Classic Wow: Tailoring guide 1-300 FAST AND CHEAP (Indepth Guide) 2019

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right welcome if you clicked in this

video you're obviously looking for the

quickest and cheapest way to get your

tailoring from level 1 to 300 in this

garden will show you everything you need

to know where to learn it what you need

what to craft and yeah enjoy ok cool so

if you haven't already check out some of

my other guides might I've got four

three other professional guides and how

can me blacksmithing and a engineering

one so if you're interested in those

there'll be links in description as well

as clicking through things at the end so

first of all we're going to be going

through where you can train this so for

both Halden Alliance to get a level of

75 skill which is apprentice you can go

to any major city so Orgrimmar under

city under buff you know alliance and go

Stormwind Darnassus and iron forge as

well as a couple other miscellaneous

trainers here and there again for

journeyman which allows you did scale

allows you to scale up to about 150

again any major city expert 225 skill

cap you can go for horde you can only go

to under city or go to tarren mill in

hills brad there's only two people you

can learn it from alliance will have to

go to storm wind or dustwallow marsh

which is there are more because that's

where the Alliance can learn it and then

for the artisan skill level 300 you will

need to go to Hills Brad for horde which

is tarren mill you can only learn it

there and for alliance you must go to

dustwallow marsh you can only learn up

to 300 which is harder than there in

those locations I've put everything up

on screen for you so please enjoy so

I've got to put this in what I was

reading the script apprentice tailoring

you need to be level 5 it cost 9 silver

9 copper sorry for journeyman level 10 a

tailor skill of at least 50 plus costs

45 silver 9 copper for a expert

requirements level 20 tailoring 1 to 5

plus cost 45 silver and artisan

requirement level 35 at least 200 in

tailoring and it costs 4 gold of 5


okay now I'm going to be going through

all the materials you will be needing

just a quick note the bolts of cloth so

linen the bottle in and ball of wool etc

don't buy those will be crafting them

I've just put them in there so you know

that you will need them so we'll need

160 linen cloth 75 coarse thread 70 bolt

of linen cloth 180 wool cloth 80 fine

thread 5 grade i-55 bolt of wood and

cloth 760 silk cloth 195 bolt 195 bolts

of silk cloth 60 red dye 30 blue dye 500

mate weave cloth 70 bolt of mage weave

125 silken thread 900 room cloth 150

bolt of room cloth 50 rugged leather and

40 rune thread that is the minimum

amount materials you will need to get

your tailoring up to 300 please bear in

mind some of these figures are these

figures will be like a minimum so you

may need to buy an extra 10 percent on

top of this but don't buy the materials

until you can't craft anymore we will be

crafting some stuff into the green skill

so if you don't know that means

basically you have like an orange skill

at yellow skill and a green skill and

they're just basically chances of you

leveling up your tailoring so orange

will definitely level you up yellow will

have I don't know like at 75% chance and

then green I feel like has like a 10 the

orange is so mad you can craft like

three green skills and get three skill

ups or craft 20 and get one so that's

all the minimum stuff you need don't buy

it all in bulk as well I'd recommend

only buying it as and when you need it

okay now we're going to be going through

everything you're gonna be crafting at

what skill levels and how many so 4

skill levels 1 to 50 you're going to be

crafting a t-bolt of linen cloth for

skill levels 50 to 70 you're going to be

crafting 20 linen bag for skill level 75

2 for skill level 70 to 75 you're going

to be crafting 5 reinforced linen and


a quick note from skill levels 50 to 75

you can also craft linen gloves and I

think there's rousers that you can craft

right 75 to 105 going through crafting

sixty bolt of woolen cloth 105 to 110

we're going to be crafting five gray

woolen shirt for 110 to 125 you're going

to be crafting 15 double stitch woolen

shoulders for 125 to 145 we're going to

be crafting 190 bolt of silk cloth for

145 to 160 we're going to be crafting 15

as your silk hood these are good these

sell on the auction house so definitely

whack all your stuff up back up on there

same with the bags as well you make some

money back that way

460 270 we're going to making 10 silk

headband for 170 175 you're going to

making five white formal shirt or formal

white shirt sorry 175 to 185 you're

going to be making a hundred bolt of

made weave for 185 to 200 you going to

be making 15 crimson silk vest for

skills 202 215 going to be making 150

crimson silk platoon's Pantaloon sari

for skill levels 215 to 220 you going to

making five black weave Black Mage weave

leggings for the skill 220 to 230 you go

to making ten Black Mage weave glove for

232 250 you going to making twenty black

made weave headband I think some of

these so these things are green so

selling these in the auction house would

be fantastic as well as using them for

yourself for 250 to 260 you going to be

making a hundred and eighty roon cloth

bolts of room cloths or are you going to

making a 180 bolt of room cloth for 260

to 270 five you going to be making 15

room cloth belt for 275 to 280 you're

going to be making five room cloth bag

these are gonna be fantastic to sell on

the auction house you'll definitely make

at least a gold per bag I've seen will

go as high as two and a half gold on

some servers even populated ones for 280


going to making 200 you're making 20

rune cloth gloves wicked so if you

follow this guide completely you should

be level 300 by now claiming is a

fantastic profession to have especially

for a mage or a warlock or a priest I

feel like a lot of linen armor a lot of

cloth armor is quite few and far between

unless you're constantly doing like two

runs of a dungeon I feel like you'll be

having some gear for like ten plus

levels so having this around levelling

this up while you level is a really good

idea picking up at level five you can

find a lot of the materials as well from

humanoid mobs I know a lot of places so

as I made when you're a OE farming

you'll be getting a lot of cloth anyway

I'm over my last 60 character by the

time I hit level 60 I had about 200

major weave cloth in my bank anyway

so that's a good you know it's a good

way to go yeah this is good this is a

good one to level I definitely recommend

it if you haven't already please like

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please check everything out links are

all in the description I'll have links

to other guides as well so if you get

stuck at any point or you know you run

out of materials and you want to look at

something else that could lower you up

you know that might help I can't give

you a rough cost either because all

servers are different some servers may

sell linen for 10 copper as per piece of

linen whereas other servers I've seen

them go as high as 80 copper per piece

of linen so I can't give you a cost I do

apologize and well some blue things in a

way get out of way here

wicked thank you very much hey guys I

just want to say thank you so much for

paying attention to this guide if you

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I've got the spreadsheet that I used to

calculate all of these things it should

just be the little Google sheets tab

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