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hey they're looking refers welcome back

to yet another awesome guitar lesson

here on lick and riff in which we're

gonna kick off the 12 string series I'm

gonna help you unlock and harness the

power of the 12 string guitar just look

how beautiful this is is that the head

of a 12 string guitar is is just just

majestic isn't it so the dogs won't be

joining at the 12 string lessons because

it's a UT tar and they're a little bit

scared of it so it's just gonna be me

and you

well technically it's just gonna be me

talking to a camera but you know what I

mean right so let's start with the

misconception about a 12 string the

biggest misconception about 12 string is

that you play it like a regular guitar

and you don't you don't play okay it

sounds it sounds nice to play and get

that extra layer very that natural

chorus there actually you you get the

most out of a 12 string when you play it

as single notes or finger style so we're

gonna learn finger style 12 string

guitar and what I want you to remember

is that with a 12 string it's all about

the sound it's all about the sound and

I'm gonna do my absolute best to help

you achieve any sound you want to

achieve out of this guitar now in this

first lesson we're gonna discuss the

standard tuning okay which is probably

the worst tuning to play a 12 string and

but I'm gonna help you explore the

standard tuning on a 12 string guitar

we're gonna start in the second and then

in the next lessons throughout the

series of 12 string guitar lessons we're

gonna change tunings we're gonna try

slide guitar on a 12 string we're gonna

explore sounds and we're gonna also

explore weird tunings so enough talking

let's start playing put an escort

I'm okay but open the second string and

the first string so you only have two

and three on strings three and four okay

I'm gonna still refer to the strings as

single strings otherwise we're all gonna

go absolutely insane here so okay you

get this okay - on the third and three

on the fourth


and now if the plaid if you break it

down and the idea here is randomness

complete randomness just play any of the

first four Springs and you'll notice

something interesting




okay the focus is no longer on the first

strength it's no longer on Springs one

and two as it is with a regular sixth

string the focus turns to strains four

to six because of the of the double

sound of the octave sound okay so it's

the same with chords

okay your focus is gonna turn to the

base notes of each chord you're playing

they strings four to six and with with

this open F chord which is F major seven

flip what if you want to know



and you're gonna start to focus on

strengths three and four which is why I

wanted you to start with this chord okay

we're gonna try a different course okay

sprays one and two are double Springs

but they still sound like the same

screaming - unison - the same sound






okay now the crop spring produces such

an interesting sound they don't actually

have to do anything complicated in order

to produce it I'm not doing anything

complicated I'm just playing random

notes strings one two three and four I'm

playing random notes and I'm trying to

play an open first more second string

after a base frame for example if I play

the fourth I will play the first or the

second afterwards okay same as the third

damn place range three one or three two

okay and what I'm trying to do is to

create interesting combinations I'm

exploring the 12 string is all about


I was just playing let's see 3 1 2 4 2 3

1 some like this


but when you do it quick enough it

starts to sound crazy








okay and you can break rhythm apart here

because the sound is so interesting now

we're just just starting out and of

course you can lose from the cord every

now and then but the idea here is to

create a little bit of a solo on the

bass prints so you can do 0-2 on the




and you got that harpsichord sound


yeah you can do the same thing on the

search on the on the fourth string you

can do three four sorry two three just

getting started in it's too many numbers


okay and


and if you notice after each little lick

that I play on the bass strings I play

an open string I play Springs one or two

or one and two


okay let's change a chord right take

this what we're playing down one fret so

it's e but we're not gonna play this

we're gonna play it as a major seven so

we're gonna play the fifth grand with




surprising right you didn't expect that




you can just play this and it would

sound amazing


and again my secret secret it's not

really a secret is I'm playing screens

one and two in between bass licks


all right sometimes I pick both of them

strange one and two I brush my finger on


sometimes I strum with my thumb and if

you want to eat if you want to add an

extra note you can play too on the first



but because of those octaves on the bass

strings you go haywire your ear can tell

what's going on and that's the beauty of


you're completely outside your comfort



okay I'm pulling off and hammering on on

the east rim just two and zero okay









just completely random completely random

I could play this all day let's move



tewi okay I took the same I took I took

this to 0 1 2 on strength 1 to 4 I took

this to 9 so now it's 9 0 8 9 and you

can still play this with a


and then go back

you can take this to seven so it's seven

zero six seven



you can take this to three again for F


then bear down





okay now you can also use thirds in

strands three and four now I I would

refrain from creating predictable sounds

okay the whole idea here is to create

unpredictable sound so you can do on

strings 3 & 4 you can do 1 2 ok 1 & 2 2

& 4 4 & 6 6 & 7 which is s played & 8 &

9 which you just played and just play

around with there






okay try to add slides quick slide



the credit

the greatest seat yeah just move between

the nose


hey you can also do a minor at nine


any rich cord would work a minor adenine

is two and four on strings 5 & 4

hey you can you can slide it up to five

and seven if you don't like it try

something fine but again the idea here

is to create weird sound


so I would slide it to four and six


and nine and eleven works is why




and you can go crazy

but as I said the standard tuning is a

little bit confining

hey you might think that this is a lot

but this is really confining it's the

same sound all the time

so you really need to open your tunings


but before we finish the standard tuning

12-string lesson this first in the

series I want to give you one more idea

just so low just so low on the bass

friends just so low


is majestic doesn't have to make Sun



hey just let yourself go don't think

about don't worry about technique


be completely random surprise yourself


and somehow I landed in d-minor



which somehow landed me white where I

started but now it's not F now it's B

minor because that's what we're hearing

in our head in our ear so music is funny

that way

the same I did not plan it I was just

being random and then somehow it became

D minor and I landed on 2 & 3 on strings

3 & 4 again so allow yourself to be

surprised allow yourself to explore and

I will see you the next lesson and on

the next 12 string lesson we're gonna

really really really start exploring so

thank you very much for watching

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guitar education thanks for watching

enjoy bye for now