Learn 15 times multiplication table trick | Easy and fast way to learn | Math Tips and Tricks

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hello friends I'm Akash today I'm going

to talk about the trick for the 15 times

table of course we will recite the

fifteen times table from the very

beginning so let's go 15 times 1 is 15

15 times 2 is 30 15 times 3 is 45 15

times 4 is 65 times 5 is 75 15 times 6

is 90 15 times 7 is 105 15 times 8 is

120 15 times 9 is 135 and finally 15

times 10 is 154 this trick to work you

need to know what odd and even numbers

are now we can begin first for the ones

digits will just write five-0 five-0

five-0 five-0 five-0 simple next for the

tens digits will just follow a quick and

easy procedure we write two consecutive

odd numbers then we write two

consecutive even numbers then two

consecutive odd numbers again and then

two consecutive even numbers again and

then so on and so on

so one three and then we move on to the

even numbers four six then back to the

odd numbers seven nine and then back to

the even numbers 10 12 and then the odd

numbers 13 and finally 15 and

is the trick to learn the fifteen times

table it's a very neat trick you can see

it behind me and it's really easy so now

you know the trick to learn the fifteen

times table you can use it to start

mastering the fifteen times table thanks

so much for watching this video if you

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thanks so much for watching I love you