible quest

line for priests and it can can

transform into two different versions

benediction is optimal for shadow

priests and damage and then anathema is

optimal for healing so it looks really

cool everything about the weapon is

amazing the fact that it can transform

you get this weapon by looting the eye

of divinity which is off of majordomo

executives off of this cache and then

you combine it with the eye of shadow

and a splinter of Nohr drasil and then

you Forge this unbelievable weapon this

is what every priest wanted back in the

day and if you're gonna play priest you

got to get your hands on one of these

number four is the dark edge of insanity

the dark edge of insanity is an epic

two-handed axe that had the highest

melee dps in the game at the time of its

release it was surpassed in DPS only by

a mite of Menethil and the corrupted

ashbringer all the way up until the

Burning Crusade expansion released as

you can see it's this massive battle axe

it looks really unique and it's got this

eyeball in the middle that blinks

periodically so you guys know how much I

love these these these animated weapons

so this axe drops off of c'thun the

final boss in the temple of Ahn'Qiraj

it's got kind of a low drop chance but

if specially if you're into PvP this

item is amazing it's got a chance on hit

on it as you can see it disorients the

target causing it to wander aimlessly

for up to three seconds so it's

definitely a must-have and really cool


number three is an absolute head turner

a jaw-dropper I am of course speaking

about ash conde great sword of the

Brotherhood this is an epic two-handed

sword that drops off Nefarian in

Blackwing Lair at about seven percent

this massive two-handed sword has a hilt

resembling the intertwined necks and

heads of two Red Dragons the weapons

wicked impossibly sharp blade only hints

at the massive power contained within it

is speculated that this sword once

belonged to anduin lothar due to the

initials on its health hilt al and the

title great sword of the brotherhood

referring to the Brotherhood of the

horse Lothar was the Regent Lord of

Azeroth and champion of King Lane was

killed by orgrim Doomhammer during the

closing battles in the second war this

sword is awesome guys look how big it

looks people are still transmog in this

thing today

number two is Callum doors revenge this

is a epic two-handed sword with one of

the highest dps in the game pre TBC

while in it while it's tied in DPS to

ash Conde calendars revenge actually

outputs more sustained DPS because it

has this proc chance shocking for nature

damage while ash Conde will have the

edge in PvP due to the increased stamina

and the slower attack speed so this

drops off of Emperor vecna lash in the

temple of Ahn'Qiraj at an estimated

eight percent drop rate it looks

unbelievable guys I mean look at this

glow effect that has on it it's a huge

weapon you know there's really nothing

like it in vanilla so I really enjoy the

look of this weapon and now it is time

to shine a light on one of the most

storied iconic revered weapons in all of

classic World of Warcraft I am of course

talking about the corrupted ashbringer

this weapon is so cool as you can see

when you equip it your character turns

dark it's got this this really

mysterious text that reads inflicts the

will of the ashbringer upon the wielder

and it's got an amazing backstory which

I'm going to talk about now so basically

the original wielder and owner of this

weapon was a guy named alexandros

mograine he was one of the leaders of

the Silver Hand and he was murdered by

his son Renault but with this very sword

so kel'thuzad resurrected him as a death

knight and that's where you fight him he

is originally the leader of the four

horsemen who you fight in knocks Aramis

and that's where you get this sword so

after you get this sword all this crazy

stuff starts happening you start getting

these really weird sort of whispers you

can hear the Lich King you can hear the

sky alexandros talking to you and all

this weird stuff happens so as you can

see I'm in scarlet monastery Cathedral

right now all the hostile elite NPCs are

friendly and they're bowing down to you

they're saying the ash bringers here are

you are you here to cleanse the evil

it's just this amazing weird event that

happens only if you have this weapon is

so cool so as you can see I'm making my

way to the end of the dungeon right now

to confront Renault which is his son the

guy the guy who murdered his father and

this this event is amazing so you're

gonna you confront him he boughs down he

says all my soldiers are yours to

command you know you have my father's

weapon and then his father comes in to

to confront him and exact revenge so I'm

going to shut up now and let let this

play out for your budget for your

viewing pleasure

it is because events like this that I

think world that world of warcraft

classic is the best game ever made

Blizzard had such a love for their game

back then they know all the content was

so inspired and they went above and

beyond to make things like this a

possibility could you imagine what tiny

fraction of the player base actually got

to experience this content when it was

relevant especially back during during

retail vanilla such a tiny percentage

yet they made it they loved the game

they put so much effort into it and

stuff like this makes the world feel so

much more vast and mysterious and

amazing so you know we're still we're

still treasuring this content to this

day so I'm very appreciative and Buzzard

for doing that type of stuff so anyway

guys I hope you enjoyed the video you

just watch the the 10 most iconic

weapons in classic World of Warcraft if

you enjoyed please consider consider

subscribing and I'll see you in the next

video guys take it easy